Yuzu on Android Now Supports G-Series Mali GPUs, Expanding Its Reach to More Users

yuzu Emulator

In an exciting development for gaming enthusiasts, Yuzu, the popular Nintendo Switch emulator for Android, has announced support for G-Series Mali GPUs. This new compatibility opens up the doors for a wider range of Android users, allowing them to experience the joys of Nintendo Switch gaming on their mobile devices.

Yuzu, known for its exceptional performance and compatibility with a variety of games, has continuously evolved to provide a seamless gaming experience on Android. With the addition of G-Series Mali GPU support, the emulator further expands its capabilities, accommodating an even larger user base.


Mali GPUs, developed by Arm, are widely used in mobile devices and have gained a reputation for their efficiency and power. With Yuzu now optimized for G-Series Mali GPUs, users with devices featuring these graphics processors can expect enhanced performance and improved gameplay while running Nintendo Switch games.

This expansion in compatibility is particularly significant as it enables users with a wider range of Android devices to enjoy Yuzu’s features and benefits. The emulator’s ability to bring the Nintendo Switch gaming experience to smartphones and tablets has captivated gaming enthusiasts worldwide, and now more users can partake in this immersive experience.

To make use of the updated Yuzu emulator, Android users with G-Series Mali GPUs can simply download the latest version from the official website or respective app stores. Once installed, they can start exploring an extensive library of Nintendo Switch games, reliving classic favorites and exploring new titles, all on their Android devices.

Rizwan Ahmad
Rizwan Ahmad

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