What Features to Look for When Buying Cricket Gear Online


Are you in the market for new cricket gear? The right cricket gear offers much-needed support and protection, making it easier to thrive in the tough sport. Finding such gear isn’t a cakewalk, especially as every player is different. The good news is that online cricket gear shopping makes the process more manageable. You can conveniently browse through the extensive catalogs and find an item that best matches your profile. Here are some of the top features to look for as you shop online, ensuring you invest in top-class cricket gear.


The go-to cricket helmet is a good fit that’s light and facilitates airflow. Ensure it features sweat pads and ventilation pores, keeping you comfortable. The right size feels firm but not tight. This means that you can easily move your head without the helmet shifting but won’t feel pressed. An ideal cricket helmet should feature foolproof protection features. This means that it disperses shock, minimizing the risk of a head injury. Don’t overlook the straps, and ensure you pick an adjustable option.

Cricket bat

When selecting a bat, willow grade and source, size, and grains are the top features to consider. As a budding cricketer, a bat that’s not too long and heavy is recommendable. Such a pick facilitates a fluent stroke. Moreover, it is advisable to pick an option with more grains, as you can maintain a comfortable and firm grip. Willow source and grade come down to the manufacturer. UK and Kashmir willows are the most popular. Selecting the best New Balance cricket bats can take a minute, but it is worth it as it significantly influences your gaming experience.


Batting and wicket-keeping gloves offer protection to your hands, especially the fingers. Protection, comfort, design, and durability are the top checks as you buy cricket gloves. Pick a material that offers maximum protection and is easy to maintain. Moreover, ensure it is the right fit and features less sophistication, making it easier to use. The right gloves facilitate a firm grip, prevent blisters, and absorb shock, keeping injury risks at a minimum.


Batting pads top feature to consider is the size. What’s the approximate distance down the instep from the knee cap? You need maximum protection, emphasizing the need to pick a size that matches your play style. Comfort and ease of use also count, as you don’t want an option that affects your motion.


Size is a no-brainer. The playing surface and position are the points you need to pay more attention to as you pick cricket shoes. For example, as a bowler, spiked shoes (front and back) are ideal. For batsmen, sturdy spikes at the front are a go-to, as it provides a firm grip. If you typically play cricket on a hard surface, pimpled rubber soles are more practical than spiked options.

Picking the best cricket gear comes down to a player’s profile. What works best for a professional might not be the best for a beginner. Moreover, a wicket-keeper focuses more on protection over motion, which differs from a batsman’s point.


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