Useful Online Resources to Deal with Unsolicited and Harassment Calls

Harassment Calls

Most of the time, we do not want to receive those annoying and harassing calls from unwanted people, or we are fed up with being called by a bank to make promotions that do not interest us. Or maybe you’re on vacation and you don’t want your colleagues to call you.

Other times we find our mobile phones flooded with calls from scammers and/or spam numbers which can pose a threat to our privacy since the фшь of these callers is to steal personal data or subscribe us to an SMS messaging service without our consent.


You could just ignore these types of calls and not answer them, but then you would still get them all day and you’d get fed up anyway. Now, did you know that there are different methods and apps to block such calls on Android or iOS? Well, there are several online resources you can use to deal with unsolicited and harassment calls. Let’s find out what those are in the below section.

Top apps and websites to deal with unsolicited and harassment calls:

Call blocker free blacklist:

NQ Mobile Security is the company behind this fantastic application. It is one of the most efficient free message and call blocking apps on the Android market. Two of its main advantages are the little space it occupies and the little battery it consumes. It’s perfect!

Among its main features are, of course, avoiding incoming calls and messages from the numbers you choose. That is why it allows you to create a blacklist with unwanted numbers, as well as a whitelist with the numbers you want to always be able to reach you. Likewise, it allows you to detect telephone spam and stop it for our safety.

Calls Blacklist:

Calls Blacklist is one of those Android call-blocking apps that you can’t miss. This application is helpful not only for dodging but also for automatically deleting SMS through a blacklist. Its operation is very similar to the previous one, it is just as plain: it occupies very little space and it also consumes little memory for use. So, choose the one you like the most by the interface.

The app allows you to cancel directly from the message or call or add a number by yourself. If any of those numbers call or text you, you won’t even know it. Don’t be bothered anymore!

This app also allows screening by prefix or an unknown or hidden number and it covers all incoming calls. You can manage your unwanted contacts with a single click.


A very clear name for an equally simple website. This site provides a free reverse phone and text lookup service. This site reveals a caller’s name, personal info, phone history, city and state, address, area code, and much more. You can look up both mobile and landline numbers on PhoneHistory.

Call Control – Call Blocker:

One of the best-reviewed call-blocking apps on the Google Play Store. Call Control is a simple application, but with great potential. What sets it apart from the rest is that it is community-based, meaning, users actively participate in identifying spam. In this way, what is called a ‘black community list’ is created, where thousands of telephone numbers classified as spam can be found.

When you open the application, you will find a menu with different options, including ‘Community’, where you can check which phones have been reported as spam. Also, if you have doubts about a phone number, you just have to enter it in the search bar and it will tell you if it is already in the database as spam.

Hiya – Caller ID and Block:

Hiya is another incredible and very useful call-blocking app exclusively for Android. This app also features reverse phone numbers lookup and caller identity security protection.

This application to restrict calls for Android is one of the most complete in the field of blocking calls and messages. It is free and ad-free.

With a single touch of your finger, you can prevent calls, SMS, or MMS, and no one unwanted can bother you. It is very effective and you will be able to manage your locks completely privately since the app allows you to protect them with a password.

Mr.Number – Block unwanted calls and spam:

With Mr. Number, you will be able to block both unwanted and harassing calls and those that appear without identification easily. In addition, you can also block SMS. As soon as you enter the application, you can access a complete list that shows the last calls made and SMSs received. When you click on any of these numbers, you directly access the locked screen where you just have to click on the prohibited sign.

You can create block lists by adding numbers from your contact list or recent calls or you can also block the numbers that start with certain numbers. The app has a very simple and easy interface.


If the above applications had a certain beauty, in our opinion, this one is more pleasant than the previous ones. Truecaller is very easy to use. As soon as you access the app you will be able to refer to the call logs as they appear in your smartphone’s log.

There, you can find your desired contact number to edit or simply block it.

If you want to access its setting section, you need to click on its icon in the upper left and there you’ll be able to organize the various settings according to your wish.

At the end of the page, you will see 3 icons. One will be on the left side which is ‘Discover’, which gives you some recommendations over time (it won’t provide you with any at first). In the middle one, which is where you are, you can search for the contact number which you can later block.

And the one on the right will have the option to block, for instance, the spammers that call from telephone companies and various others who trouble you when you are busy. It also allows you to block hidden contact numbers and unwanted calls that are on the blacklist. Thus, Truecaller is pretty easy to use and covers most demands.

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