Days Gone Free DLC

PS4 exclusive, Days Gone, the upcoming horror, survival game is set to launch on April 26. There are still two more days to go before its official release and now Sony has announced the Free post-launch DLC content that will be heading to the game in June and will include a new ‘Survival’ difficulty mode and new challenges each week. According to the Days Gone official blog post, the game will come with three difficulty modes that ship with the game including Easy, Normal, or Hard mode.

Days Gone Free DLC Will Include New ‘Survival’ Difficulty Mode With No Fast Travel, Map and Survival Vision

The new free DLC content available in June will include a fourth difficulty modes called the ‘Survival’. The new ‘Survival’ difficulty mode, will increase the game difficulty even more and won’t include fast travel or Survival Vision in the game.

The ‘Survival’ difficulty mode will also remove the map and indicators from the gameplay screen to make the gameplay even more challenging for players and ratchet up their tension.

Additionally, the upcoming Days Gone free post-launch DLC content will include a new Bike, Horde, or Combat challenge. According to the blog post, Days Gone provide 30+ hours of gameplay of open world hordes, ambush camps, infestation zones, mysterious NERO checkpoints, and dynamic events in the post-apocalyptic Oregon setting.

Players completing the Survival Difficulty and challenges will earn new trophies and unique bike skins to show off in photo mode.