First Post-EA FIFA Games Will Be Web 3.0 Blockchain Titles


After the split from EA, FIFA is looking to diversify its game portfolio and will soon release four new games under its four-letter brand. These games will be web 3.0 titles that take advantage of blockchain technology. They are designed to reflect the future of digital engagement while keeping the core FIFA brand intact. The new games will release around the 2022 World Cup, each with its own twist on the tournament.

Blockchain technology has been used in many games, from NBA Top Shot to Sorare. And since FIFA is a sports franchise, there is a high chance that blockchain will become a major part of the FIFA experience. However, this change will require EA to integrate NFTs into the franchise.

In addition to blockchain games, FIFA is already partnering with other companies, such as Roblox, and unveiling a range of web 3.0 games. In a press release to VCG, the company claims these new titles are focused on esports, but it also hawks crypto/metaverse shit.

Blockchain games have also become an increasingly popular monetization model for video games. For example, Blockchain games will offer players the ability to earn Gala (a cryptocurrency that acts as a virtual currency) in exchange for digital content.


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