Before investing in a foreign country, you must carefully conduct an assessment and make many considerations. Cyprus is an amazing island that many foreigners dream of visiting for both vacations and business. As an investor, the latter will be your main interest. So, why is Cyprus such a lucrative place in which to invest in areas such as real estate, manufacturing, hospitality, and many others?

If you have been eyeing Cyprus for investment, you need to look at these five reasons why it is such a great place to try. Read on.

Favourable Business Environment

Cyprus has one of the lowest tax rates on business in Europe. Currently, your business will only pay 12.5%, which enables you to expand your business within a short time. Furthermore, economic and political stability plays a major role in boosting any form of investment in the country. You can discuss this more with a professional to confirm the advantages of investing in Cyprus.

A Growing Real Estate Market

Probably, you have heard about the thriving real estate market and tourism sector in Cyprus. Locals, foreign expatriates, temporary business people, holidaymakers, and everyone else is looking for housing when they are in Cyprus. 

Hence, modern houses and business offices are coming up for sale all over the island. If you decide to invest in real estate in Cyprus, you will have chosen one of the most thriving sectors in the country.

Favourable Immigration Policies

Did you know that Cyprus has a residence by investment program? If you buy a property or start a business within the provided requirements, you will receive a Permanent Residency Permit (PRP). If you read more about Cyprus immigration laws, you will realize that the PRP has many benefits that extend to your spouse and children. You can also check other immigration options that make it easy to move to and invest in Cyprus. 

Modern Technology

Cyprus is one of the rapidly developing countries in Europe. It enjoys modern technology in telecommunications, software, apps, cashless payment, and big data management among other advancements. 

It does not matter what you invest in as you will have the benefit of modern technology to make your venture efficient and productive. It is time you try investing in Cyprus to take advantage of its modern technology.

ROI in Euros

Since Cyprus has been part of the EU for a long time, the currency in use is euros. As we all know, this is a strong and dependable currency that is used by many European countries. When you invest within the state, you will get your ROI in euros, which makes it possible to do business across borders. Actually, many investors from other European countries are drawn to the island for this reason. You too can give it a try. Above all, this currency is strong and does not show signs of losing its place of importance any time soon.


There are many other reasons to invest in Cyprus such as strategic location, favourable weather, thriving tourism industry, etc. If you put all of them together, you will realize that Cyprus is a great state for your investment. Good luck!

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