Useful Educational Games for Students

Educational Games

In general, students love to play games. For the youth, gaming is basically the synonym for having fun and unwinding. Thankfully, many modern games are both entertaining and educative. For this reason, several learning institutions use games to accompany the learning process. Parents can stimulate their children by purchasing educational games and encouraging the kids to play them. As such, this article presents practical educational games for students.

Crossword Puzzles

A crossword puzzle is among the most popular games among students and adults. In particular, it tests a child in so many ways, which include:

  • General knowledge.
  • Use of vocabulary.
  • Ability to think fast.
  • Intelligence.

Players can solve the crossword puzzle by filling out vertical and horizontal boxes. The theme for each word can be different. As such, it can cover historical events, famous people, scientific discoveries, etc. For a player to complete the puzzle, they must be well-versed and persistent. Crossword puzzles are suitable for children that are 8 years and older.

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Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw is a challenging, fun, and exciting game to play. It is made of small pieces that players arrange to build a full picture. Furthermore, the picture you construct while playing this puzzle can be anything – from nature to a scene from your favorite movie.

Like with other puzzles, the difficulty of Jigsaw puzzles varies. The larger the pieces, the easier you can complete the game and vice versa. As such, a simple Jigsaw puzzle can be played by a kid younger than 5 years. However, more complex Jigsaws puzzles are more suitable for teenagers and young adults.

Word Search Puzzle

Word Search is another puzzle game. However, students play Word Search differently. As such, words are randomly written among letters within a box. Hence, it is the responsibility of the players to search for hidden words across, downward and diagonally.

The used words may be related to various topics: history, science, art, music, etc. In the past, Word Search was done on pieces of paper. Now, this game is usually played using technology on a computer via the internet.

The difficulty of each Word Search puzzle varies. Unlike Crossword puzzles, Word Search is suitable for kids that are older than 10 years.

Brain Teaser

One of the best games for stimulating thinking is the Brain Teaser. It allows students to exercise their minds with clues and riddles. As a result, the Brain Teaser is excellent for reviewing the science, history, and art topics. Therefore, educators can use it to revise aspects of specific courses. To assist students to play the game, keywords are placed at the bottom of the game. This game is designed to improve assimilation and comprehension. In addition, children over 10 can easily play with the Brain Teaser.

Math Ninja

Most puzzles and games revolve around words and the use of language. However, Math Ninja is a game that helps one study mathematics. In general, it is designed to support the learning of basic operations in mathematics. Students play while solving multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction operations.

The designers of Math Ninja develop it with young children in mind. In particular, it is ideal for kids who can read but are learning how to perform mathematical operations.


There are various useful educational games for students. We count puzzles among the most useful games for students – they are both fun and efficient when it comes to practicing patience and attentiveness. The difficulty of each game varies, so any kid can find a suitable game to enjoy. Similarly, suitability among age groups is different. In most cases, students can improve their academic capacity by playing these games.

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