YouTube Rolls Out Separate Tabs for Shorts, Live Streams, and Long Form Videos on the Creator’s Channel Page


Google on an official YouTube support page announced that it has started rolling out the much-requested Separate Tabs for Shorts, Live Streams, and Long Form Videos on the creator’s channel page. YouTube says that adding Separate Tabs will allow viewers to discover the kinds of content they’re most interested in when exploring a creator’s channel page.

Here is what new separate tabs will bring to viewers:

  • Shorts tab: Here you’ll only see Shorts. When you are watching Shorts in the Shorts feed and navigate to a creator’s channel from the feed, you will be directed right to this new tab to keep enjoying Shorts
  • Live tab: You’ll find all streams in this tab including any that are currently active, scheduled, or archived
  • Videos tab: This will continue to house long-form content
  • Moving forward, you will no longer see Shorts or live streams in the Videos tab
  • This update begins to roll out today. In the coming weeks, you’ll find the new Shorts and Live tabs next to the classic Videos tab across all devices

The Shorts tab will only include short videos, while the Live tab will only show all streams. Long videos will remain on the Videos tab. The new tabs will roll out across all devices in the coming weeks.

As an added bonus, this change will also make it easier to consume content on YouTube. Before, users could see only one tab, which included long videos and short films. Now, they can easily filter the list by format, and when leaving a page, the filter will reset.

In addition, the new features will allow channel managers to analyze the performance of each type of content. This will allow them to allocate time and effort accordingly. The new tabs will also include data on the number of views, average duration, and click-through rate for each type of content.

A channel’s homepage is a great place to showcase different kinds of content. The main content of a channel’s homepage is often the most visible, and the channel page should be a prime location to feature a channel trailer.

If you’re a new channel, the channel trailer is an excellent way to introduce yourself to viewers. The trailer also reminds viewers to follow the channel, turn on notifications, and share their streaming schedule.


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