JavaScript Frameworks

Top 5 Back-End JavaScript Frameworks

StackOverflow Developer Survey 2022 shows that JavaScript is the most popular language. It was the number one choice for 10 years straight, with 65.36% of respondents. JavaScript's popularity lies in its...
Selenium WebDriver

Developing End To End Test With Selenium WebDriver

E2E testing is a significant part of the software development life cycle (SDLC). This is a method for testing whether an application behaves as expected, from start to finish. In a...
Test Automation

4 Major Benefits Of Test Automation In 2023

Automation testing involves using software tools to automatically run tests on a piece of software to ensure that it is functioning correctly. These tools can be programmed to perform a wide range...
Marketing Automation

Top 4 Marketing Automation Trends to Follow in 2023

Marketing professionals typically use marketing automation tools to carry out daily tasks. There are many digital business options accessible. A CAGR of 12.3% is predicted for the global marketing automation market...
IT Support

Outsourcing IT Support

Outsourcing IT support has become a popular trend in recent years. Many businesses are opting to outsource their IT support services to IT support providers, managed service providers, offshore IT support...
Real Estate Leads

The 6 Best Ways To Generate Real Estate Leads This 2023

The real estate industry is continuously growing and will thrive even more this year. However, this means that the competition will still be as tough as ever, and attracting clients who...
Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Open Beta Dates Officially Announced

Blizzard has officially announced two open beta dates for Diablo 4 that will take place over two weekends in March. One weekend includes early access to the open beta from March...

How Much Time Does It Require To Prepare For UPSC Exam?

Every year, thousands of candidates prepare for the IAS prelims test with the UPSC online course. Only approximately a thousand candidates are on the final list of chosen candidates after the process....
Shopify Vs Amazon

Shopify Vs Amazon: A Detailed Comparison And What To Choose

If there is a need to be in the e-commerce space as a seller, today there are many opportunities to make this process easier. Popular enough today there are such platforms...

Fire-Boltt Introduces its Luxury line of Smartwatches with the Launch of ‘Quantum’, Press Release

New Delhi, February 13th, 2023: Strengthening its smartwatch portfolio, home-grown brand Fire-Boltt announces it’s latest ‘Quantum Smartwatch’ under the luxury series in India. The circular design and rounded screen of Quantum...