Street Fighter v

Street Fighter V, the popular fighting game has received a new patch update version 04.070 to the game. The latest patch for the Street Fighter V according to the patch notes brings three new playable characters to the game called E. Honda, Lucia, and Poison. The Street Fighter V patch version 04.070 also brings some new costumes, additional stage Honda Sento and various battle-related bug fixes to the game.

Check out the Street Fighter V patch notes version 04.070 below.


Playable Characters
– E. Honda
– Lucia
– Poison

Additional Costumes
– Story: E. Honda
– Battle Outfit 1: E. Honda
– Nostalgia: E. Honda
– Story: Lucia
– Battle Outfit 1: Lucia
– Nostalgia: Lucia
– Swimsuit: Lucia
– Story: Poison
– Battle Outfit 1: Poison
– Nostalgia: Poison
– Swimsuit: Poison
– CPT 2019: Rashid

– Honda Sento

Battle Bundles
– 2019 Summer Character Bundle
– 2019 Swimsuit Bundle
– Mega Man Costume Bundle
– M. Bison Costume Bundle
– Zangief Costume Bundle
– Birdie Costume Bundle
– Vega Costume Bundle
– Rashid Costume Bundle
– Dhalsim Costume Bundle
– F.A.N.G Costume Bundle

Battle-Related Bug Fixes: Character Specific

  • Ryu:
    Fixed a phenomenon where it was more difficult to CA cancel into Denjin Hadoken from VTI Hadoken.
  • Chun-Li:
    Fixed a bug where, during Rankyaku, if the simultaneous buttons presses were off by one
    frame she would not perform Ryuseiraku.

Eased a phenomenon where, if holding down 2 buttons for over 50 frames for EX Bull
Horn, and in a state where releasing the two buttons would trigger the move, pressing two different buttons would cause the move to be performed even if the original two buttons were still being held down.

  • Vega:
    Fixed a bug where, if the opponent was in mid-air and behind Vega, he would not be able
    to connect Izuna Drop even if the opponent was within throw range.
  • R. Mika:
    Fixed a bug where, upon the opponent reaching the corner from Passion Rope Throw, if
    she performed the inputs for a certain throw, it would connect regardless of the distance.
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Fixed a bug where if Fightin’ Dirty was performed in a certain situation, she would not be
able to call Nadeshiko out for a second time.

  • Rashid:
    Fixed a bug where the box that triggers block remained for 1 frame after the hitbox
    disappeared for Flap Spin.
  • Laura:
    Fixed a bug where the first hit of M Bolt Charge and EX Bolt Charge would count for 2 hits
    in certain situations.

You can check out the full Street Fighter V update version 04.070 patch notes in Japanese from here.


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