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Granblue Fantasy Relink

Granblue Fantasy Relink offers players an adventurous journey filled with quests, treasures, and collectibles, among which the Wee Pincers hold a unique place. These elusive collectibles are not just a key to unlocking achievements but also play a vital role in a series of side quests, enhancing the gaming experience. This guide will walk you through the locations of all Wee Pincers, offering tips to make your quest both enjoyable and rewarding.

Granblue Fantasy Relink, an expansive game filled with rich lore and engaging gameplay, includes a variety of collectibles that players can discover throughout their journey. Among these are the Wee Pincers, small crab-like creatures hidden in each chapter of the game. Finding all Wee Pincers not only contributes to the game’s completion but also unlocks specific achievements and rewards, making the search a rewarding part of the gameplay.


Key Points

  • Non-Missable Collectibles: All Wee Pincer Collectibles are designed to be non-missable, allowing players to collect them even after completing the story through a Chapter Select option. This feature ensures that players can revisit chapters to collect any missed Wee Pincers without having to replay the entire game.
  • Side Quests and Rewards: Collecting Wee Pincers ties directly into the game’s quest system, with a total of 15 side quests associated with finding them. These quests, offered by the NPC ‘Lil Pince’ in Folca, enrich the gameplay with additional objectives and rewards.

Granblue Fantasy Relink All Wee Pincer Locations

Chapter 1: The Quest Begins

  • Wee Pincer #1: Found atop a cliff in the first area when the mission is to “Search for Lyria.” This location sets the stage for the adventure, asking players to keep their eyes peeled for the vertical dimension of exploration right from the start.

Chapter 2: Island Mysteries

  • Wee Pincer #2: Located at the entrance to the cave, marking your first steps into the island’s deeper mysteries after disembarking from the ship. It serves as a gentle reminder to check every entrance and exit.
  • Wee Pincer #3: This one is on the ledge of the island on a slab of wood, not far from the second pincer. It encourages players to look beyond the main paths and explore the edges of their surroundings.
  • Wee Pincer #4: Found after rescuing the first set of islanders, on the ledge next to a fence. It rewards players who balance the urgency of rescue missions with the curiosity of exploration.
  • Wee Pincer #5: Near the burning houses where you save the islanders, this pincer places itself amidst chaos, asking players to maintain a keen sense of observation even in dire situations.
  • Wee Pincer #6: On the rock ledge in between both sets of islanders that need saving. This location is strategic, placed to ensure players are thorough in their rescue efforts.
  • Wee Pincer #7: Hidden behind a broken cart opposite Siero as you enter Zeghard Fortress. It’s a test of attention to detail in new and potentially hostile environments.
  • Wee Pincer #8: Situated in the left area right before the Greatshield Madbeat fight, preparing players for the importance of exploration before engaging in major battles.

Chapter 3: Against the Beast

  • Wee Pincer #9: At the very corner of the bridge after the first unskippable cutscene, when tasked to “Stop the primal beast’s rampage.” This pincer uses the game’s narrative moments to encourage exploration.
  • Wee Pincer #10: Found at the end of a little island area, after fighting enemies and jumping down. It rewards players who explore the aftermath of battles.
  • Wee Pincer #11: Positioned next to the Shrouded Chest on the ledge upon entering the cave, linking the thrill of combat with the reward of discovery.

Chapter 4: High Seas Strategy

  • Wee Pincer #12: On the first enemy ship you board to destroy the core, hidden straight ahead and to the left behind a wall. This teaches the importance of vigilance in enemy territories.

Chapter 5: Snowscape Secrets

  • Wee Pincer #13: In the corner of the map after battling the first wave of Frosty Bones, with the objective to “Head to the monastery.” It combines combat areas with exploration hotspots.
  • Wee Pincer #14: Located not far after the first one, up the ledge in a corner. This placement encourages thorough exploration of vertical spaces.
  • Wee Pincer #15: Before reaching the bridge, go left, and it’s below the ledge under the chest. This pincer rewards players who explore alternative paths.
  • Wee Pincer #16: After Historiath opens the gate in the next area, on top of a tall tower. It’s a reward for players who take the time to look up and explore high places.
  • Wee Pincer #17: Situated on a rock formation just outside the second door that Historiath opens, blending environmental puzzles with exploration.

Chapter 6: Relicbelt Riddles

  • Wee Pincer #19: On the edge of a log right when you arrive in Dahli Relicbelt. It’s an immediate test of observation as players enter a new area.
  • Wee Pincer #20: Atop the pillar in the first area of the Dahli Relicbelt, encouraging players to explore vertical structures within natural landscapes.
  • Wee Pincer #21: On the second level of the broken tower in the tomb on the left side, linking exploration with the game’s historical and archaeological themes.
  • Wee Pincer #22: On top of a broken structure as soon as you open the gate, signifying the rewards of exploration right after solving environmental puzzles.
  • Wee Pincer #23: In a crack in the wall at the very back of the map in the area to the left of where you fight Garasene, emphasizing the need to check every nook and cranny.

Chapter 7: VolcanicVentures

  • Wee Pincer #28: Located on a rock floating in the lava at the chapter’s start, this pincer challenges players to navigate hazardous environments carefully while keeping an eye out for collectibles.
  • Wee Pincer #29: After jumping down the first ledge in the second area, it’s found against the wall if you turn around. This placement tests players’ instincts to explore their immediate surroundings, even in seemingly straightforward paths.

Chapter 8: Castle’s Secrets

  • Wee Pincer #31: Hidden under a chair towards the end of the first corridor of Seedhollow Castle, blending in with the environment and encouraging a keen eye for detail within indoor settings.
  • Wee Pincer #32: Right after exiting the first door at the corridor’s end in the castle, it’s in a corner before you engage enemies. This encourages a mix of caution and curiosity.
  • Wee Pincer #33: Down the left corridor near the rubble after defeating enemies and re-entering the castle. It rewards thorough exploration post-combat.
  • Wee Pincer #34: Behind the Omen Stone on the rubble after the Tayu’itar Fight, linking significant battle achievements with exploration rewards.
  • Wee Pincer #35: Inside the fountain at the bottom of the castle after defeating Magnolia, offering a peaceful yet rewarding exploration moment after a major battle.

Chapter 9: The Final Stretch

  • Wee Pincer #36: Atop a broken structure near where you spawn in, setting the tone for a chapter filled with both combat and exploration.
  • Wee Pincer #37: Down from the shrouded chest in a corner after defeating Furycane Nihilla, blending the victory of battle with the reward of discovery.
  • Wee Pincer #38: On a broken structure opposite the Gold Chest, after defeating Managarmr Nihilla. It encourages players to survey their surroundings thoroughly after each encounter.
  • Wee Pincer #39: As you run toward the top of the pillar with the water coming up, it’s on the right side. This pincer tests both timing and observation skills.
  • Wee Pincer #40: Sitting on the floor where you fought Vulkan Bolla Nihilla, serving as a reminder to explore battle arenas post-conflict.
  • Wee Pincer #41: On a rock as you are climbing toward the pillar, not too far after the last one. It encourages vertical exploration and attentiveness to the environment.

Chapter 10: Beyond the Story

  • Wee Pincer #42: Behind a pillar at the very end of the right pathway while searching for the stolen goods, challenging players to remain observant even during side quests.
  • Wee Pincer #43: Not too far after the last one, near a Shrouded Chest hidden in some grass. This placement emphasizes the importance of the environment’s more subtle features.
  • Wee Pincer #44: At the start of the Pillar of Vayoi where you spawn in, immediately engaging players in the exploration aspect of the chapter.
  • Wee Pincer #45: On a ledge near the rock wall as you move further up toward the pillar, rewarding players who take the time to explore every ascent and descent path.

Each Wee Pincer location in Granblue Fantasy Relink not only serves as a checkpoint for collectors but also as a lesson in game mechanics, exploration, and the narrative richness of the world. Players are encouraged to engage deeply with their surroundings, uncovering the secrets hidden within. This guide provides a roadmap, yet the true joy lies in the journey of discovery itself.


  1. Are Wee Pincers missable?
    • No, Wee Pincers are not missable. Players can collect them after completing the story through the Chapter Select feature.
  2. What do I get for collecting all Wee Pincers?
    • Collecting all Wee Pincers unlocks achievements and is tied to completing a series of side quests, which reward players with unique items and enhancements.
  3. How many Wee Pincers are there?
    • There are a total of 45 Wee Pincers to be found throughout the game.
  4. Can I track my progress in collecting Wee Pincers?
    • Yes, players can track their progress in collecting Wee Pincers by using the Chapter Select feature, making it easier to find any they may have missed during their initial playthrough.
  5. Do I need to find all Wee Pincers to complete the game?
    • While not required for completing the game’s main storyline, finding all Wee Pincers is necessary for unlocking certain achievements and completing all side quests related to them.
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