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Steam Deck

Steam Deck Updated Big Picture Mode with New Home Screen is Now Available for...

The Steam Deck is receiving an update soon that will make it more compatible with gamepads and TVs. With the upcoming update, Valve will be updating the Big Picture mode with...
Intel Arc Graphics

Intel Arc Graphics Driver Bring Support for Modern Warfare 2, RE Village &...

Intel has released an update to its Arc series Driver, bringing support for Modern Warfare 2, RE Village & Victoria 3. The new Game On Intel Arc Graphics Driver

Scorn Patch Fixes Stuck in the Hurt Machine Bug and More

The Scorn patch is now available on PC and Xbox One. It brings a number of new features, fixes for a number of game bugs and issues including Stuck in...
Modern Warfare 2

COD: Modern Warfare 2 Players Report Audio Continuity Issues on PS4

Some players on PS4 are experiencing audio continuity issues while playing COD: Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer. It's preventing them from hearing enemy footsteps, explosions, and hit markers. Though Infinity Ward has...
Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge Version 107.0.1418.24 Brings Updated Sidebar

Microsoft Edge version 107.0.1418.24 is now available to download for Windows, macOS, and Linux users in the Stable channel, and it comes with an improved and updated sidebar. The sidebar is...
Enabling 2FA

Riot Games Offering Rewards for Enabling 2FA

You can get special rewards from Riot Games for enabling two-factor authentication 2FA on your Riot account. The company is currently offering a free gift for each different game for users...

YouTube Rolls Out Separate Tabs for Shorts, Live Streams, and Long Form Videos on...

Google on an official YouTube support page announced that it has started rolling out the much-requested Separate Tabs for Shorts, Live Streams, and Long Form Videos on the creator's channel page....

VALORANT’s “Premier” Mode: All You Need to Know

Riot Games has announced a new competitive mode for Valorant, called "Premier." Premier will give Valorant players an extra boost in the game's competitive ecosystem. The new mode will allow players...
Fallout 4

Fallout 4 to Get Free Next-Gen Update for PS5, Xbox Series X|S in 2023

Fallout 4 is currently available on PC and PS4, but now Bethesda has announced that the game will be coming to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series with the free next-gen...

What is Imginn: View and Download Instagram Photos, Videos, and Story Highlights Anonymously

The easiest way to download photos, videos, and story highlights from Instagram is to download them using an online web downloader like Imginn. Imginn has a number of advantages. This website...
Overwatch 2 Cross

OW2 Players Report Cannot Join With Xbox One Error Code 0x87e1001a

Overwatch 2 has already encountered so many bugs since, its launch. Every day, OW2 players report a new bug and this time players have found a new bug that is preventing...
Apple Watch

How to Fix Apple Watch Stuck on Update

Apple watches are a high-end accessory and a miniature version of the iPhone. With their updates, Apple watches become more compatible with each new generation that emerges. However, we occasionally notice...