Scorn Patch Fixes Stuck in the Hurt Machine Bug and More


The Scorn patch is now available on PC and Xbox One. It brings a number of new features, fixes for a number of game bugs and issues including Stuck in the Hurt Machine bug. It includes a checkpoint system and changes to the save system. The Scorn new update also adds a guide save option and tweaks the game’s checkpoint placement. While the developers have not released specific details yet, the patch is available now for all major platforms.

Scorn Patch Changelogs

Fixed Bugs
  • A player can get stuck in the hurt machine
  • A player can get stuck in the collision after performing a glory kill
  • After killing the Boss in Act V, players are unable to pick up the dropped item
  • A player might die by falling through the floor at certain positions
Fixed Issues
  • German localization issues
  • Spanish localization issues
  • FOV issues on ultrawide screens
  • Position of the ammo/heal container when a player uses heal
  • Capsule blockers on a bridge
  • Act V loading issue
  • Crash when exiting the game
  • Occasional NPC freezes
  • Various collisions causing issues
Updates and Additions
  • Removed the Continue option after a player finishes the game
  • Removed the Load and the Quit game options from the death screen
  • Added safety check for a corrupted save slot
  • Added Load last checkpoint option
  • Added Act III-II hard save
  • Updated checkpoint positions
  • Updated list of the Kickstarter backers
  • Updated Credits
  • Updated FSR 2.0 label in the Options menu
  • Updated positions of certain assets
Rizwan Ahmad
Rizwan Ahmad

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