There’s no reason why you have to have an iphone case that looks like everyone else’s. Designing and creating your personalized cheap iphone 5 case to suit your own tastes is an interesting way of showing a little bit of your own personality every time you pull out you’re your phone to make a call. So whether you are a creative genius or you just like to have a go, there are heaps of ways of making your own iphone case personalized just for you. Here are 5 DIY phone case ideas.

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5 Awesome DIY IPhone Case Ideas
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Pressed Flowers

If you love flowers you can create a beautiful flower arrangement as your iphone case cover and it’s as easy as getting some resin and some flowers of your choice and away you go. The first step is to get some flowers and flatten them out in an encyclopedia or whatever way works best for you. Then arrange them onto your case how you would like them to be. (Take a photo so you know how you want them.) Then follow the instructions to mix your resin and spread it over the flowers on the case. In next to no time you will have an awesome flower iphone case!

Cross Stitch

If you love to stitch then why not have an iphone case that is perfectly you. It’s as easy as stitching the piece to the shape and size of your iphone case and following the instructions above, spreading the resin over it, and waiting for it to dry. Then voila! You will have an iphone case with a stitched design that shows just who you are. Your friends will be impressed with your talent and might want to make one too!


Do you love bling? If you can’t get enough bling, then why not customize your phone with a DIY bling design that will go with any outfit! First collect the diamantes and other blingy bits and pieces and arrange them on the iphone case. Try out a few different ones until you get one that is perfect for you. Once you are happy with the design apply the resin and wait for it to set. Then make a blingy phone call baby!

Fave Picture

Is there a favorite picture of yours that you really love? Instead of just having it on your phone as a screen saver, why not have that as your iphone case? Print it out to the size that fits the case and stick it on using the resin as described above. Now your favorite picture could be seen by everyone rather than just for you!


Remember all those maps you have laying around from your backpacking trip? Why not use those as a creative design for your iphone case. Cut them up, or tear them for that rough look and arrange them on the case in position. You could have your favorite destinations as the main ones on display. Apply resin and allow it to dry. It will make an awesome conversation piece when you are out and about and remind you of the fun you had!

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Kim loves writing, spending time with her two kids, as well as doing DIY art and craft which she sells at local market stalls. She also teaches in community center on how to hand-make cheap iPhone 5 case.

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