18 August 2014

EggWorded a Fun Way of Learning New Vocabulary from Different Languages

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There are lots of ways you might have been using to learn new vocabulary from different languages. But it's not always easy as it sounds, some time we really get frustrated just by finding and remembering those difficult words into our mind but, EggWorded makes this easy for us to learn new vocabulary from different languages while playing the EggWorded minigame, an android app developed by Pokejoy which is a cool and fun way of learning new vocabulary from different language very easily.

You can download this app on your smartphone and it help you to learn new vocabulary from so many different languages just by playing a cool minigame on the app.
EggWorded Android App

The app allows you to play and challenge your friend against you, to test your knowledge with your friends. If you select the word 'Travel' in English then your friend has to choose the most appropriate word from the four different words to win the challenge. If you are ready to test your knowledge you can get the app from Google Play Store.

Note: The app requires an active internet connection to work properly on your android smartphone.

You can send your views about the app in the comments below, you can also share your experience about the app if you already have used this app on your smartphone.
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15 August 2014

5 Best Apps for Planning Your Retirement

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Planning for retirement is one of the most important financial goals you will ever need to meet. There are a number of mobile applications that can assist you in planning your retirement. Your plan could result in a comfortable retirement, or you could land similar to this place in life where you are now. Retire comfortably, or conservatively, the choice is yours.
Best Apps for Planning Your Retirement
Image Credit: cdn1.independent.ie
Vanguard Retirement Nest Egg Calculator
Start by entering some personal information such as the number of years you plan to spend in retirement, the balance of your current portfolio, and your current investment asset allocation mix. The calculator will then create a range of projected retirement balances, along with a percentage of probability that your portfolio will withstand the duration of your retirement. The simulation is based on actual historical retirement returns.

Retirement Planner App
If you have multiple investment vehicles such as a 401 (k), IRA, or pension account, this app will help you compare how each vehicle is performing. The app allows you to take into account employer and personal contributions. This helps you to track your forward progress, and determine whether your path will take you to a surplus or shortfall at retirement.

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If you are an Apple user, RetirePlan is a powerful retirement management tool that can help you determine when you can retire, based on how much you are saving. The app utilizes sliders which provide a user friendly way to adjust different values, and observe what the changes will do to your overall plan. The features allow you to add or remove a spouse, as well as add or remove different income streams such as social security, or annuity income.

Prudential Retirement Income Calculator
Answer a few simple questions about your goals, and the application will help you identify what you will need during retirement, as well as the steps that you will need to take to get there. The idea is to give the user a projected approximate income at retirement, and provide guidance to confirm if they are on track or not.

Face Retirement
This Merrill Lynch mobile application builds on the successful web tool of the same name. As of February 2014, approximately 1 million users have downloaded, and begun using the app to help plan their retirement. The app actually lets you view a 3D animation version of their retirement age self, and also educates users about projected costs of living once they reach retirement age.

Which app you like most? share it with us in the comments below.
Rizwan Ahmad
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This article is contributed by karleia steiner and posted by Rizwan Ahmad Author and founder of cyberockk.com, He is a tech blogger from India and he loves to share his thoughts by writing articles on this site to the different topics related to technology.

06 August 2014

5 Essential Tasks to Outsource

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Think long and hard about which operations are going to distinguish your company from the competition. These are, in theory, the operations that are best kept in house. In other words: if there’s something that you can do better than the competition, build the team you need to accomplish this on-site. Furthermore—as Entrepreneur magazine points out—never outsource a task simply because you don’t really like doing it. Some entrepreneurial chores just go with the territory.
5 Essential Tasks to Outsource
Image Credit: repright.biz
And just to drive this point home, here’s another way of thinking of it. In every case that you can turn to a third party for a specialised service, your competitors can do the same. This doesn’t mean that they will—but it certainly doesn’t preclude the possibility either. Along those lines, outsourcing is best leveraged in situations where you need to streamline your own operations so that your team can focus on what they do best.

If your company is currently exploring alternatives, make sure to give plenty of consideration to the following five areas of expertise:

1. Website Development
Determining whether or not your website development should be handled in-house or out really comes down to the size and skills of your team. Bear in mind that possessing an art degree and knowing their way around Photoshop doesn’t necessarily qualify a person to create highly motivating marketing images. Likewise, strong communications skills don’t necessarily make for a talented copywriter. You’ll also need someone who knows how to turn design concepts into clean and efficient code. If you can find all of these in house, then in-house website development is going.
A wooden toy wiping monitor that is displaying code
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to save money without sacrificing on quality. Otherwise, be prepared to look for third-party consultants.

Determining whether or not your website development should be handled in-house or out really comes down to the size and skills of your team. Bear in mind that possessing an art degree and knowing their way around Photoshop doesn’t necessarily qualify a person to create highly motivating marketing images. Likewise, strong communications skills don’t necessarily make for a talented copywriter. You’ll also need someone who knows how to turn design concepts into clean and efficient code. If you can find all of these in house, then in-house website development is going to save money without sacrificing on quality. Otherwise, be prepared to look for third-party consultants.

2. Customer Service
This is an overarching area with a variety of applications. Customer service representatives assist with direct sales, customer enquiries, inventory management and a host of other essential operations. Some portion of the above will most certainly be handled by your in-house team. However, there are times (such as peak periods), when you may need to on-board additional staff to handle an influx of orders and enquiries.
A customer service representative
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For some companies, this means hiring temporary staff during holiday shopping periods. Hiring a temp agency to bring those staff on board may make more sense during a high-volume sales period. In other situations, the solution may involve chartering telephone answering services to man the lines when your staff is off-duty or engaged in other essential activities. Know your needs, understand your teams’ skills and outsource accordingly.

3. Accounting
Alt text: Balancing accounts by hand
Image credit: Ken Teegardin, license Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Balancing accounts by hand
Image source
For most small-sized companies (and more than a few mid-sized operations), some degree of financial systems outsourcing is in order. The following are common accounting tasks that are regularly entrusted to third-party experts:

Assurance of tax-code compliance

Accounting is also one of the few areas in which third-party consultants could actually save you money. Assuming you don’t have an experienced accountant on staff, looking elsewhere could open up tax loopholes and higher levels of financial efficiency that could more than compensate for your company’s investment. There are no guarantees on this front, but it’s worth keeping this information in mind.

4. Information Technology
IT consulting is one of the most common third-party services for small- to mid-sized companies. Assuming that your company is not involved in an IT-related field, there is really no reason to try and run your own servers. With that in mind, you should at least consider looking off-site for web hosts along with business- and office-related applications.
A pile of motherboards
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Many entrepreneurs are reluctant to relinquish control over their in-house networks and hand it over to a consultant. However, as long as you find an IT specialist that is willing to get inside of your business model and explore its industry-specific needs, IT outsourcing remains a viable (even essential) prospect. On that note, these are some of the benefits of outsourcing your IT needs:

Fewer network failures and downtime
Guarantees on data security 
Access to certified IT engineers
Letting your team focus on their primary goals (rather than IT services)
The ability to control costs

For more on this, see our previous post on how to avoid IT outsourcing slip-ups.

5. Online Marketing
You have to be careful in determining whether or not to outsource your pay-per-click (PPC) management, social media marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO). As Forbes columnist Joshua Steimle points out, some shrewd cost-benefit analysis is in order on this front. The decision of whether or not to outsource depends on how your company’s budget, your on-board skill set and—perhaps most crucially—the degree of importance that online marketing plays in the bottom-line success of your company. Many companies end up (rightly) striking a balance between in-house and outsourced expertise.
Online marketing
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Please leave your comments and suggestions below in the comments.
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03 August 2014

Eight Android Apps Must-Have for the Blogger on the Go

Blogging nowadays doesn't end when you leave the comforts of your own home.

Smartphones and tablets play an important role in the blogging industry and you'd best know how to utilize them well in order to fully realize your potential as a blogger. Android systems in particular have tons of apps that can help you better your web log in no time.

The following are eight apps that you can download on your Android device for blogging purposes. Use them well and you might just be the talk of the town in no time.

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Eight Android Apps Must-Have for the Blogger
Image Courtesy: i.huffpost.com
1. Blogger
Blogger is the perfect application for people who are always on the go. This app enables you to create new posts, edit your old ones, control multiple blog accounts and include images on your Android device. Certainly a must-have if you can't always bring your laptop with you. Blogging made possible even with your smartphone or tablet.

2. Clockwork Tomato
Are you one of those people who overexerts themselves when they blog? If your answer is yes, then Clockwork Tomato is the app for you. Always keep in mind that fatigue hinders your productivity level and so, rest is as important as working hard. Using a time management system called the "Pomodoro Technique", this app reminds you to take essential breathers every now and then.

3. Google Analytics
Success in this industry can only be measured by how many people have been reached by your blog. Google Analytics is a free application that helps you monitor page visits, search terms and other technical stuff. Install this if you want to be the next big thing in the daily SERPs.

4. Google Drive
 Cloud storage is considered as the best way of preserving the pictures you have amassed. Storing the images you have collected over the span of your blogging career is a must. This is where Google Drive comes in. Aside from having a massive storage capacity, it also makes sharing of content in-between users easier.

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5. Pixlr
If you're more of a photo blogger, then you might want to check out Pixlr. This app specializes in simple editing of images such as cropping and adding of filters and texts. It's pretty much basic Photoshop at the palm of your hands.

6. Sunrise
Keeping tabs of the date is important for a blogger. You need to be consistent with your blog updates and thus, you should always be aware of what day it is. Sunrise is an app that goes with your Google Calendar. By featuring a 3-day view and event note system, you'll never lose track of your blogging duties.

7. Tumblr
As everyone knows, Tumblr is the perfect service for casual bloggers. However, it also serves as a medium for social interaction by allowing content sharing and reposting. Needless to say, you should always have it on your Android device.

8. WordPress
If you're really serious about blogging then you should already have a WordPress account by now. The mobile version enables you to do whatever it is you do on your PC. Basically it enables you to write and edit posts, respond to comments, add images and so much more when you're on the move.

Blogging is an evolving industry and so, you must always keep up with the trends if you ever wish to succeed in it. The above mentioned applications are the best blogging tools you can have on your Android device right now. Go and download them!

Do you know any other App? that you want want to share with us, just leave it in the comments below.
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Katherine Smithson is a budding copywriter who is trying to pave her way through the blogging realm. Through resumesplanet.com, she is currently venturing modern writing and blogging in different websites in hopes that someday she'll be able to make a name in the industry of blogging and writing per se.

02 August 2014

7 Handy Apps For Home Remodelers

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Remodeling the home is a huge task requiring a lot of information and planning. Luckily, it no longer has to be a notebook filled with numbers and indecipherable scribbles. Turn your phone or tablet into the ultimate tool for any remodeler with these awesome apps.
7 Handy Apps For Home Remodelers
Image Credit: lfp-cdn.im0.co
iHandy Carpenter
A full kit in one app, the iHandy Carpenter combines leveling tools, protractors and rulers into one, easy-to-use program. Perfect for any handyman looking to downsize their tools, it is incredibly accurate and works seamlessly.

Handyman Calculator
This is a complete construction calculator, perfect for calculating any type of measurement. From cubic footage to an aggregate calculator, it helps you figure out just how much of everything you’ll need for the remodel. It also tracks the time spent on a project and can save the data to a notepad.

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Home Design 3D
Before destroying anything to make way for the new, it is important to visualize what it is you want in order to ensure your vision and reality work well together. With Home Design 3D, you can remodel your entire home, creating both 2D and 3D renderings.

Asana Mobile App
With everything planned out and ready to go, what good is a project without a plan? Able to create project tasks, To-Do lists, photos and product links that can be shared with others, it is a great way to stay on target so your new room is completed on schedule.

Photomeasures App
This app lets you write measurements on photos of the room you are redesigning. Simply snap a photo and then note the lengths of the walls, floor and any odd nook and cranny. Notes can be added and the photos can be organized by room, favorites and important. Objects can also be included should you need to measure a new door at your visit to The Garage Door Co Ltd or other quality garage door company.

AutoDesk Homestyler
This flexible app gives you experimental capabilities. Instead of simply imagining what things will look like, it allows you to try out new paint colors, different pieces of furniture and layouts on photos you provide. In the end, this visualization tool can save you a lot of money and hassle.

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This app by BEHR is perfect for color combining and testing before making any type of purchase. It allows you to find any color then applying it to a photo of your choice. You can also experiment with different color combinations to see if orange would work with green. There is even a neat photo match that lets you choose a color from a picture, and it finds a corresponding paint color.

If you know any other similar app, you can share it with us in the comments below.
Rizwan Ahmad
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This article is contributed by karleia steiner and posted by Rizwan Ahmad Author and founder of cyberockk.com, He is a tech blogger from India and he loves to share his thoughts by writing articles on this site to the different topics related to technology world.

31 July 2014

Can Video Change the Way Governments Operate?

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High quality communication tools are luxuries for organizations that have the budget to support both the hardware and the infrastructure. While Hollywood shows us that governments have full access to an unlimited array of top quality communications systems, anyone who works in local or state government knows that they operate much like a small business. In other words, they have tight budgets and high demands. Still, even for them, it's easy to see how video managed services can change things in a positive way. But will they change the way they work?
High quality video communication tools
Image Credit: innovativetechnosoft.com
Without the expensive investment into hardware and infrastructure, access to video invites participation from more than just the largest of businesses. Normally, the focal point in adopting video managed services includes efficiency of business, collaborating remotely, and accountability through presence.

For Washington State, technology such as this is being proposed right now so as to improve the process of legislation. Among the legislators that were surveyed in order to determine their interest in participation with the new video technology, a majority of them believe it has its due place in the legislative process. Findings of this study were published in “Washington State Legislative Service Project: Legislators 2013.”

Efficiency of Business 
When making a decision that falls in the purview of technology investment, most enterprises have an outcome that they intend to happen. With telecommunications, that outcome generally is to improve time-to-market and enhance collaboration. At the same time, they expect to see business efficiency improved when new video managed services are utilized in the proper ways.

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With the introduction of video, there's a new opportunity to bridge the gap between communicators, especially when location is a barrier. When parties central to an issue are able to work together, face to face, decisions are made more quickly and focus is placed more easily on the end goal. People work together better when in close proximity, and when that's not physically possible, video is the next best thing. For Washington legislators, this means that more time is spent on facts of a matter, and less time is wasted simply trying to get connected.

Collaborating Remotely
Video conferencing is being investigated in Washington as a method by which committees can accept testimony from the public. A key finding from this survey is that some legislators cast votes based on what they think the best outcome for any given legislation, and not necessarily what the majority of their constituents want. At the same time, though, they only spend 18-30% of their time speaking with constituents who aren't present.

What this suggests is a considerable gap in the communication between elected officials and their citizenry. And this is something that could easily be alleviated by using video managed services. Supporting this same technology would also improve the collaboration between legislators that are focused on the same goal.

Accountability through Presence
A person's accountability is heightened in any business environment when video conferencing is brought in. It introduces a platform for making face to face connections, allowing people to feel as if they are contributing to the same effort as the rest of the team. When legislators use this technology as well, their constituents can start holding them even more accountable to demonstrate their wishes. It works the other way as well — legislators can communicate when they vote in certain ways.

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In Washington State, there were 72 percent of legislators that believed constituents ought to be allowed to provide testimony via remote video conferencing. A majority of these also believed that social media was a valuable medium in enabling them to communicate directly with their citizenry. Additionally, town hall meetings that relied on video conferencing would also improve communication.

Video can indeed positively alter the way governments operate, simply by giving them access to easy-to-use tools that will bring the elected officials closer to the people that elected them in the first place — the people they serve.

Michelle Patterson is an avid technology blogger and writes extensively about IP/VoIP and Unified Communication. She works with some leading companies to understand the trends of these modern communication technologies.