NVIDIA Launches Public Beta of Its New All-in-One “Nvidia App” for Gamers and Creators

Nvidia App
Image: Nvidia

In a groundbreaking move, NVIDIA has announced the public beta release of its latest innovation—the NVIDIA app. This new application is designed to be an indispensable tool for gamers and creators who use NVIDIA GPUs in their PCs and laptops. NVIDIA’s initiative aims to modernize and unify the functionalities of the NVIDIA Control Panel, GeForce Experience, and RTX Experience into a single, streamlined application.

The NVIDIA app serves as a one-stop solution for maintaining up-to-date NVIDIA drivers and provides easy access to NVIDIA’s suite of applications like GeForce NOW, NVIDIA Broadcast, and NVIDIA Omniverse. With its unified GPU control center, the app offers users the convenience of fine-tuning game and driver settings from one place.


It also introduces a redesigned in-game overlay, featuring powerful gameplay recording tools, performance monitoring overlays, and game-enhancing filters, including new AI-powered filters exclusive to GeForce RTX users.

Key Features of the NVIDIA App Beta:

    • Unified GPU Control Center: Integrating GeForce Experience’s Optimal Game Settings and NVIDIA Control Panel’s 3D Settings, the app presents a centralized interface for tweaking optimizations and driver settings on a per-application basis or globally across all games and applications.
    • Improved Driver Information: The app simplifies the process of understanding what’s new in the latest driver updates with easy-to-scan bullet points, quick callouts on game support, and a single carousel for all driver-related articles.
    • Redesigned In-Game Overlay: Accessible via the “Alt+Z” hotkey, the overlay has been revamped to improve user interface and access to features like Shadowplay recording tools, Freestyle Game Filters, and performance monitoring tools. The app also introduces Shadowplay 120 FPS video capture for smoother recorded content.
    • New AI Freestyle Filters: The NVIDIA app enhances visual game aesthetics with AI-powered filters, including RTX Dynamic Vibrance and RTX HDR, leveraging Tensor Cores on GeForce RTX GPUs for improved visual clarity and HDR support in games.
    • Exclusive Rewards: Users can access rewards such as in-game content and exclusive GeForce NOW premium membership offers through the NVIDIA app’s Redeem tab. For a limited time, users can also redeem rewards for games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and Call of Duty: Warzone™.

NVIDIA’s release of the app beta marks the first step in a comprehensive plan to integrate features from its existing apps, optimize user experience, and introduce new RTX capabilities to enhance gaming and creative experiences.

The company invites users to download the beta, provide feedback, and stay tuned for future updates that will include additional features like AV1 support for Shadowplay, extra DLSS controls, and more overclocking options.

As NVIDIA continues to evolve its software offerings, the NVIDIA app beta represents a significant leap forward in providing a unified, efficient, and innovative platform for its users. Gamers and creators are encouraged to take part in this exciting development by downloading the beta and contributing to its refinement through their feedback.

Rizwan Ahmad
Rizwan Ahmad

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