Terraria Hard Mode

Terraria is a popular action-adventure sandbox game available for Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. In our previous post, we talked about the Terraria master mode, including bosses, and master mode exclusive items. Today, in this Terraria Hardmode guide we will talk about the Terraria Hard Mode or Hardmode monsters and bosses.

What is Terraria Hard Mode or Terraria Hardmode?

Terraria Hard Mode or Hardmode is a character-specific difficulty mode that automatically unlocked on defeating the Wall of Flesh. In Hard Mode, the character has only one life and cannot respawn after death. After you get into the Hard Mode. The Corruption or The Crimson spread more rapidly (at least until Plantera is defeated), and a new biome known as The Hallow is created.

Terraria Hard Mode and Hardcore Mode: What’s the Difference?

Unlike, Terraria hard mode, Hardcore Mode is a character-specific difficulty setting that can be selected when creating a new character. Hardcore mode characters cannot be changed back to any other difficulty. Once the player dies, everything in their inventory is dropped and the character is deleted.

Can I Turn Off Terraria Hard Mode?

No, you can not turn off the Terraria Hard Mode manually. When you defeat Wall of Flesh, your Terraria World automatically gets into the Hard Mode. However, the only way you can use to convert a world back to pre hardmode is through using cheats or third-party editing.

Terraria Hard Mode Monsters

There are a variety of monsters in the Terraria game based on different categories or criteria. In every category, you will find Pre-Hard Mode monsters as well as hard mode monsters which only available in the hards mode.

Below is the list of all categories of monsters you will find in Terraria including Hard Mode Monsters included in each category.

  • Forest Monsters
    • Day
    • Night – Hard Mode Monsters: Clown (Blood Moon), Possessed Armor, Wandering Eye, Werewolf (Full Moon), and Wraith.
    • Windy Days
    • Rainstorms – Hard Mode Monsters are, Angry Nimbus and Rainbow Slime (In the Hallow.)
  • Underground Monsters
    • Dirt Layer- Hard Mode monsters: Digger (uncommon), Mimic (uncommon) and Toxic Sludge
    • Stone Layer – Hard Mode monsters: Digger (uncommon), Green Jellyfish, Mimic (uncommon) and Rune Wizard.
  • Desert Monsters
  • Corruption Monsters
  • Crimson Monsters
  • Hallowed Monsters
  • Meteor Monsters
  • Dungeon Monsters
  • Lihzahrd Temple Monsters
  • Jungle MonstersHard Mode Surface monsters: Angry Trapper, Arapaima, Derpling, Giant Flying Bat (Night), Giant Tortoise and Jungle Creeper. Hard Mode Underground monsters: Angry Trapper, Arapaima, Giant Flying Bat, Giant Tortoise, Jungle Creeper, Moss Hornet and Moth
  • Snow Biome MonstersHard Mode monsters: Ice Tortoise (uncommon), Icy Merman, Wolf, Pigron and Spiked Ice Slime.
  • Ocean Monsters
  • Underworld Monsters – Pre-Hard Mode monsters: Arch Demon, Bone Serpent (uncommon), Demon, Fire Imp, Hellbat, Lava Slime and Voodoo Demon (rare).

Terraria Pre Hardmode and Hardmode Bosses

Below you can find the list of all the Terraria pre hardmode and hard mode bosses.

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Pre Hardmode Bosses

  • King Slime
  • Eye of Cthulhu
  • Eater of Worlds
  • Brain of Cthulhu
  • Queen Bee
  • Skeletron
  • Wall of Flesh

Hardmode Bosses

  • Queen Slime – HP 18,000 / 28,800 / 36,720
  • The Twins – HP 20,000 / 30,000
  • The Destroyer – HP Normal Mode 80,000, Expert Mode 120,000, Console 60,000
  • Skeletron Prime – HP 28,000 / 42,000
  • Plantera – HP FULL 42,000
  • Empress of Light – HP 70,000 / 98000 / 124950 HP
  • Golem – HP Total 39,000 / 58,500 / 74,583
  • Duke Fishron – HP 50,000 / 60,000 / 76,500
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