Agents are the main playable characters in the VALORANT game. Each agent comes with their own set of different classes with four abilities, one Signature Ability which they get for free. Each agent also comes with its own set of unique features, rewards, and contracts which players can use to level up in the game. You can also use these contracts to unlock new Agents in the Valorant game.

The good thing is that you get two free agents just by tacking intro contracts in Volarant after you get into the game. However, to unlock more agents fast, you will need to earn more and more XP by playing more games and winning matches.

If you want to unlock Agents in Valorant then there are mainly three ways you can use to unlock new Agents in Valiant:

  • Using Contracts (Free Way)
  • Gaining XP
  • Using Valorant Points

Unlocking Agents Using Contracts- Free Method

The first and the easiest way you can use to unlock an agent in Valorant is by using free contracts. Now, to get into contracts matches follow the steps below.

Step One: Open Valorant and head over to the agent’s section.

Step Two: Now select any agent of your choice to unlock & click on the activate button to start the contract.

Step Three: Complete the contract playing the game (any game mode of your choice) and earning enough XP till you open Tier 5.

Step Four: Now, unlocking an agent will depend on how quickly you fish the contracts game and earned more XP per match.

On completing Tier 5 for any chosen Agent, it will unlock that agent that you had selected.

Unlocking Agents Gaining XP – Free Method

The second freeway you can use to unlock more agents is by gaining more and more XP in the game. The more you have XP earned the more you have the chance of unlocking new agents in Valorant.


Now, to gain more XP quickly in Volarant, you can play missions in the game. Missions in Valorant can earn you a lot of XP for free if you complete them. These missions however also have limited expiration time. So, take part quickly and finish them as soon as possible and earn more XP.

You can also earn more XP by playing the contract matches again with improved performance. This will help you earn more XP quickly in the game and will also help you unlock new agents as well.

Unlocking Agents Using Valorant Points – Paid Method

If you want to unlock agents in Valorant without playing the contracts or by earning XP. Then you can use the third option which is by expending your real money in the game. This method could be the best and the easiest way to unlock an agent in the Valorant if you have enough money to spend and can’t wait to unlock more agents.

You can use your real money to purchase Valorant points, these points can be used to unlock new agents in the game. To purchase Valorant point follow the steps below.


  • Purchase and add 1000 or Valorant Points using any mode of payment of your choice to your account.
  • Head over to the agent’s section and click on your favorite agent.
  • Now click on the purchase button as shown in the image above.

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