Whoever said that gaming is dominated by boys was wrong, as Google takes the initiatives to celebrate and empower female gamers in mobile gaming by launching the ‘Change the Game’. There are millions of games on the play store serving more than one billion people in 190 countries. But do you know the number of women playing the game on their mobile devices? As part of the ‘Change the Game’ initiatives, Google partnered with Newzoo to learn more and look at the presence of women in the gaming space in the U.S. and the results were really surprising. The study showed that 65% of all women play mobile games that’s half of all mobile gamers.

Change the Game

It is also found that women are actually more active mobile gamers compared to men with 43% of women playing games for more than five days each week compared to just 38% of men doing the same thing. Now it’s pretty clear that not only men but women are also enjoying paying mobile games but the actual figure doesn’t appear as high as it looks. Google found that only 24.8% of people in the industry identify as women or transgender.

The study further showed that the majority of female gamers think that only 30% of those games are actually made for women. Additionally, it is also found that women are less likely than men to explore multiple genres, talk with friends about mobile games, or identify as a “gamer.”

In a simple way with ‘Change the Game‘ Google Play initiative Google want’s to promote diversity in games, by celebrating all women who play games and empowering the next generation of game-makers through ongoing research, development programs, and partnerships. You can read more about Google’s new Change the Game initiatives here.

What you think about women in the gaming space or is gaming still dominated by men?

Rizwan Ahmad 
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