Nord Buds CE

OnePlus Nord Buds CE Launched in India With AI Noise Cancelation and More Features

OnePlus has launched a new pair of wireless headphones called the Nord Buds CE in India. The wireless headphones, marketed as the world's lightest and most comfortable Bluetooth earbuds, are powered...

Project L Adds New Fighter Illaoi

The latest news regarding the release of the next expansion for Project L is the announcement of a new fighter, Illaoi. She will join the roster of League of Legends champions...
Project L

Riot Games Confirms Project L (2D Fighting Game) Will Be Free to Play

Riot Games, the developer of the popular League of Legends and VALORANT game has confirmed that the second installment of their successful franchise will be free to play. The game has...
Programming Certificate

What Kind of Jobs Can I Get With a Programming Certificate

Getting the appropriate programming certification is a great way to get your feet wet, providing you with the skills and experience needed to find work in the software development industry. While...
intel raptor lake

Intel Core i7-13700K Overclocked to 6 GHz in the Benchmark Test

The Intel Core i7-13700K overclocks to 6 GHz in the benchmark test. The screenshots below show the CPU clock going from 5.8 GHz to 6 GHz. The processor overclocks to six...
Galaxy Watch 5

New Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro Renders Revealed

As we reported earlier, Samsung has confirmed the watch's LTE connectivity and has given both the Galaxy Wear 5 and Watch5 Pro model numbers. It is not clear whether the Watch...

Get Rich Fast in Dinkum, 8 Ways to Follow

There are many ways to make money quickly in Dinkum, and not all of them are equally beneficial and worth your time. Fortunately, the How to Get Rich in Dinkum guide...
Backbone One

Backbone One PlayStation Edition Controller for iPhone Launched

Sony has announced the Backbone One - PlayStation Edition controller for iPhone, and it is not the new PlayStation Vita. Rather, it is a PlayStation-approved controller that you can use on...
Diablo Immortal

Download Diablo Immortal APK Free for Android

Diablo Immortal is officially out for Android, iOS and in Open Beta for PC players. On mobile devices, the game is available to download via PlayStore for Android and iTunes for...

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: All New Monsters

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is the new expansion coming to the PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch on June 30. The game is set in a brand new region called Elgado...