16 September 2014

How to Design The Contact Form Of Your Website To Increase Conversion Rate

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Web designer and developers aim at making the websites interactive. Websites, irrespective of their size aim at interact with the readers and raise the conversion rate. For this, the designers incorporate a number of interactive points in the website. An effective way to do so is through the contact forms of the websites. Through this page, a website can interact uninterruptedly with the users. Surge in the conversion page through the contact form can prove to be beneficial to the website in the long run. The contact form serves as a bridge between the company and the user scattered across the globe.
How to Design The Contact Form Of Your Website
Image Credit: webdesignburn.com
Reputation of the website
A good user experience is associated with the contact form. The interactive design and layout of the contact form is of importance in this regard. The contact form denotes the transaction, and it helps the websites to understand their brand identity acceptability among the users. The design of this form will depend on the reputation of the size of the business and website.

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While designers, professionals have to take into account the size of the business and their trustworthiness. While filling the contact form of an established name, users feel more comfortable while sharing the information. While if you are designing for a small or a startup, the users might be reluctant to cater information.

Make is user-friendly
Access to valuable information is awarded these content pages. In few of the websites, you can only view the information or the products displayed, after filling the form. In a major micro-blogging site, filling up the contact form assures the access to a worldwide community. While designing the contact form, ensure that fewer number of fields that you have mentioned there and the information that you will provide in return to the user. Ensure that the form is a linear one and customers have to fill few elements as this helps in increasing the conversion rate.

Do not ask for sensitive information
Creating a trust among the users is another important step that you need to ensure while designing the contact form. Ensure that you are not asking for sensitive information from the users especially at the onset. You have to set the expectation the through the contact form in order to avoid any form of confusion among the users.

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It is important to be user-friendly by avoiding the fields that are not mandatory as it might lead to unease and discomfort. State in your website the utilization of the information and inform the users that their emails will not be shared with marketing lists.

Keep the form small
Improving the conversion rate is the most important attribute of these contact forms. The small forms are considered the best contact form. While designing a form, ensure that keep only the mandatory fields. Research proves that these forms perform better than the longer ones.

Security is another important aspect that you need to consider in this regard. SSL certification proves the security of the data and increases the chances of higher conversion rate. It is advisable that the designers should emphasize on the security of the website.

Use various innovations
Designers have the liberty of incorporating various elements of designing in the form. There are chances of enhancing the user interface of the contact form to make it aesthetically pleasing. By using various innovations, you can increase the conversion rate of the website. Every website has a contact form.

Though filling the form seems to be a simple process, but it influences the decision-making of the websites as a user experience depends on the same. A few extra measures can help to design the website well.

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Alex Moore writes blogs on different aspects of web designing. In his latest post, he has mentioned about the importance of contact forms and important steps to design them. You can visit our site to have a glimpse of the same.

13 September 2014

6 Must-Have Apps for Automobile Emergencies

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when we get behind the wheel, our minds are not generally focused on the activity of driving, but on a variety of other concerns. This is problematic, as our nonchalant attitude towards driving may leave us ill prepared to deal with automobile emergencies.

Fortunately, with smartphones, we have access to an abundance of apps which can make an emergency situation much easier to manage. With so many choice, however, it may be difficult to find the right apps to use. The following list contains apps that may be beneficial in a variety of situations.
Apps for Automobile Emergencies
Image Courtesy: cdn.news-sap.com
The Apps 

1. A 'Flashlight' app is a necessity in emergencies. Most are free, and come with features such as a compass and strobe light. These additions are extremely beneficial, as the strobe light may catch the eye of other drivers or help.

2. The second app to consider downloading is 'HelpBridge'. This app has you enter the information of anyone you want to alert of your condition. You can send the messages 'I Need Help' or 'I'm OK' to all your contacts via email or text with the push of a button.

3. If you have an accident which leaves your car disabled, the app 'RepairPal: Auto Repair Expert' will connect you to the nearest mechanic, whether it is a small business named Mike's Auto Towing or a large company like Costco. Additionally, it will give you an estimate on repairs, reducing the risk of being stuck with erroneous charges.

4. In the event of an emergency and you're unable to communicate, 'ICE Standard' may save rescue works time determining your blood type and preexisting conditions by displaying all this information on your phone. The app will lock itself to the main screen, ensuring that it is the first thing paramedics see.

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5. Unfortunately, in some scenarios, you'll be entirely on your own. In these cases, 'wikiHow' can walk you through basic car repairs. The application also comes with a 'survival kit' which has first aid guides.

6. Besides 'wikiHow', the app 'First Aid' can supply you with information to self-diagnose injuries. This may allow you to give paramedics a better idea of the nature of your wounds.

It may not be pleasant to think about, but the reality is that car accidents are common. Hopefully, you'll never have to use any of the apps above. In the event of an emergency, however, you'll be happy they are there to help.

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04 September 2014

3 Tips for Writing a Customer Newsletter Email

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Writing a newsletter email that works all the time and gets people to read is an art. It takes skill, ability and finesse. The good news is that you can acquire all of these and more if you have the right guidance. There’s no faster way to connect with and build a relationship with your email list than through the use of a regular newsletter and email.

However, many small businesses fail at doing that. Your newsletter does not have to suck or become overhyped for you to get great results and interaction from your audience. You can make them want to hear from you and listen to everything you say. To do that, here's what you need to do.
Writing a Customer Newsletter Email
Image Courtesy: businesslounge.net.au
Your Headlines Must Sizzle
If there's one major ingredient your newsletter must have, it's great headlines. Sizzling hot headlines are always welcome any time of the day. This does not mean that you have to overhype the email and then under deliver.

Your headline must depict what they’ll expect in the email, only it has to be in graphic terms that will compel your list to click through and read your newsletter. Avoid doing the generic “Newsletter Edition 23” thing.

In this day and age, where lots of things are fighting for our attention, that will appear bland, generic and lackluster. If you do not know how to write great headlines, start by studying popular magazines like Men's Health, Maxim, Cosmo and other popular mags out there.

Create High Quality Content
Nothing else will do, the world does not have time for mediocrity. They will not create time to read something that they can quickly find elsewhere. No one has the time for that. People will, however, create time out of their busy schedules to read exciting content. Your content must always be captivating.

If it is not, revisit and rewrite it, and don’t stop until your newsletter is something you would read yourself. The best way to create such content is always to narrow down on specific topics or titles and address them in-depth. For instance, let's say you want to talk about conversion optimization in your newsletter this week. If you are familiar with this, then you know that there are many elements responsible for high conversion rates on e-commerce stores or even sales pages.

So, pick one or two of those elements – say the Add to Cart buttons or colors and fonts – and create a newsletter around those elements. Aspire to make your newsletter edition the ultimate guide to using those elements for max conversion rates. Let it be the authority on that, and you'll be amazed at how much your audience would want to hear from you.

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Create Newsletters Around Popular Topics on Your Site
Thanks to the many analytics tools out there, you can easily track and see what your audience considers attractive and interesting. There’s a saying that you should give people what they want. Since your audience is largely responsible for the success of your business, it makes sense that you should create content that addresses their interests.

If your audience is more interested in peak performance on the job, it does not make sense to continue to inundate them with or create content that addresses workplace conflict resolution or resource management. If you are in doubt, create a poll or survey on your site asking your audience to choose or pick topics they'd like to see more of on your site.

Now, there's the issue of an email letter, formatting and the like. These are not as important as the three mentioned above. If you can get these three correct every time, your font size, or email format will not matter at all. They'll gobble everything you serve them up and ask for more. Good luck with your newsletters.

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Oscar King is a successful ecommerce entrepreneur who sold off his business and now lives in a semi-retirement, writing on the side to supplement his income. To help your ecommerce business to succeed he recommends having a solid distribution platform, and highly recommends going to http://www.fastspring.com for such a platform. You can learn more about Oscar by visiting his profile on Google+

03 September 2014

Steps to Set Up VoIP for a Multinational Company

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Multinational companies are fast switching over to the latest VoIP telephony systems as they have proven to be effective and efficient communication system.  Making national as well as international calls is no big deal thanks to the development of VoIP. VoIP is a technique developed by a group of technologies that enables the users to send voice messages and communications, multimedia sessions, voice and video calling, and video conferencing over IP networks, such as the Internet.

By setting up VoIP in companies and enterprises, especially in Multinational Companies, they can develop their communication with the on-site companies at the same time can cut out the cost of making international calls.
Set Up VoIP for a Multinational Company
Image Credit: startups.co.uk
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) converge the voice and data hence makes it easier to tackle, along with cutting out the call costs. Hence many companies have implemented VoIP.  However, setting up VoIP requires a few steps-

First step includes the Planning stage. This is the most crucial stage in the implementation of VoIP. This stage focuses on three requirements. They are-

a. User requirement
b. Choosing the right VoIP product
c. Network planning and capability

Main aim of setting up VoIP is to reduce call cost and to improve the communication. Hence, this is the basic requirement of the user. Having identified the requirement, the next thing is to plan and to decide which VoIP product will be best suited for the organization. For this various things can be done by the enterprise. One among it is to conduct a survey among the employees and ask them directly which one do they think will be best since they are the one who are directly negotiating and communication.

A proper market survey must be done to know the details of the products such as the VoIP service plans (business and residential), software services, mobile services, business packages, mo monthly bill service plans etc. A proper planning and scrutiny is essential. Once this is done, then comes the network planning and capability. It is essential to choose the proper network that suits the organization the best and also offers proper security. Security of the network is extremely essential in order to prevent intruders from accessing into the personal data.

Second step includes the stage of Assessment. All the information gathered during the planning stage must be assessed properly and then the VoIP product must be selected. It must be double checked if the product serves properly or not.

The third step is of Deployment. Once the assessment has been done and the product is selected, it must be immediately deployed.

Fourth step is of Impact Analysis. After the deployment of the VoIP product, impact analysis is an essential and critical stage. After VoIP has been installed it is required to see what impact it makes on the business. In order to achieve more accuracy and to get unfussiness in troubleshooting and testing, both data and voice application must be analyzed. Impact analysis will also help in recognizing the post deployment troubles, if any.

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The last and the fifth step are of Management and support. Impact analysis and management and support are two never ending task. Management and support requires 24*7*365 help desk operation, systems management, security monitoring and administration support, technical support, set up of IP Phone on the on-site, network configuration, on-site training, disaster management  and recovery, and management and support of networks like WAN and LAN.

These are the five steps that are required to set up VoIP. They are utterly important and must be done accurately.
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Michelle Patterson is excited with the new technologies that are threatening to change the way we stay in touch and communicate, particular in business. She works with companies that are introducing these technologies to make understanding them easy for regular people.

31 August 2014

Simplifying Video Installation

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With the advancement in communication technology, it is now possible to conduct video calls between two or more individuals situated at different locations. This type of communication is referred to as video conferencing. Videoconferencing implies conducting conference between two or more participants present at different locations by using the computer network for transmission of audio and video signals.

Video conferencing enables businesses the ability to meet with others who are at a far away distance. This in turn reduces the travel cost as well as time. This technology is sometimes used to conduct interviews. As the name ‘Video conferencing’ suggests, some kind of equipment's are definitely required and are to be installed. There are various organizations which provide easy and simple solutions for video conferencing. They are equipped with specialized engineers and networking professionals who are capable enough to simplify the video installation.
Video conferencing
Image Credit: www.thekip.com
Apple is one such company which have simple video installation technology. Apple TV simplifies the conference room deployments. The Apple TV is well known for its simplicity and cost efficiently solves the vexing challenges which plague many business organizations. The device is small in terms of looks but has very high capacity. The small size of the device makes it easy to mount at the back of large screen by using only zip ties. Then a simple HDMI cable is added to establish connection between the display and business place.

Once linked with the screen, the device can easily connect to iOS and Mac devices including iPads and iPhones. All the contents are displayed on the screen.  Only a few clicks are required to complete setup. Both the video and audio signal is forwarded from the connected device without the requirement of any additional cables. Making it simpler, wireless connectivity is also possible for Apple TV to work. Most of the organizations have existing 802.11a, b, g, or n Wi-Fi network.
The set top box can be easily connected to the Internet. Also a wired Ethernet port is available with the device which makes it possible to connect to the wired networks is Ethernet connectivity is available.

Cisco is another such organization which provides simplest and easy video conferencing system installation and configuration. Cisco helps business organizations by creating a solution with codec, intelligent video conferencing technology and flexible software. People generally ask for a briefing room with good number of seats in the conferencing room. For this purpose there are three key requirements:

Local presenter
Remote presenter
Interactive discussion between local presenter and individuals from different locations.

This also requires multiple screens, intelligent technology and video codec. The powerful combination of software and hardware is the prime foundation of simplicity. It acts as blueprint to help the customers to create a presentation type video conferencing environment.  Almost all business organizations want an effortless method to build video conferencing room with consistent feel and appearance. The integrated systems provided by Cisco are the appropriate approach for this purpose. These systems include screen, camera, codec and user interface which makes it a clean, user friendly and beautiful design.

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There are several companies that offer simple solutions for video conferencing system installation. With their system, just push a button and one can get instant access to the face to face discussion with clients, customers, partners, supplies and employees over video. When paring with some applications, one can start multiparty calling with just a click on a name present in the dictionary.  Even mobile devices can be included in the conversation. Not only this, recording of the events is also possible and can be retrieved later on whenever necessary.

All an organization needs to select a capable and expertise in the domain of video technology and the rest is on the provider. Simple video installation helps the organizations a lot in terms of using the system and also saves money by avoiding expensive complex hardware.

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Michelle Patterson is excited with the new technologies that are threatening to change the way we stay in touch and communicate, particular in business. She works with companies that are introducing these technologies to make understanding them easy for regular people.

4 Ways to Instantly Improve Ecommerce Conversions

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Most e-commerce store owners routinely complain about their store’s inability to convert well. This has even become more rampant after 2010. Maybe it is because Amazon achieved significant market penetration or the prospects just wised up and preferred something more professional.

Whatever the case, the good news is that some e-commerce stores – not just Amazon or Zappos or any of the other big ones with unlimited budgets – are recording significant conversion rates. We are talking conversion rates of between 5%-30%. So, what are these successful stores doing that others are not?
Improve Ecommerce Conversions
Image Source
Smaller Add To Cart Buttons
Conventional wisdom says use big Add to Cart buttons. Studies carried out by eConsultancy, one of the world’s largest online marketing research firms indicated that using smaller buttons as against the big ones increased a site’s conversion rates by 5% and visitor revenue by 41%.

Those are significant results right there. The research also tried to see if it was the unique nature of the wine company’s buyers and audiences. So, they removed the countdown to the 99cent shipping and sold the audience less on the products. The result was a seven-percent increase in revenue.
Bottom line, while people like to be sold to less and prefer feeling like they are in charge, it is also necessary to consider the niche or industry in question. So, in addition to using smaller, brightly colored Add to Cart buttons, ensure that your e-commerce product pages are not too pushy.

Urgency is Important
While some e-commerce stores use this method deceptively – stating that the stock is short when it is not for example – adding some urgency to your pages when you are running low on a particular product will always help increase your conversions. This also works for free shipping offers.
Clearly including a free shipping offer deadline – such as FREE shipping for Product A expires in 48 hours – always gets more sales in the door. You may also want to borrow a leaf from Groupon’s countdown timers, particularly when you are doing clearance sales or are offering huge discounts on a few products.

Get Rid of Customer Suspicions
Any e-commerce stores tend to overdo the security thing all in a bid to win their customers’ trust. It does not work that way at all. If anything, this significantly impacts or even triggers their suspicion.
Sure, you should use trust signals, but not in a way that it’ll be the only thing a visitor sees and thinks about. Your primary goal is to get them to buy, not see your e-commerce store as safe. So, include the trust signals, but in a non-interfering way. It’ll be something that they can see, but will act as an extra element to reinforce their decision to buy.

Video Descriptions and Customer Reviews
We all love when we visit an e-commerce site, and they have an actual video that shows us how the product we intend to buy works. Videos help prospects feel very close to the product they want to purchase. It is the next best thing to touching that product. So, wherever possible, particularly with highly priced items, always include videos.

The same goes for reviews from the customers or clients. This does an excellent job of closing the visitor and turning them into a buyer. Nowadays, people want to see what the pros and cons of buying a product are. While you could list them on your store – we do not recommend that – they’ll prefer to see what real people have to say about using that product.

Always create room and encourage them to leave reviews. Research shows that people leave e-commerce stores because we did not see any on-site reviews about the products.
The general idea of conversion rate optimization is to help customers who are already inclined towards purchasing a particular product, make their decisions on time and maybe even purchase some other extras. Think of it as a nudge that helps them make up their minds quicker and faster.

So, even with all of these tips, you need to test regularly for optimum conversions. Sometimes, all it takes is just moving around a few texts, tweaking the colors, and improving the fonts. Other times, it may be best to outsource your shopping and checkout process to professionals such as those at www.fastspring.com. Regardless of how it is done, if these steps are followed, you are bound to experience increased e-commerce conversion rates.


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The writer, Oscar King, is a successful ecommerce entrepreneur who writes on the side to fill time between projects. He has made a good living doing this, and is looking at digging into a new project in the future. To learn more about him you can visit his Google+ profile.