Street Fighter 6 Juri Character Guide: Moveset, Playstyle, Strategies and Tips


Welcome, fighters, to another thrilling chapter in the Street Fighter saga! Street Fighter 6 (SF6) introduces a diverse roster of iconic characters, each with their unique playstyles and abilities. Among them is the enigmatic and fierce Juri Han, a practitioner of Taekwondo with a thirst for power. In this comprehensive character guide, we will delve into Juri’s moveset, playstyle, strengths, and strategies, helping you harness her potential and dominate the competition.

Juri’s Moveset:

Juri’s moveset incorporates elements of speed, agility, and powerful kicks. Her unorthodox style can catch opponents off guard and overwhelm them with relentless pressure. Let’s explore some of her key moves:

  1. Fuhajin (Quarter Circle Forward + Punch): Juri’s signature attack, Fuhajin, launches energy projectiles. The strength of the punch button used determines the distance and trajectory of the fireball. Mastering the timing and placement of Fuhajin is essential for controlling space and zoning your opponent.
  2. Kasatushi (Quarter Circle Back + Punch): Kasatushi is Juri’s unique counter move. When executed correctly, Juri can evade attacks and deliver a swift counterattack. This move is a great tool for punishing opponents who are overly aggressive.
  3. Senpusha (Quarter Circle Back + Kick): Senpusha is a devastating spinning kick that hits multiple times. It can be used for punishing opponents at close range or as a combo ender. The strength of the kick button used determines the speed and damage of the move.
  4. Shikusen (Airborne Quarter Circle Back + Kick): Juri’s aerial attack, Shikusen, allows her to perform a dive kick from the air. This move can surprise opponents and create mix-up opportunities. Mastering the timing and angle of Shikusen is crucial for maintaining offensive pressure.

Playstyle and Strengths:

Juri is classified as a rushdown character, excelling in applying relentless pressure and maintaining offensive momentum. Her fast-paced and aggressive playstyle is complemented by her long-range options, allowing her to control space and keep opponents at bay. Here are some of Juri’s key strengths:

  1. Versatile Zoning: Juri’s Fuhajin projectiles grant her the ability to control the battlefield. With proper timing and spacing, she can frustrate opponents from a distance, forcing them to make risky approaches.
  2. Mix-up Potential: Juri’s moveset offers a variety of options for mix-ups and mind games. Utilize her mobility and aerial attacks to confuse opponents and open them up for punishing combos.
  3. High Mobility: Juri’s fast movement speed and versatile dashes give her excellent mobility both on the ground and in the air. This allows her to quickly close the gap or create distance as needed.
  4. Punishing Tools: With her Kasatushi counter move and Senpusha combo ender, Juri has potent tools for punishing opponents’ mistakes. Capitalize on your opponent’s errors to deal significant damage and maintain control of the match.

Strategies and Tips: To maximize your success with Juri, consider the following strategies and tips:

  1. Master Fuhajin Usage: Understanding the different trajectories and timings of Juri’s Fuhajin is crucial for controlling space effectively. Experiment with different punch strengths to adapt to various situations.
  2. Utilize V-Trigger Effectively: Juri’s V-Trigger enhances her abilities, granting her access to new combos and devastating attacks. Experiment with different V-Trigger activations to find the most suitable playstyle for your preferences.
  1. Mix-up Your Approaches: Juri’s mobility and aerial prowess make her an excellent character for mix-ups. Alternate between high and low attacks, incorporate throws into your pressure, and utilize her overhead attack, “Kasatsushu” (Forward + Medium Kick), to keep your opponents guessing and unable to anticipate your next move.
  2. Capitalize on Knockdowns: Juri excels at maintaining pressure on knockdowns. After landing a sweep or a combo that knocks the opponent down, quickly close in and apply pressure with her fast and relentless attacks. Utilize her “Ryodansatsu” (Quarter Circle Forward + Kick) move to continue your offensive onslaught and keep your opponent on their toes.
  3. Vary Your Combos: Juri has a wide range of combo options that can be tailored to suit your playstyle. Experiment with different combo starters, such as her “crouching Medium Kick” or “standing Heavy Punch,” and follow them up with powerful moves like “Senpusha” or “Fuharenkyaku” (Quarter Circle Forward + Kick). Mixing up your combos not only adds unpredictability but also allows you to adapt to different situations and opponents.
  4. Mind Your Resources: Juri possesses unique mechanics with her “Feng Shui Engine” V-Trigger. This grants her enhanced abilities, such as canceling special moves and extending combos. Manage your V-Gauge wisely, knowing when to activate V-Trigger for maximum impact or save it for critical moments when you need to turn the tide of the match.
  5. Study Matchups: Like any seasoned fighter, understanding your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses is essential. Take the time to study and learn the matchups against other characters in the game. Identify their vulnerabilities, punish their mistakes, and exploit any openings to secure victory.
  6. Practice Patience and Defense: While Juri’s aggressive playstyle is her forte, it’s important not to neglect your defense. Use her “Kasatushi” counter wisely to punish opponents’ predictable attacks, and maintain a solid defense to avoid unnecessary damage. Patience and careful positioning can often lead to opportunities for devastating counterattacks.


Juri’s intricate playstyle and unique moveset make her a force to be reckoned with in Street Fighter 6. Mastering her mobility, mix-up potential, and punishing tools will allow you to control the battlefield, overwhelm opponents, and secure victories with stylish and devastating combos.

Remember to practice, study your matchups, and adapt your strategies to different situations. Embrace the art of destruction and unleash Juri’s full potential in the world of Street Fighter 6. Good luck, fighters!

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