Now Apple has made for MAC users some very interesting apps for there mac laptops, people who are using Apple laptops on Mac OS then these apps will surely make them happy. These apps are very useful and very interesting too. So get ready to use these cool apps on your MAC and make your laptop even more interesting to uses. There are 10 apps are available for MAC OS people may use on their laptops.

1- I Photo 
The apps that give you the way to organize, edit, and share your photos. I Photo is an app that lets your photos to make them, even more, better and interesting and you can do anything with your photos with it great features like Faces, Places, and Events, I Photo helps you keep track of all your photos by name of that person & who’s in them. in I Photo you will get some very Quick and simple editing tools lets you edit your picture in just few time and you can make them better by editing them with I Photo editing tools. and all the things you can do in full large screen.

2- I Movie
Turn your home movies into home blockbusters. Yes, with this app you can make your recorded videos as a blockbuster movie trailer and make them very interesting to watch with your family. You can Create a Hollywood-style trailer of your recorded videos that can make your family members and people laugh, cry, and cheer for more.this app is very easy to use and very useful for making a good quality video that is recorded by you. The function is very easy just drag and drop of your recorded video to I Movie and make your video like the movie trailer. the design of this app is very interesting it comes with Apple-designed themes that look very professional. With I Movie just take a video from your laptop and add animated titles wright your own words on the video and insert any audio to your video.

3- Mac App Store
The Mac app store is a place where you can get every app that you wouldn’t have tried before a great collection of best apps for your Mac. Really I found it very interesting. Mac apps store has every app that you can probably imagine for and wants to use for your Mac OS. And the best thing is that you will get all the latest updates about apps from the Mac apps store. So you will never miss any of your new coming apps from Mac apps store.

4- Safari
The all-new Web browser for your Mac, great browsing speed on Mac. This is specially design for Mac OS and now you can brows the internet with a high speed, browse the page in full screen and you can also hide the entire interface of the browser if you don’t want them to appear. You can double tap or pinch the track pad to zoom in on text or images. You can flip the web pages with a swipe. It has great features you can try this.

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