Splitgate DLC Codes Free: All You Need to Know 2022


If you love playing multiplayer first-person shooter games, you’re probably looking for ways to get free items and DLC Codes for Splitgate. Splitgate is a free-to-play game available on Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam.

The game is the hottest arena shooter of 2021, featuring portals and unique gunplay mechanics. You can get free in-game cosmetics with free Splitgate DLC codes, which are often released during special promotional events and during significant content updates.

If you’re having trouble finding Splitgate DLC codes, you can follow its Twitter account. It’s easy to find updates about new codes, as the developers often tweet about them, and occasionally share posts from their collaboration partners.

However, if you do want to go through the Twitter account then you can read our post below where we talk about three different ways to get free Splitgate DLC codes for free skins.

How to Get Splitgate DLC Codes for Free Skins?

Below are the three ways you can use to get free Splitgate DLC codes for free skins in the game.

Method 1- Splitgate Exclusive Intel Skin Bundle Key Giveaway

The first way is to take part in the Splitgate Exclusive Intel Skin Bundle Key Giveaway.

To participate in the giveaway and get you free codes simply follow the tesps below.

  • Go to the Giveaway page here and signup or login using your login details
  • Now, Download Splitgate on Steam.
  • While in-game, open the in-game Menu.
  • Click on the “Redeem DLC” button.
  • Enter your key and the skins will now be available in your “Locker” tab.

Method 2- Splitgate SteelSeries Exclusive Weapon Wrap Key Giveaway.

The second method to get free Splitgate DLC codes is to take part in the Splitgate SteelSeries Exclusive Weapon Wrap Key Giveaway.

  • Go to the SteelSeries giveaways page here and signup or login with your details.
  • Now, copy the code from there and redeem it in the game menu.

Method 3- Splitgate Alienware Weapon Giveaway

This method is also the same, follow the steps below to get your free code.

To Get Your Giveaway

  • 1. Create or log in to your Alienware Arena account.
  • 2. Click the “GET KEY” button.
  • 3. Launch Splitgate on Steam
  • 4. Hit escape in the main menu
  • 5. Redeem DLC Code
  • 6. Enter code

Another way to find these codes is to bookmark Splitgate’s Twitter page, and check back daily for new codes. Fans can also join fan-made discord servers, which often feature contests and giveaways. To enter, simply sign up for the community’s server and follow the instructions.

Splitgate Referral codes 2022

If you’ve played Splitgate for a while, you’ve probably seen the Referral Code, which rewards both the referrer and the player who referred them.

Below you can a list of the available referral codes which you can use get free rewards in the game. These referral codes are provided by the Splitgate players.

Here are a few Splitgate Referral codes 2022

  • ZXTVV7
  • 7L1G74
  • MG2QNY
  • 5NZ7WY
  • ZXTVV7
  • CJ9Y26
  • JP73T2
  • YIKQG6
  • V47QSG
  • 9AUGH3
  • 3XV9TN
  • MG2QNY
  • 5NZ7WY
  • CJ9Y26
  • TQ3BE4
  • HXI24M
  • EL49PJ
  • M2EYRK
  • TGGMT4

This sounds complicated, but it’s actually quite easy. You can also use the code to buy or sell items and DLC in the game, and this way, you’ll be supporting the developers while getting free in-game content. When you’re done, you’ll have earned yourself a ton of extra content.


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