12 March 2015

Far Cry 5 Features Wish List

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Ubisoft Company had published the popular action-based Far Cry Game in the month of March in 2004. Since then, the game witnessed massive sales of about 730,000 units even within the period of four months after its release. The game incorporated large numbers of interesting elements related to wars, actions and weapons.

After the entry of its first version, Ubisoft experts often launched its other advanced versions followed by its latest series as Far Cry 4. In fact, in each of its new versions, experts have incorporated countless special features, which had made the game far better as compared to its previous versions. Hence, with the update related to the launch of Far Cry 5, enthusiasts worldwide given many wants and demands for the game.

Fans of Far Cry series has recently given a huge wish list of various features over varying websites to include in the new series named as Far Cry 5. In addition, many people have highlighted their wants in the upcoming Ubisoft-based soft games in large numbers of online gaming forums available over the internet. In this article, gaming analysts have prescribed about some of the highly demanded features expected in Far Cry 5.

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Features We Look In Far Cry 5:

1. Bigger Backgrounds and Thrilling Features
Majority of Far Cry fans want for relatively more numbers of towns, outposts and places to explore in the latest Far Cry 5 version of the game with various other exciting features, like lakes, mountains, and rivers. In addition, individuals want for more curves in the underground water with thrills and beauty.

2. Inclusion of New Ways of Survival and Shot
Regarding shots and survival systems, gaming lovers from different parts of the world want for a unique type of survival system. In other words, the gaming system should be of real like; for instance, if any one shots you in your right arm, you could not be able to pick your gun with the same arm. Furthermore, Far Cry 5 fans want for the implementation of survival system to get oneself from tiredness, thirst and hunger.

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3. Improvement in the Hunting System
Another prime feature wish list of this game is the improvement in the actual hunting system and making it relatively more interesting as compared to previous versions. For this, people prefer to include few traps and tactics to catch animals, while animals should compulsory smarter than before.

4. Wants for New Weapons and Vehicles
Many enthusiasts of Far Cry Game have wanted to add exciting weapons in the new series, like shotguns, pistols assault rifles, rockets, sniper rifles, LMG or HMG and bows and similar others. Along with the variations in weapons, many individuals have preferred for the addition of new vehicles, which are snowmobiles, dirt bikes and mine carts. Even the game would enhance the excitement and fun by adding advanced vehicle tanks and helicopters.

5. New and Attractive Gaming Accessories
Lastly, many Far Cry 5 games want for effective accessories, such as boots, coats, hats, gloves and various other player clothes to allow them in running faster than before.

Meanwhile a, farcry5news.com wrote that Far Cry 5 will likely arrive in 2016 based on the release history of previous SIMS game. You can share your expectation from next generation in the comments below.
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10 March 2015

Conceptualizing a Secure Data Center Virtualization

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Today, the threats that administrators from IT security sectors are facing range from those that can be described as small attempts to produce chaos to huge and very refined attacks that are aimed at the heart of any organization. This is the reason why it is important to implement serious security capacities and be prepared to use them in the case of an attack on the network used by any kind of enterprise. Data center virtualization is a way how this process can be enhanced even further.

The virtualized environment is definitely a step forward compared to standard systems of data protection utilized by old-fashioned networks. These older systems are focused on shielding a network from traffic that is coming from the outside. Now, even though these kinds of data shields are still welcomed, the nature of modern business and other endeavors mean that traffic flow needs to continuously happen between networks and the outside environment. This is the moment when data center virtualization can prove to be indispensable.
Image Credit: trendmicro.com
Virtualization is a procedure that allows for a different kind of network architecture. It can be used to offer cost reduction, power saving enhancements and as a general consolidation tool. But, at the same time, using it also creates new challenges for the IT teams that run and organize it. This is also the reason why the initial phase of this process needs to be really carefully devised and implemented. Because of these facts, here are the crucial points in the conceptualization of any kind of data center virtualization process for maximum security.

Infrastructure Device Access:
Using devices to access any virtual data center should be tightly regulated and controlled. The infrastructure used for data access via different devices should be thoroughly hardened and employ the AAA standard for allowing control of access and the initial logging processes. The same should also require devices to be authenticated and then authorized by some form of ACS (Access Control Server). But, a fallback system on a local network should also be available if some or all of ACS servers prove to be unreachable.

Out-of-Band Management Interface Hardening:
Often, attacks on data centers will take up the form of DOS (Denial of Service) intrusions, so any data center virtualization needs to employ systems that follow bandwidth, looking for any unusual activity. The same should also limit the amount of traffic that can be allocated to any single device and redirect it if need be. This goes for both inbound and outbound traffic because both can become a problem if the data center is compromised. This is why it is really important to have safeguards that constantly measure it and react when it is needed.

NetFlow and Syslog:
NetFlow, first introduced by Cisco Company, allows for the collection of traffic based on IP networks as it passes through the system interface. These can be used to determine the sources of the traffic, their destination, and many other important factors. On the other hand, Syslog follows production and storing of internal system messages. Both need to be configured in the right manner to allow data center virtualization to be correctly conceptualized.

Network Time Protocol:
NTP or the Network Time Protocol offers any virtual data center an indispensable way of logging and time marking all access to a system. The same should be enabled on any device that is used during a data center virtualization process, no matter what its function is in the broader network. These can be very important for any troubleshooting procedure that might come during the conceptualization process, but also when the virtual center is activated.

Employing these steps during the conceptualization of a data center virtualization process will prove to be exceedingly helpful for any kind of future virtual network. The same actions can both make the network easier for construction and maintenance, but also much safer when it comes to data security.

Deney Dentel is the CEO at Nordisk Systems Inc.,  a managed data backup and recovery solution company in Portland, OR. Deney is the only localised and authorised  IBM ProcTIER business partner in Pacific Northwest.
About the Author:

Deney Dentel is the CEO at Nordisk Systems Inc., a managed data backup and recovery solution company in Portland and Deney is the only localized and authorized IBM Procter business partner in Pacific. 

08 March 2015

Home Tech: Could Your Home Security System Be Vulnerable to Getting Hacked?

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Everyone knows that the internet suffers attacks from hackers. Hackers usually invade email accounts, credit cards, and other areas of internet usage. But did you know that your home security system could also be vulnerable to attacks from hackers?

Your system may not be as secure as you think. Hackers can access almost anything with wireless sensors. Consider how your system might be vulnerable and what you can do to protect yourself.
Your Home Security System
Image Courtesy: freesecuritysystemsmichigan
Disabled Signals
A hacker could completely disable the wireless signals in your home security system. You would have no way of knowing that someone broke into your home once someone shuts down your signals. A person could enter and exit your home without any kind of alerts of alarms.

All the extra security in the world won't do your home any good when the basics of the system have been compromised. These signals could easily bounce into the hands of the wrong person.

Monitor Family Movements
It may seem scary, but a hacker can also monitor the movements your family makes if they gain control of the signals. They might be able to figure out when your family is entering and exiting the home due to your signals. When you leave the home, they could send someone to break into the home and steal your valuables.

The hackers would essentially disarm your security system and use it against you. People from all sorts of different places have filed reports with police claiming that their security systems were compromised by hackers.

Set False Alarms
Once a hacker gains control over the system's signals, they can also set false alarms. False alarms can cause fear and confusion, especially among young children. You might actually be tricked into thinking your system is incredibly sensitive.

If it picks up every little movement, then you can't be in any danger. The hacker will lull you into a false of security to make you drop your guard before they attack your home. You want to keep your alertness about you at all times.

Although a hacker can make these bad things happen, you can protect your home and family with better systems. Consider a home security system from Arpel Security Systems. They have traditional systems that use wires instead of wireless sensors.

You could still choose their wireless systems due to the extra measures they take to ensure a quality product for your home.
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03 March 2015

Six Ways Businesses Can Embrace Technology To Better Serve Customers

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There is no doubt that each day brings about new technological advances. As a business owner, use of technology can be the difference between a failing business and a thriving one. Here are six tips on how business owners can better serve customers by embracing technological growth.
Six Ways Businesses Can Embrace Technology
Image Courtesy: wsnewspublishers.com
Simplify Emails
As a business owner, cycling through emails can be quite overwhelming. Most business owners have more than one email account that they use and each can possibly generate one hundred messages per day depending on the size of the business. However, there are a number of applications that allow business owners to combine all email accounts into one account for easier tracking.

For business owners who produce tangible products, inventory is easily one of the most important factors of running an efficient business. While it is possible to keep track of inventory manually, in certain industries, this is can be an almost insurmountable workload. Nonetheless, new software is created yearly to assist business owners in this area.

Time Management
Although every loss matters when investing personal funds, every business owner has lost some amount of money through inefficient practices or by completing unprofitable tasks. This does not necessarily represent failure; however it does represent the possibility of improvement. There is more and more software being developed regularly that allow business owners to see which tasks make them the most profit so that they focus on those.

Social Media 
Social Media is a craze that currently has the world taken by storm. Millions of people have social networking accounts whether they are used professionally or leisurely. However, because so many people spend hours per day on social media, it can be one an incredible way for business owners to spread the word about their companies.

Open Framed LCD
Open framed LCDs offer an alternative to the household LCD screens that are more commonly used. The main difference between the two types of products is that open framed LCDs are highly resilient and extremely durable. They come with features such as long life lamp/LED units, high brightness for added visibility, extra wide screens, and all steel frames. Open framed LCDs are a product that is highly beneficial to any company in a rugged industrial environment.

Often times, businesses possess tons of information that could be a gold mine for a potential hacker. Furthermore, the information at hand could belong to customers. Needless to say, protecting company information as well as customer information is necessary in avoiding loss of clientele or even lawsuits.

Technology is evolving day by day in more ways than one. Additionally, these drastic changes are being made to increase the convenience of their use. Business owners can be amongst the most rewarded group of individuals using more advanced technology if it is used in the correct manner. Informational credit to I-Tech Company.
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He is a passionate Blogger, Entrepreneur, Writer and Thinker. He has been blogging from last couple of years and love every thing about it. He covers almost every thing related to technology on his Blog, Cyberockk.com.

14 February 2015

5 Ways to Prevent Your Merchant Account from Getting Hacked

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Keeping your company safe from outside threats is important. It is especially important to ensure the protection not only of your merchant account, but also the accounts of your customers. Losing your customers’ sensitive data to hackers is a quick way to lose customer trust and ultimately the very business you've spent your hard work building.
5 Ways to Prevent Your Merchant Account
Image Courtesy: inspirationfeed.com
There are a number of precautions you can take as a vendor that will help aid you in this never ending process. To start with here are five ways to prevent your account from getting hacked:

Physical Inspection
This first tip may seem simple on the surface, but it’s the first step you should take to make sure your merchant account hasn’t been compromised.  It is important to check it every day to make sure no one has been fiddling around with it or trying to place bits or pieces that don’t belong. A skimmer is easy to install, and they can be small, unobtrusive and easily overlooked.

Ensure Your Protection Protocols are Up to Date
Each type of credit card machine is programmed with a variety of protocols to prevent things like phishing or skimming, and it is important that you keep these up to date as often as you can. Wherever you purchased or leased the machine from, make sure that the protections are all up to date.

Take Care When Handling Your Information
One of the easiest ways to have your account hacked is for someone to see important information about it. This can include any number of numeral codes or account numbers.

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Do not leave these things lying around as someone could easily steal them and use them to access the account and all of your funds. It’s worth investing in a paper shredder to dispose of all your sensitive information safely.

Ensure Your Internet/Mobile Connection is Secure
The whole processing concept takes place over internet protocols, and these are protected by your internal network or internet connection. If you lose control of this security, everything else, including your accounts, your customers and all files you have on record, are at risk.

Protect your passwords and don’t let anyone use your network that you aren't secure with using it. It’s advisable to update your passwords on a regular basis.

A Check 21 Processor
A check 21 processor is a third party company that works similarly to a gateway between you and your merchant bank for your credit card processing machine.

They provide additional layers of security to help prevent fraudulent process from slipping through the system. They offer services separate from your bank, however, and as such, cost an additional fee.

These are only a few of the many ways that you can prevent hacking when it comes to your credit processing account. It’s imperative to implement all of these strategies to ensure your merchant account is fully guarded against hackers.

Talk to your payment processor for even more ways you can prevent abuse.
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He is a passionate Blogger, Entrepreneur, Writer and Thinker. He has been blogging from last couple of years and love every thing about it. He covers almost every thing related to technology on his Blog.

12 February 2015

How Gaming is Becoming More and More Infused With Multiplayer

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Are today’s video games becoming too centered on multiplayer? A couple of years back, the mere term “multiplayer” manifested in a totally different way. Traditional single-player games included the multiplayer feature as a bonus.

Game series such as “Assassin’s Creed”, “Mass Effect”, “Tomb Raider” and “Uncharted” began having separate multiplayer modes; however, the changes were so abrupt that the “extra feature” stopped being “extra” and became a solo experience.
Multiplayer Gaming
Image Credit: mshcdn.com
Right now, after 10 years of unparalleled gaming on “World of Warcraft”, the industry is introducing a new concept called “shared world”. The games are no longer single-player because they’re fully immersed into multiplayer. This brand new form of gaming makes the whole experience a lot more dramatic and hasty, particularly since players are permitted to make personal decisions and choose what to do in a game.

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The evolution of multiplayer gaming 
The gaming industry has gone through a lot of changes over the past few years. Games are not just bolder now, but also incredibly realistic. The single-player mode is on the verge of extinction because companies are trying to make video games more social. This means open-world features and multi-player modes go hand in hand with social media exposure on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Bioware made its debut in the multiplayer sector with “Star Wars: The Old Republic”, in 2011. An adored sequel followed – “Knights of the Old Republic” – which was an RPG greatly appreciated by fans of the genre.

When “Titanfall” was announced in 2013, avid gamers were thrilled to see that the game was based entirely on multiplayer. “The Elder Scrolls Online” and the newly released “Destiny” are also infused with these capabilities.

Can you see that there’s a clear pattern shaping up? “Uncharted” and “Mass Effect” are not the only games out there tacking multiplayer modes. Massive companies like Blizzard, Infinity Ward, BioWare and Bungie are ditching single-players modes because they don’t provide interactive in-game experience like multiplayer.

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Online gameplay matters more that actual storylines 
Video games are becoming incredibly social. Ten years ago, most players enjoyed a game for the quest it provided, and for the storyline it featured. Right now, the games are more centered on social media. Gamers like to play them in teams; they want to have fun not just complete missions, and for this they need multiplayer.

Famous titles such as the ‘World of Warcraft’ will always move forward because the game offers a revenue stream like no other platform in the industry.

A lot of companies have tried to copy its model and failed. ‘League of Legends’ has proven that a video game can be incredibly profitable even if it’s free to play. In-game purchases are a matter of choice, and when the player base is engaged, spending a few dollars on extra perks is not such a big deal.

To put it simply, for game developers it’s often cheaper to build a multiplayer game. Because of today’s advanced technology, games are capable of expressing the most compelling stories.

MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) and MMO (multiplayer online) games have started to swallow up the industry, and it’s amazing that “Evolve” and “Titanfall” provide open-world capabilities. Players can choose what places to explore and what decisions to make, so it’s interesting and puzzling to play until the end to see what happens.

Future video games will go overboard with their multiplayer capabilities sometime in the future. Because it’s impossible to stop technology from advancing, it’s safe to say that single-player modes will slowly but surely fade into nothingness.

They might not disappear completely, but they’re losing ground because of a gamer’s wish to interact in a game, collaborate and socialize.

This is the guest post by Jason Phillips and www.makeupgames365.com
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