Lord of Thunder

Bandai Namco, the action role-playing anime game Code Vein has received its third major DLC. Bandi Namco has announced that the third major DLC for the Code Vein called the “Lord of Thunder,” is now available for purchase for $9.99, and as part of the Season Pass which costs $24.99 separately on PC, Xbox One and PS4 from their respective stores.

The third Code Vein Third DLC “Lord of Thunder” brings new weapons, Blood Veils, and blood codes. additionally, the DLC also adds alternate costumes for your partners which can be obtainable from newly added areas in the Depths.

It’s worth mentioning that if you have the Code Vein Deluxe Edition then you can simply get the third DLC for free as part of the Deluxe Edition which includes the full game and the season pass.

Below you can watch the Code Vein Third DLC “Lord of Thunder” Trailer.