Computing has gone mobile, and most people walk around with tiny smartphones that can do just about anything. However, many have seemed to forgotten that cellphones are in fact computers, which are vulnerable to just as many if not more malicious attacks than your home device. While it might seem like a hassle to download security software to your phone, with the right app it can be simple. Here are a few things to consider as you select the best antivirus android software.

Malware Detection
Most importantly, your security application should protect against different types of malware that can be remotely downloaded to your phone.

The best applications not only monitor the presence of malware and other viruses, they send you alerts or reminders regarding suspicious messages, strange application downloads, and malicious activity. This can help you stay on top of issues.

Web Monitoring
During daily web browsing, you may find yourself in some dangerous situations, as not all networks and websites are safe. The best virus software tracks risky locations and can alert you to a wifi network or website that can potentially harm your device or invade your privacy.

Password Management
Creating strong passwords can be difficult, but it is one of the most important pieces in protecting your information. You have likely been told to create unique and unmemorable passwords to protect yourself, but keeping track of all your passwords for every site can be impossible.

Many security programs help you store and track your passwords, and they can be activated through a few keystrokes.

Antitheft Response
Security programs, like the AVG antivirus app, not only protect against viruses but also protect against physical theft.

If your phone ends up in someone else’s position, these applications give you the ability to locate your phone, lock applications and even wipe information. This gives you full control over your device and its contents.

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