IKR, NGL, OP, NVM, ITT and IMY Full Form

We are often asked about what is the full form of Ikr. This is one of the most commonly asked questions people often search for on the internet. So, what exactly...
Mass Media Career

5 Ways to Boost Your Mass Media Career

It has been a long time since we depend upon mass media and use it extensively for communication. The advent of new technologies and the rise of the internet have played...
Networking Sites

18 Top Networking Sites for Startup Founders

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Working From Home

How to Stay Cyber-Safe While Working From Home

Ever since the global pandemic took the world by a deadly storm, working from home has become the new normal. In the beginning, we all struggled to adjust to this new...
UPS Inverter

4 Key Points to Consider Before You Buy a UPS Inverter

Summer is here and with each passing day the mercury levels are soaring higher. And besides the mercury level, the demand for home UPS inverters is also on the rise. If...

When to Use Experts for Technology Advice

Nowadays, CTOs and software architects must provide the technology strategies to meet an ever-shrinking intersection in the Venn diagram of corporate priorities.Here are my top considerations when I act as CTO:...
Online Marketing

Online Marketing 101

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Scheduling Software

Benefits And Uses Of Appointment Scheduling Software

As the COVID-19 catastrophe enters a new stage, companies and government agencies are planning to rebuild once the ban is lifted. Customers' needs have been placed on hold for some necessary,...

Top 3 Crowdfunding Websites

Even if you do not know about crowdfunding, you've undoubtedly seen one on social media. Crowdfunding is the concept of raising funds for a campaign or cause from a vast group...

6 Things All Influencers Should Know About Putting Their Lives on the Internet

The influencer market is huge, and it’s forecasted to hit a value of $13.8 billion in 2021 and $15 billion in 2022. For many influencers, the idea of partnering with popular...
Online Video Maker

3 Marketing Tactics to Leverage with an Online Video Maker

Did you know that you can use an online video maker to enhance your marketing strategy?If you think about the substantial rise of a few widely known start-ups, they regularly find...

Everything Coming on Netflix in March 2021

Netflix…we do not know how and when it became the synonym of entertainment but it sure has. COVID-19 pandemic left us homebound the complete year and the two things that got...