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Top Quality Open Source Performance Testing Tools

Developers who have a small budget find that the difficultly of application development is that they must come up with significant amounts of money to afford various testing tools to supply...

Why You Should Invest in Time and Management Software

As a company owner or manager, you have many things to do to ensure that your business will stay competitive. In this case, you need to manage your time efficiently, or...

Fundamentals of Enterprise Applications

When people hear the word application, they immediately think of the apps for iPhones, iPods, iPads, etc. Enterprise applications show how the company works, and are used to solve company-wide problems, not departmental problems....

Top 4 Tips for Dealing with Security Misconfigurations in Web Applications

Companies spend mini fortunes in order to implement some of the best security systems available. However, it is important to realize that the security systems are only as effective as they...

Thinking About Becoming a Web Designer? Here’s A Good Place to Start

As a profession, web design has only been in existence since the internet was first introduced, and back then all people needed to create was very basic websites with some seriously...

The Power Of Magento Development For Online Shopping

Using the power of the Magento software to build an e-commerce website is almost a no-brainer! This software is a top ranking favorite among developers because it has a huge array...

Top 3 Tech Challenges Facing Healthcare in 2013

Healthcare and technology have long been intertwined. Medicine has always been connected with technology, and as healthcare and the economy interact, the technological demands on healthcare continue to rise. In order...

5 Useful iPhone Apps for Health Professionals

If you have a smartphone, you already know it is a powerful tool that can keep you organized, productive and educated. It is also possible to keep on top of your...

The benefits Of Call Recording And Click To Call Applications In Business

Since the ability to call record was introduced many years ago, it has brought businesses a vast span of advantages, including added security whereby transactions are implicated, and also the helpful...

Why You Should Hire An Application Testing Software Firm

Are you jumping into the application market for the first time? There is a lot of work to be done when developing your first application product. Before you release it to...

How to Save on Software

In this day of age, even if your work doesn’t require professional software, planning a software purchase has become as important as paying the bills. As pen and paper have become...