28 September 2014

GTA VI Fans Features And All News

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Diehard GTA fans and Gamers out there are already geared up for the next big thing in the gaming world. GTA VI is coming to a store near you! Ever Since GTA online debuted in October 2013, there has been an explosion of reviews and suggestions for developer Rockstar to enhance the experience of both GTA online and GTA 5 that has rocked gamers far ahead of expectations. Post GTA online while Rockstar north was still resolving teething issues and compatibility, the blueprint for GTA 6 was already being unveiled with a proposed combination of features found over the years.
Image Credits: dmax.de
Speculation among GTA reviews about the various new features in GTA VI include the possibility of Mercedes Cortez colonel’s Cortez daughter leading the Vice city theme. Fans would also love to see a female protagonist leading the bunch.  Keeping in mind user experience over the years, fans would also prefer phased out earlier features nonexistent in GTA V reintroduced in GTA VI.

GTA V poor health:
Previous health systems were governed by points reducing from 100. In GTAV, you could be susceptible to instant death while just roaming around Los Santos. Fans definitely vote for a review.
Increase of characters and street public:

There is a mixed response to this feature where some feel that GTA V offers an excellent open world experience. The arena of Los Santos, especially provides for ideal racing, helicopter getaways and cop chases. But some are still of the opinion that the game could be more realistic with the appearance of more people. Rockstar needs to include more freaks and weirdoes.

Traditional weaponry and vehicles.
Fans literally fell in love with GTA 1 with the sole single player character and his electrical saw. Sometimes old school traditions breathe more soul into a character. Weapons of earlier versions are not present in GTA V where rankings unlock sophisticated weaponry. But fans feel differently, so bring back that great old hacksaw, tanks and more planes please.

Insufficient cheat codes in version 5:
Cheat codes somehow are too few in GTA V despite the ones allowing invincibility. But there is a noted absence of earlier cheat codes such as the super punch and flying cars which was used quite extensively.

Richer cityscape:
GTA fans are not dumb and robotic. You just can’t expect a serious gamer to be interested in a standalone game without even offering realism. Fans have not forgotten, even the vendor stalls lining Vespucci beach and that’s what breathed life into GTA.

Retain the multiple lead character feature of GTA 5:
Although viewed with initial hesitation, fans found the new multiple hero format in GTA V thrilling to the point that future GTA’s would be incomplete without Tommy, CJ, NIko Bellic and Claude.
Given the above main features missing from the experience, the list could carry on. Although GTA V is a sleek and well programmed version of the Game still it provides an enthralling new experience what with GTA online slowly gaining a foothold. However the multiple player format needs to be explored further by Rockstar to enable groups of friends sharing the experience together rather than the standard stand alone.

Rumors fuelling a speculation of a proposed release date in mid-2017 have turned out false as per gta6grandtheftauto.com. With GTA V still fresh in the mind of fans, Rockstar is definitely in R & D mode and have not confirmed the rumor.

The developers definitely need time to collect data for further improvement taking into account fan reviews across the net. Keeping this issue in mind a possible proposed date could well be in mid-2018.
Rizwan Ahmad
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27 September 2014

The One Year Anniversary of Google Hummingbird: Optimize For It In 5 Easy Steps

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Google’s Hummingbird is more than a year old now. Though seemingly less Earth-shattering than some earlier algorithm changes, the quiet influence of Hummingbird has had a strong impact on search marketing even while it’s made the Internet a much more useful and pleasant place to visit. Hummingbird is well worth understanding if you’re still seeing lackluster results from your own online presence.

Hummingbird was intended originally to better handle punching in, not keywords, but full questions. The people at Google witnessed an increasing number of queries that look like questions in search of answers being punched into their search engine, and primarily from people using smart phones and tablets. An extensive algorithm change, (it’s said to affect some 90% of searches), Hummingbird is not widely understood and certainly, lots of folks don’t take advantage of optimizing for this new version of Google.
One Year Anniversary of Google Hummingbird
Image Courtesy: bizboxx.com
Tackling Hummingbird, that is, tackling Google, means any website owner is, today, looking to gain or regain the trust of the search giant. These five steps are the quickest way we could come up with for you to do just that. Think about your site more in terms of a continually evolving magazine sent to your customers. It’s not just about your products but about using and benefiting from them. Like a magazine published by a publishing house, you’ll need to let Google know exactly who and where you are. And make it easy for Google to read all of the data on your site. We’ll get to each of these steps in turn, but let’s start here.

1. Optimize Lots of Good Original Content
Your entire site should be 100% original and broadly describing your corner of the market. That doesn’t need to mean everything about a small niche, but if you’re really reaching a big corner of the market, then your site should reflect a correspondingly larger description of it. If your running a super market, then, for example, your website might have a bit more about your broader community, and not simply the products.

Keywords are still important, but Hummingbird insist that each keyword be surrounded by enough content that it can’t be easily confused with the same keyword in another context. For example, you don’t want to go to a store selling bass guitars when you’re looking for the perfect sea bass for tonight’s dinner. Google is working to avoid that very same problem.

So, the theme is the sea for one website, and music for another. With enough context and compelling, readable content, you should have no problem making your business clear and understandable to Google, and then, to your readers too. FAQ style questions are a very good way to start thinking about “thematically” organizing content, but work with a good copywriter to expand beyond the question and answer format.

2. About Us / Contact Us / Google +
These pages are more important than ever, but still more important, have a verified Google Plus page for business is the real calling card for your business – in the eyes of Google. Having a Google account with the range of tools and services available to publishers (and businesses) is really a must for any sized business. It doesn’t mean you need a premium package of business services, much less an active social account on Google +. However, going through the steps to verify your business page, and maintaining the same address and contact information is the bare minimum that Google expects.

3. Go Mobile
Hummingbird starts with mobile searches, but it doesn’t finish there. For good reason, getting your own site up to speed on meeting the needs of mobile searches should benefit you even for old-fashioned desktop searching. Because mobile searching has been such an important boon to over all search traffic, it’s also a good indicator (to Google anyway) as to how with it your site really is. There is essentially no business or website model that can afford to simply ignore the mobile search market. So, make sure your site, photos and all, can easily be loaded and navigated on a smart phone, even if you’re selling just desk-top computers or desks, for that matter.

4. Page Load Times
Many webmasters will handle page-load time along with setting up a responsive “mobile friendly.” Processes are similar, and the intent is similar too. If your site is simply too heavy, especially in regards to the sizes of images, Google’s Hummingbird probably won’t pass along their good favor to you. But a good webmaster will also experiment and repair all of the possible variables that could be slowing down your web-pages from loading. Plug-ins on any number of platforms are a likely culprit, but be sure to look into everything that could possibly be slowing your pages down and address them.

5. Structured Data
Lamentably, getting a little more technically sophisticated is probably on the agenda for just about anyone hoping to get a little more oomph from their online marketing.  Stating it simply, just as micro-data markup has become more standardized for your web page’s authors, that same mark up is quickly seeping into all other areas of online content.

Speak to your webmaster, or to us, about better embedding micro-data tags into you site content. That can mean identifying products with “rich snippets” or similarly, identifying the services and other useful information to search visitors, both on the search results page, and in the mobile device they’re likely coming from.

Like in many things, the more Google and the other search engines know, the better off you’ll end up doing.

This article was produced by www.nettsolutions.com, an SEO, SEP, website design, and social media marketing agency in Orange County, CA.
Rizwan Ahmad
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This article is contributed by NettSolutions.com and posted by Rizwan Ahmad Author and founder of cyberockk.com, He is a tech blogger from India and he loves to share his thoughts by writing articles on this site to the different topics related to technology world.

Ideal Business Phone System

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Let’s face it – there is nothing like an ideal business phone system because we never know how the dynamics of business communication is going to play in the coming days. Thus, it is imperative to stick with the ones that already have a proven track record. With the adoption of VoIP, floodgates seemed to have been opened for a variety of business phone systems in the market.

VoIP has come a long way as far as penetration is concerned and to connect seamlessly with the cloud telephony system, businesses have to opt for phone systems that are in sync with it. There are two options when it comes to choosing an ideal business phones for your organization – digital phones and IP phones.
Image Courtesy: prophonesystems.com
Digital Phones
Digital phones as well as IP phones come loaded with numerous advanced telephony features like:
LCD screens displaying information pertaining to the features
Advanced functions that can be accessed through programmable buttons
Handset or speaker based Off Hook Call Announcement
Integrated headset
CIX Attendant Console
Digital Speakerphones

There are a variety of other features that are suitable for every type of businesses. Digital phones are perfectly suitable for the old PSTN network and works without any qualms with the old communication system.

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IP Phones
IP phones are an extension of the digital phones as they can work with the latest VoIP communication system. IP phones are in demand as they are the digital phones that can be plugged directly to the local network and work seamlessly providing access to all the latest VoIP telephony features. Numerous advanced telephony features can be availed by using the IP business phones.

Some of the notable features that come with IP phones are:
Call routing
Call attendant
Music on hold
Integrated Voice mail
Advanced Call management
Audio Conferencing

IP phones offer digital clarity when it comes to voice calls and with their high quality display, it is really easy to read and navigate the menus. Managing calls is really convenient as the extensive features like call routing and automatic call attendant provides a smart way to handle all incoming calls. Businesses can project a very professional image through the latest technology to handle the calls. These IP phones can be used with minimum training and help the employees improve their productivity through productive calling.

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Since every business has users with different roles, expectations and needs, so there are a variety of IP phones catering to different user needs. An impressive lineup of desktop as well as wall-mounted IP phones is available for users. Business owners and leaders can choose from a wide range of IP business phones and opt for the appropriate phone suiting their needs and budget.

Desktop phones are suitable for those users who work from their desks and these phones have speakers as well as microphones that facilitate hands-free calls. The programmable buttons helps the users to access numerous features by just pressing a button. The LCD displays enable better readability and smart use of the functions.

There are phones with attendant consoles which are appropriate for use at contact centers and administrative departments. There are a variety of add-on modules that can be chosen by the users based on their needs. Transferring a call to the right department or the priority based routing makes the businesses project a very professional image both to its customers and associates.

You can share your view on the article in the comments below.
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Michelle Patterson is excited with the new technologies that are threatening to change the way we stay in touch and communicate, particular in business. She works with companies that are introducing these technologies to make understand

26 September 2014

Mobile HTML5 - Its Growing But Still Facing Obstacles

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Amongst the wide range of web development technologies available in the market, HTML(Hypertext Markup Language) has emerged as one of the most popularly used and recommended technologies. With a continuous drive to stand out from the crowd, HTML has been dominating mobile app development platforms that are seen to outgrow in the foreseeable future.

Web developers have been busy weaving the capabilities of HTML5 for building browser-based applications that are dedicated to the targeted consumers. Through this blog, I'll be throwing some light on the success of HTML5 and the challenges faced by it in the current scenario.
Mobile HTML5 Development

HTML5 is superseding popular multi-media application development platforms like Flash and Silverlight
There's no denying of the fact that HTML5 has been successful in superseding the popularity and demand for multimedia application development platforms such as Flash and Silverlight. Nowadays, every proficient iPhone Application Developer is using HTML5 for offering rich multimedia functionality on computer systems that are based on different web browsers. Mobile applications developed using HTML5 are delivered via a browser and are written on a platform-specific programming language that's composed to both HTML5 as well as client-specific libraries.

HTML5- Growing its span of mobile app development categories
Some of the most popular enterprises such as the Financial Times have witnessed a tremendous amount of benefit from leveraging a focus on HTML5 programming. Well, its not only the enterprises, but even the basic population comprising of students, teachers, socialists etc. that has been greatly benefited from the very popular HTML5 programming language.

Equipped with multiple benefits such as vendor support, ecosystem traction, cross-platform app deployment via a single code base etc. HTML5 has become one of the finest mobile app development languages used by app developers residing in different corners of the world.

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HTML5- Challenges in-store
One of the major challenges faced by HTML5 is the inadequate skill-set of the developer. With the web/mobile app developers' skills still under the maturity level, the browser implementations of HTML5 applications have become weaker and less secure. As yet another challenge faced by HTML5, there's a lack of full standardization across browser implementation, making the platform hard-to-use for the developers. In addition to this, there are other performance impacts and feature support on native devices that add to the incompetency attached to using HTML5 for developing out-of-the-box applications.

Last but definitely not the least, the rich set of features delivered through HTML5 applications primarily depend on a mishmash of popular technologies including CAA, HTML5, JavaScript and WebRTC. Each of these web technologies have to frequently face their own set of tooling, security and implementation issues, making HTML5 a difficult platform to work with.

Mobile HTML5- Facing a significant competition
Talking about mobile phones, HTML5 mobile app development is still facing a significant competition from popular app development platforms such as iOS and Android. Michael King, the director of enterprise strategy at the popular mobile development tool vendor Appcelerator has told that there's been a lukewarm interest in HTML5 when it comes to developing applications for the mobile devices. Those who are intending to build a more mass-market application or are looking ahead to accomplish 'mobilification' of business processes, HTML5 hasn't been considered as the number one choice.

Mobile HTML5- 3 Challenges it runs up against
Mobile HTML5 developers are constantly running up against the three key challenges viz: performance, security and access to the device sensors. Under a situation of an offline access, the HTML5-based applications can only operate with whatever has been cached in the browsers. This presents possible limitations on what data can be secured.

The application's logic can't be cached in most of the cases. In addition to this, there is a limited access to APIs and native sensors which aren't available with the core HTML5 programming language. Unlike HTML5, iOS5 comes with six sensors and the most recent iOS equipped with around 1,500 APIs that are actually difficult to use with core HTML5 applications.

Innovative Specifications- Extending the reach of HTML5
Tyler Wassell, the software development manager at Michaels, Ross & Cole Ltd, has reported a growing interest in HTML5 over a majority of other native app development languages. In one of the most recent press conferences, Tyler explained the growing outreach of HTML5 due to the new JavaScript APIs.

These APIs have brought in advantages such as robust communication, effective file management and secure data storage. What's most important is that all these advantages have been introduced for the mobile browser. Because of this, there's been an incredible increase in the count of mobile web applications as compared to the native mobile applications.

Moreover, constant improvements to the core HTML5 capabilities and developer tool-kit have made HTML5 more useful for a growing number of applications. HTML5 has been popularly used for developing data-driven applications that will continue to work even in the lack of an internet connection. With developers turning to HTML5 application cache for storing applications' resources, the idea of not using HTML5 is far from imagination.

Wrapping Up
With all that being said above, it is easy to expect HTML5 and other native mobile applications to co-exist with none of them replacing each other. Yet, HTML5 Mobile app development will definitely encounter a greater amount of success and demand among the professional developers.
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Lucie Kruger is an eminent Senior Content Editor and IT consultant for Mobiers - iPhone Apps development company. You can also contact her, if you are looking forward to hire skilled iPhone Application Developer for premium services.

24 September 2014

Data-Security Measures Your Ecommerce Site Can’t Do Without

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Data security is an important concern for every business owner that runs an ecommerce website. One breach of security puts all the data you store in the cloud – financial records, customer credit card information, etc. in serious jeopardy – which could irreparably damage your business.

Below are some of the key safety measures data security experts advice that you should take to ensure your ecommerce website is safe:
Data-Security Measures for Ecommerce Site
Image Credit: softprodigy.com
1. Strong Passwords
Setting up strong passwords is the easiest thing you can do to fortify your virtual data library. Experts recommend using a hard to crack password that has a combination of upper- and lower-case letters, symbols and numbers; your passwords should be eight to twelve characters long.

Microsoft strongly advises against using personal data, character/number sequences, characters/numbers close to each other on the keyboard, and common words spelled backwards.
What about changing passwords? Change them as often as every 90 days, and more frequently if you have highly sensitive data. Additionally, make sure every person in your business has an individual username and password. Using one shared password poses a security risk. Also, and this should be a no-brainer, never write it down!

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2. Strong Firewall Protection
Firewalls are a staple as far as data security is concerned. They protect your network by controlling inflow and outflow of Internet traffic. Every major brand uses them.

3. Antivirus protection
You arsenal of online security weapons is not complete without an antivirus anti-malware software. Should an unwanted attack infiltrate your network, antiviruesesare your last line of defense.

4. Regular Program Updates
Make sure your computer software is updated and “patched.” Maintaining all the above protection programs is just as important as installing them. According to data security experts, your security applications are only as good as the last update. While they may never be 100% full-proof, regular updates will ensure users on your network are safe.

5. Secure Laptops and Tablets
Due to their portable nature, tablets and laptops are more susceptible to lossor theft than desktops computers. Take extra precautions to ensure your data-security is tight. Encrypting your laptops and tablets is easy. Encryption software changes how your data looks such that it can’t be viewed without the correct decryption key.

6. Secure Mobile Devices
These days, smartphones hold so much data that you should consider them as valuable as your company computers. They’re an easy target for hackers and, as such, must be secured using:
   • Encryption software
   • Remote wiping enable
   • Password protection with enabled lock out period

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7. Regularly Backups
Schedule regular backups to an external hard drive or cloud storage facility. As a rule, completely backup your servers weekly, with incremental backups every night. PCs should also be backed up once weekly, with incremental backups every few days. Getting your data compromised is a heart wrenching experience; however, with data backups, you won’t lose everything.

8. Diligent Monitoring
Having the best data-security technology is great, but it’s no good if you don’t use it; have someone specific to be accountable for it. One good monitoring tool suggested by industry experts is data-leakage prevention software. It is set up at key network touch points to look at specific information exiting your servers of your network.

What you think about these Data-Security Measures?? share with us in the comments below.
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The author is a revered systems analysts and data-security consultant. To get more information about data security; visit his website.

23 September 2014

Kids and Addictions to Computer and Internet

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When we talk about addictions, we can describe it as a strong willingness to perform a particular action in order to satisfy a physical or psychical need. It can include taking drugs, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol or coffee. The biggest group of people that is exposed to any kind of addictions are young ones, especially kids. A lot of forbidden things are the most desired by the kids, following the thesis that “The forbidden fruits tastes the sweetest”. Another reason of why the forbidden things are so attractive to the youth is that when some of them try it and show others, he gets a lot of admiration.

Cigarettes, drugs and alcohol are the most common elements of addictions within the youth environment. In the same time those are also the most dangerous stimulants available on the market. Some of the mare legal and some not, that’s why very often drug addicted people have got law problems.
Kids and Addictions to Computer and Internet
Image Credit: cdn.softlayer.net
What else?
Besides the substances, many other things can be a source of addiction. Now, in the age of computerization and omnipresent of the Internet all over the place, new threat arise. Addiction to the computer and the Internet every year is becoming more and more serious problem. Now about 80 percent of kids living in the Europe and even more than 85 percent kids in United States have access to the Internet through the computer. Without control of the parents, kids may easily fall into addiction. Too long sitting in front of the computer screen no matter for what reason may result in huge problems in psychical and physical health.

How to prevent it?
There plenty of methods that can be used to limit the bad influence of the computer and Internet on a young people. It is parent’s task to provide the best environment for kids to study and entertain. Without any doubts, the computer is perfect tool for learning new things and having fun. On the other hand it can also become the one and only thing that kid is thinking of, and them the problem occurs. If there is nothing more important for your kid than computer, it is the right time to start paying more attention what your kid does there.

The problems regarding usage of the computer and Internet that are most oftenly identified, are: addiction to computer games (especially online), watching pornographic and brutal content and chatting with anonymous users.
Kids Computer Game Addiction
Image Credit: news.com.au
Like I mentioned before, it is up to parents to make their kids understand why the inappropriate usage of the computer connected to the Internet network can be so dangerous and what consequences it may cause. Education should the principal goal of the parents. The well educated kid is able to perform better in distinguishing the good from the bad in the Web environment. Thanks to bigger awareness, child also knows that playing online games over the night can have bad consequences in the long term.

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Another thing that parents can do is providing the appropriate software to support the controlling. Parental controls are the best solutions in this case. This kind of software is able to tack users’ activity on the computer, regulate the time span that users can use the computer. Those programs are also able to block access to websites containing inappropriate for kids materials.

Keeping kids secured is very hard work, but it is necessary in order to protect them from dangerous addictions.

If you want to get some extra knowledge about the parental control on the computer, feel welcome to visit http://www.pcwebcontrol.com/. PCWebControl is an easy to use program which main goal is to set up control over the computer. It may perform plenty of useful actions that will significantly increase the level of security of the users.
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