3 Myths About Energy Suppliers, Explained

Energy Suppliers
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In the modern world, we heavily rely on energy sources. While energy suppliers work very hard to provide their customers with seamless services, some issues might still occur now and then. As a result, customers may start putting faith in certain myths that are invalid.

In this article, we will debunk some of these myths so that you make the most of the services provided by power suppliers. You may need this, especially if you’re about to start your own business and are unsure which power supplier to take on because if you make a contract with one and then decide to go on with another, some complications may occur.


So, in simpler words, these business owners might end up paying the high default rate for natural gas or electricity. Here you must remember that you have quite a few options available, and you can choose your energy supplier according to your needs. Power companies these days provide all the necessary details, i.e., plan, price, and terms, online, making it easier for you to access the information needed.

Moreover, certain comparison websites allow you to view and compare the plans and prices offered by different energy suppliers in your area. So yes, selecting the energy plan required for your business is easier now. 

Myth 1 – I Have No Other Option Than The Utility Company

The truth is that you can select your energy supplier if you operate in an open energy market!

You can select a utility company or an independent energy supplier according to your specific needs. The independent suppliers sell the same natural gas or electricity and can be easily accessed by the same pipes and electric lines which are already utilized.

So, you can compare the energy suppliers in your area and choose the best one according to your specific needs. What’s even more intriguing? You can find the best electricity provider in your area easily with the help of an energy comparison website. These websites provide all the information under a single page for you to choose from without hassle.

If you are still skeptical about choosing an individual electricity supplier, then we would like you to think of it as buying an airline ticket. In this case, you have numerous options to buy plane tickets, either directly from the airline’s website or other platforms. And to be more precise, buying air tickets from a third party might cost you much less!

In the same way, by looking for individual energy suppliers, you might come across much better deals!

Myth 2 – Only The Utility Company Provides Reliable Energy

The truth is that utility companies and individual energy providers all supply the same energy to you with the help of the same infrastructure.

All parties selling and trading energy participate in the same regulated energy marketplace. It doesn’t matter who you buy the power from; the electricity or natural gas is the same quality. So, the licensed individual energy suppliers have access to the same sources as your local utility.

Moreover, it doesn’t matter where you buy the energy; the maintenance of wires and pipes used to deliver power or gas is the utility company’s responsibility! So, it is a fact that the services bought directly from the utility are not necessarily better or faster than the ones purchased from the individual providers.

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Myth 3 – Individual energy suppliers are scam

The individual suppliers are certified by the state’s public utility commission to provide energy to the customers and abide by the regulations for switching services, contracts, prices, terms, contracts, etc.

Individual suppliers work even harder than utility companies to provide sustainable and reliable energy to customers because they are subject to hefty fines and even suspension if they fail to abide by the law as they provide their services. These providers usually offer specific incentives to their customers while having the same certifications as your utility.

This is why we can confidently say that certified energy suppliers are not a scam, and you can easily benefit from the more sustainable energy plans they provide.

Besides, such energy suppliers also have a better-developed customer care department that notifies the customers in advance whenever there’s going to be a power outage. 

But if you are interested in personally checking not only power but also internet outages, there are certain websites that can help you do that.

In the same way, by looking for individual energy suppliers, you might come across much better deals. Or better yet, buy yourself an oms system.

Start Believing in Truth Instead of Myths!

Now you must be able to tell the truth apart from myths about energy suppliers. Instead of focusing on the negative things you might have heard from a few people about the individual energy suppliers, you must research yourself before making your final decision!

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