If you are getting VRChat stuck on loading screen issue on your PC then this guide is for you. There might be serval reasons which can cause such issues on your PC while playing the game.

To fix VRChat stuck on loading screen on PC issue, follow the steps in this article: clear the temp files of the VRChat, set the launch option in Steam, check your internet connection, and try VPN. If none of these solutions works, try the other solutions described in this article:

How to Fix VRChat Stuck on Loading Screen Issue on PC?

Below are the simple steps which you can follow to fix the VRChat stuck on loading screen issue on PC.

Clear the temp files of the VRChat

If you are having problems with VRChat, clearing the temp files may help you. The VRChat cache consists of several folders, including maps and cookies. Hence, it’s a good idea to clear the temp files if you’d like to get more free space on your hard disk.

However, most gamers do not know how to clear the VRChat cache or temp files. To clear the VRChat cache using the game follow the steps below:

  • Click on the Search in the taskbar and type Folder Explorer Option.
  • A small window will popup, click on View tab then check the option Show hidden files, folders or drives.
  • Now, click Apply then Ok.
  • Now, go to This PC > C Drive > Users > double click on your user name
  • Now, here go to AppData > Local > Temp > VRChat.
  • Now, delete all the file in that folder, that’s it.

Check Internet Connection

The second step to resolve VRChat stuck on loading screen on PC issue is to check your Internet Connection. To do this, open up the Run box, and click the command prompt. Then, navigate to System, and then go to the Networking tab.

Uncheck the option to allow TCP/IPv6 from the Internet Protocol section. It may have caused this issue. If you’re sure it’s not related to your internet connection, try disabling IPv6 on your computer.

Another cause of VRChat stuck on loading screen on PC issue is an outdated operating system. If this is the case, you’ll need to update your operating system. Make sure you have the latest security and vulnerability patches for Windows, and then enable the firewall.

If that doesn’t work, try disabling IPV6 and then check your Internet Connection. You can check your internet speed from here Speedtest.net.

Try using VPN

A common cause for VRChat not responding is a misidentification of the network. Using an outdated graphics driver or enabling IPV6 are also likely causes of this issue. These problems can be solved by lowering the screen resolution.

If these solutions fail, you can try using a VPN to connect to different servers in other countries. This option will help you bypass a faulty server and allow you to play VRchat without any problems. To use VPN, you can subscribe to a premium service.

Disabling your firewall and antivirus

Disabling your firewall and antivirus is another possible solution to fix VRChat stuck on the loading screen. Both of these tools can prevent VRchat from accessing important files. Disabling these tools will temporarily disable VRchat on your system.

To disable virus and threat protection temporarily follow the steps below:

  • Click on Search on the taskbar and type virus and threat protection
  • Now, go to Manage Settings
  • From here, disable all the options

Note: after you finish playing the game don’t forget to enable all the those virus and threat protection in the settings.

Reinstall the VRChat

If your PC has become unresponsive, you may need to reinstall the VRChat on your computer. In some cases, problems with the system files of windows are the cause. To update the system files, go to the start menu, click settings, updates and security and choose “check for updates.” If your display driver is outdated, you will need to update it as well. Click “Yes” to install the new version.

Update your Windows version

Another common cause for the app’s crash issues is an out-of-date version of Windows. To update Windows, navigate to Settings and click on Update & Security. If the issue still persists, try updating the system files and then reinstalling VRChat. If none of these steps resolves the issue, you should reinstall the VR Chat on PC and try it again.

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