PlayStation Plus Price Increases for 12-Month Subscriptions Worldwide

PlayStation Plus

In an official announcement, PlayStation Plus has revealed that a price adjustment for its 12-month subscription plans will come into effect starting September 6. This change will apply to subscribers globally across all benefit tiers and aims to sustain the delivery of top-tier gaming experiences and enhanced value-added benefits.

The revised pricing structure for the PlayStation Plus 12-month subscription plans is as follows:

  • PlayStation Plus Essential 12-Month Subscription
    • $79.99 USD | €71.99 Euro | £59.99 GBP | ¥6,800 Yen
  • PlayStation Plus Extra 12-Month Subscription
    • $134.99 USD | €125.99 Euro | £99.99 GBP | ¥11,700 Yen
  • PlayStation Plus Premium 12-Month Subscription
    • $159.99 USD | €151.99 Euro | £119.99 GBP | ¥13,900 Yen

It’s noteworthy that despite the increase, these prices will remain discounted compared to the cost of purchasing 1-Month or 3-Month subscriptions over a 12-month span.

For current subscribers with active 12-month plans, the price adjustment will only take effect upon their next renewal date on or after November 6. Any alterations to memberships made on or after September 6, including upgrades, downgrades, or additional purchases, will automatically reflect the new pricing structure. It’s important to note that subscribers maintain the flexibility to modify or cancel their subscriptions at any point.

PlayStation Plus assures its loyal user base that the decision to adjust prices is geared towards sustaining the delivery of high-quality gaming content and supplementary benefits that subscribers have come to enjoy. As the gaming landscape continues to evolve, PlayStation Plus remains committed to providing exceptional gaming experiences and value to its vibrant community of players.

For more information on subscription management and pricing details, subscribers are encouraged to visit the official PlayStation Plus website.

Rizwan Ahmad
Rizwan Ahmad

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