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Halo 5: Guardians now Available as Free to Play Until July 5 with Warzone Firefight co-op Mode

- 30 June 2016 No Comments
Halo 5 Guardians now available as free to play until July 5 including the Warzone Firefight co-op Mode, which is the games latest and biggest expansion till date.

Starting today on Thursday, Halo 5 Guardians will be available completely free for Xbox Gold members and they can download the whole package of Halo 5 Guardians for free but this would have a limited time of period until July 5.
Halo 5: Guardians now Available as Free to Play

If someone who is not a gold member will not be able to avail this limited time offer to play the game. So you will need to be a gold member if you want to play Halo 5 Guardians on your Xbox One for free.

You should be in a hurry if you are going to download this game as part of the limited time offer because the whole game package will take about 81 GB file size that's a huge file size if you are going to download such file and maybe you will also need to upgrade your internet pack to get the download fast.

If you were looking to buy Halo 5 Guardians this could be the best time for you because Halo 5 Guardians is also on sale where you can get the game including all the latest packages with up to 50 percent discount reducing its price down to $30.

As part of its biggest expansion, Halo 5 Guardians Warzone Firefight co-op Mode adds three new multiplayer maps, including two for Warzone (Attack on Sanctum and Prospect) and one for Arena (Molten). It also includes new sets of Cinder and Cyclops armor and new Covenant vehicle and weapon variants.

Warzone Firefight co-op Mode could be the last expansion to the Halo 5 Guardians as Microsoft has said last year that the Halo 5's free expansions will end in June 2016, so we might not see any new expansion after June this year for Halo 5 Guardians.

What you think share in the comments below.

What are the Best Ways of Using Facebook Cover Pics for Business?

- 28 June 2016 No Comments
Facebook marketing is a crucial segment in digital marketing. Every minute feature is useful for business promotion on the social media giant. The Facebook cover image is a feature that enhances the beauty of your Facebook page.

Have you ever thought of using cover image for better marketing results?
Best Ways of Using Facebook Cover Pics for Business?
A dull cover pic cannot get any impression of the viewers on your page. So, make it creative and informative. Just featuring your brand’s logo is not enough now. You should catch every chance on social media marketing. Here in this article, I suggest you some of the ways you can use the facebook cover images for your marketing purpose.

1. Let your audience know your value proposition:
Multimedia content gives you a chance to explain yourself to the world, in a clear way. If you can explain your brand’s value proposition in a single line, you can make it with Facebook cover images. You know, the cover image is the first thing one observes when a facebook page opened. So, there is a great chance for you to get the best impression of your viewers.
EY-Studios Facebook cover

Just for an example, here is the facebook cover image of EY-Studios, a web designing company. They simply give a line that gets a positive impression of the viewers.

However, First impression is the best impression, isn’t it?

2. Share your best moments:
You have to give your audience an emotional touch. When someone is searching for businesses of a niche, they search for the page which gives them convenience and confidence that they could get the desired services. If they see any special events organised at the business or the work atmosphere of the business on the facebook business page, they would show a positive response towards that page.
TCS’ facebook business page

So, showcase your memories at the first look of the viewers. Place pictures that feature your recent events and achievements. Observe TCS’ facebook business page. They feature their cover image with the recently organized 10K run event.

Such pictures increases the reputation of the business, right?

3. Promote your Apps:
Now, mobile marketing is at a fast pace. So, every business is thriving to have an own mobile application. You might have developed a beautiful application. But, marketing is the next phase to get success. You might have a good number of followers for your social media pages. So use them as your promotional platforms.
Columbus tours and travels business

Use the facebook cover image to promote your mobile applications or any other products. Just as a tours and travels business, Columbus, used.

What a great place to promote,no?

4. Let your customers know your best offers:
Giving offers and takeaways is a part of business strategies. They work well too. But they need to be noted by the customers. Letting know your followers about your best deals and offers is very easy on facebook. Make a beautiful image that features your offers and make it as your cover image. That’s it. You need not give any other ads or promotions for that offer.
Atlas Tours and Travels’ facebook cover

Take a look at Atlas Tours and Travels’ facebook cover image which feature its latest Eid offers.

5. Feature your fans to create great engagement:
Engagement with your followers is one of the main goals of social media marketing. There is nothing can get more engagement than involving your followers on your business page. There are many ways involving them. You can share their content or mention them on your posts. But, they love to be someone special for you. It is ultimate if you feature them on your cover image.
Oreo Facebook cover

Just for an example, look at Oreo’s recent cover images. Oreo has featured one of its followers, wishing her on her birthday. The follower must be happy for that. And there might be a special bond created with Oreo for her, I guess.

6. Sell the best experience:
Entice your customers with your special class products, social experiences. Users love to get the best experience always. So, just sell the experience that they would get with your products. So, make your cover images that feature the best experience of your business.
Carolina amusement park

Carolina amusement park shares an enticing image that tells how its customers can enjoy at their amusement park. Seeing such an alluring image, no one can reject to visit the park.

See one other example of Honda Motors. Its cover image is amazing with its newly launched car BR-V and it is giving a call-to-action. The cover image is really tempting, isn’t it?

Honda Motors Facebook cover

7. Promote HashTags:
Hashtags are the important elements of social media marketing. First used by Twitter, hashtags reached every social media platform giving a great flexibility for marketers and users. With the help of hashtags, digital marketers can make grand social media campaigns.

On your cover image, you can feature the hashtags of your social media campaigns. All your followers can see your cover image and so, your hashtag can be popular. This can get a good response to your social media campaigns.
HCL technologies Facebook cover

Here in the above pic, HCL technologies has used a trendy hashtag for its social campaigns and gets good a response for it.

Creating better cover images:
Create your best facebook cover images for your business pages. There are some tips suggested by Facebook for good cover images. Have a look:

1- For computers, the display size of the cover image is 828x315 pixels whereas for smartphones, it is 640x360 pixels.

2- For a better view, an sRGB JPG image of 851x315 pixels, and less than 100 KB size is recommended.

You can use some online tools like ‘Canva’ to create better cover images for your facebook pages. You can create effective images for your different purposes. It gives the better pixels sizes for all kinds of images. Moreover, you can create all the pics for free.
Canva online tool for Facebook cover

Canva offers you many background images and cliparts for free and for cost as well. You can also upload your own images to canva and use them whenever you want. And there are many other tools that you can create better images for your business pages.

The first impression is the best impression. So, captivate your viewers and followers with the attractive cover images on your facebook business pages. Make the facebook cover images as part of your content strategy and use as your promotion tools on the biggest social media platform.

Remember the best size of the cover image as 851x315 pixels and use the tools available online. It is better to update the cover image at least once a month. You can use a social media management tool like SocioBoard, HootSuite or SocialOomph etc that has automation features. With these features, you can automatically upload your cover image on multiple facebook accounts and pages.

So, why late? Start focusing on your cover images.

Author Bio: 
Hello mates!! I am Sumit Ghosh, a huge social media fan, a nerd, a geeky programmer and owns a digital marketing firm, successfully running for over 9 years. I also started the SocioBoard Blog to provide knowledge to new startups and entrepreneurs whose social marketing campaigns failed to generate ROI. You can Follow Sumit on FacebookLinkedIn and Twitter.

Technology Options for Creating a More Modern Business

- 25 June 2016 No Comments
In today's ever-changing business world, companies everywhere are realizing just how much of an impact technology plays in creating and growing a modern business.

Whether the goal is to increase efficiency or expand operations, it's clear that various aspects of technology can produce extraordinary results for businesses both big and small. If you are looking to improve your business and bring it into the modern world, make sure you consider these technologies.
Technology Options for Creating a More Modern Business

Time Tracking Software
For any business, time is money and it's important to know which activities are profitable and which are not.

To find out what works best, time tracking software can show which tasks should be improved upon and which others should be outsourced or even eliminated. This will give a comprehensive view of how everyone within their role spends time and where processes can slow down or get stuck.

Mobile Access
If a business has employees who spend part of their day in the field, it's vital they have mobile access to the internet.

Along with keeping a business efficient, this technology can allow employees to answer emails or even conduct videoconferencing meetings with clients while on the road.

To accomplish this, some companies use programs such as LANDESK, which allows employees to merge all of their mobility management systems into one, which can then be accessed through a smartphone or tablet.

Planning Software
As employees have more and more demands on their time, being able to plan activities days, weeks, or even months in advance is becoming more important than ever.

Most companies now invest heavily in planning software, which allows for both short and long-range planning. Whether it's a company-wide meeting in six months, or a one-on-one meeting with a client the next day, planning software helps companies keep their operations running smoothly while making the day-to-day activities of their employees as easy as possible.

Accounting and Budgeting
For any business, making a profit is the bottom line when it comes to sustaining long-term success. To help make this happen, utilizing accounting and budgeting software can let management personnel analyze profits and losses, allowing them to gain a greater understanding of the company's financial situation.

Also useful in planning, this technology helps senior administrators plan budgets that allow for departments to implement new equipment or new programs much quicker than in previous years.

By taking advantage of these and other aspects of modern business technology, companies everywhere can see their daily and yearly operations improve.

Whether it's helping employees have easier access to information, allowing them to meet with clients anywhere at any time, or creating budgets that will help a business get what it needs, these technology options will go far in creating a more modern business.

How to Hire the Best Digital Marketer?

- 24 June 2016 No Comments
Digital marketers are involved in developing an organization's multi-channel communication approaches. The best time to hire a Digital Marketer is when it’s nonetheless a choice, no longer when it becomes a necessity to get the corporation out of stagnation or fight heavy competition.

A good campaign can grow together with your company and change direction depending on how the trade evolves, at the same time retaining charge of identity facets like brand, voice, or reputation.
Skills required in a digital marketing professional:
Knowledge of Search engine optimization (SEO): He/ She will have to be conscious of developing methods to broaden some viewers to a Website using getting high-ranking placements in search results.

Techniques of Social media marketing: The expert must be knowledgeable of obtaining how to acquire a distinct on-line presence through attracting excessive quantities of internet fans through social media ways such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

Knowledge about pay per click (PPC) campaigns: The Digital marketer should have got to have knowledge about subsidized online advertising paid for through the trade to show up alongside non-paid search results.

The concept of mobile marketing: He /She should have awareness about Mobile marketing which involves app-based, in-game, location-based and SMS marketing.

The professional should be aware of the place a trade enables different businesses to promote products on their website. The affiliate is paid a fee for each client brought at the internet site with the aid of their possess advertising and marketing techniques.

Digital marketers may match throughout several areas or specialize in a couple of relying on the standards of the organization and contribute to enhancing digital advertising tasks and campaigns. Duties quite often involve:

Growing and uploading reproduction and photographs for the company's website;
Writing and dispatching e-mail advertising campaigns;
Delivering accurate reports and analysis to clients and manufacturer management to illustrate fantastic return on investment (ROI);

studying new online media opportunities that can improvement the business including cell, social media, development of blogs and boards;
Designing internet site banners and helping with web visuals;
Speaking of purchases, affiliate networks, and affiliate partners;
Conducting keyword study and internet records reporting;
Contributing to social media engagement and manufacturer cognizance campaigns;
Making use of net analytics software to observe the performance of buyer web pages and make strategies for improvement;

Contributing to the manufacturer and industry blogs and managing e-communications;
Helping with paid media together with liaising with digital promoting groups;
Constructing and integrating content material advertising methods;
Retaining up to date with present digital tendencies;
Maintaining the connection database and supporting with lead generation events;
Negotiating with media suppliers to obtain the supreme class value for consumers.

Because of the aggressive nature of the industry, entry into graduate advertising roles with an HND or basic measure is much less likely, until you may have tremendous, valuable expertise.

Other Skills:
Robust verbal communication talents for articulating strategies
Written verbal exchange skills for producing excessive exceptional  content;
Concentration to detail and accuracy;
Capacity to work independently and extensively;
Capacity to prioritize and operate on varied responsibilities;
High-quality group work capabilities;
The expertise of existing and emerging social media systems.
IT Skills.

Digital marketers can without problems trick HR or recruiters strange with industry slang. Results can be set in a style that might sound good to a newbie or even a senior advertising executive, not within the everyday digital publicity and marketing trenches.

But it surely may be that the answers don’t mirror the proper talent-units important to suit the job necessities. Be very clear on the outcomes you expect whenever you hire the person. Then look for individuals who have achieved it. Also, find approaches to ‘put people to the job’ before you hire them.

About Author:
Vaishnavi Agrawal loves pursuing excellence through writing and has a passion for technology. She has successfully managed and run personal technology magazines and websites. She currently writes for, a global training company that provides e-learning and professional certification training.

How Can The Analysis of Social Media Data Help You Improve Your Business?

- 23 June 2016 No Comments
Data means everything to an organization. Regardless of the size, every organization is focused on collecting information for both themselves and their clients. But simply collecting data from various social media websites is not the only thing left with the organization, the most important thing that comes next which is data analysis.

It won't be wrong to say that no organization can survive without analyzing their data and information bank.
How Can The Analysis of Social Media Data Help You Improve Your Business

Organization has now learned that a complete analysis of their data is a must. This helps in a long-term development of the company. It makes things quite easy. Tracking various strategies, monitoring various processes becomes quite easy.

Lets' check some of the circumstances where data analysis is the key to success:

A pharmacy organization is performing trials on a number of patients to test its new medication to the battle tumor. The number of patients under the trial is well more than 500.

An organization needs to dispatch new variation of its current line of natural product juice. Needs to complete the overview examination and touch base at some significant conclusion.

Deals executive of an organization realizes that there is some kind of problem with one of its effective items, however, hasn't yet done any statistical surveying information examination. How and what does he finish up?

These instances are sufficiently characteristic to reason that data examination is the lifesaver of any business. Whether one needs to touch base at some promoting choices or adjust new item dispatch methodology, information investigation is the way to every one of the issues.

Today the entire business community relies on social media platforms for the endorsements of their products. Even here data analysis holds great importance. The data analysis of social media platforms is generally termed as Social Media Analytics.

What is Social Media Analytics?
Social media analytics is a process of collecting data and information from various social media accounts and blogs and examining the collected data to make certain important business decisions. The primary objective is to determine the mindset of the audience.

What is their liking, what sorts of the post they prefer, which social media they follow? Etc. This data helps a business person to extensively help their marketing and support their endorsement campaign.

The initial phase of social media analysis is to figure out which business objectives the information that is assembled and analyzed will advantage.

Normal targets incorporate expanding incomes, decreasing customer service cost, receiving feedback and remarks on the products and services and benefits and enhancing general opinion of a service or a product.
Social Media Analytics

Once the business objectives have been recognized, KPIs for equitably assessing the information needs to be defined. For ex- engagement can be inferred by the number of followers or by checking the number of shares, retweets etc.

There are numerous software and tools available in the market today that can help in your social media analysis campaign. Many business persons now scrap information from a various social media platform. You can even track the data of the same and easily shape your marketing accordingly.

Why Should Business Person Do This Analysis?
Conversion is an extravagant term depicting an inactive fan who makes a move. For ex- a Facebook friend who taps on your post to enroll for a class or select into a mailing list is considered as a change.

Information can be gathered that demonstrates your office's transformation or conversion rate. The rate alludes to what rate of fans really changed over to activity. If your social media transformation rate for a battle urging fans to pick into an office's email rundown is .05 percent, you might need to revise your information and system.

In case you're endeavoring to drive engagement to a page on your organization's site, you can utilize analytics to track the rate of movement that goes to that page from social media platforms. Even better, measure the online networking activity that makes it the distance to the affirmation page for that specific crusade. Clients who get to the affirmation page can really be considered as changes.
Business Person

It's quite simple to quantify transformations if you burn your cash on paid online networking publicizing. Suppose Facebook offers the following pixel that you can implant in the code on your site's affirmation page. In the event that a resident snaps on your Facebook advertisement, then joins on your site, they will be followed for you by Facebook promotion bits of knowledge as changes.

Major Advantages of Social Media Analytics-

(I)- Gain Edge over Others-
Executing SMA tools can help an association pick up an upper hand since it encourages a superior comprehension of their brands: how their clients utilize their services and products, what issues clients have with their services and products, and how society sees the organization.

This data is missing — or is just alluded to — in many business insight portfolios. Notwithstanding following an association's own portfolio, SMA helps associations track contender action and how their clients are utilizing their products and services, issues with products and services, how that association is seen, and so on.

It's useful to recognize what the opposition is doing regardless of the fact that they are doing it inadequately, which we trust they are.
Advantages of Social Media Analytics

Having this information incorporated into different business insight frameworks gives an association an upper hand by better seeing how their brands are seen, utilized, and so on in contrast with their rivals.

(II)- Learn From Your Customers
Many would concur that the Web has made open doors for associations to develop their client base through social media marketing and online deals endeavors.

In any case, the internet has made a situation where associations contend with their clients where clients are giving answers for an association's issues to their different clients, and numerous sellers yearning to give the one-stop-shop or utilize this client bolster open door for growing product offerings.

(III)- Improve your services and Products
This is most likely one of the top reasons associations execute SMA. There exist a large number of web journals, tweets, remarks, and so on containing purchaser assumption about the products and services, more regularly negative than positive (a modest representation of the truth), which an association can mine to comprehend issues and issues that shoppers involvement with their items and administrations that can improve them.

SMA is a virtual specialist who teases out the issues, distinguishes who is to be faulted and after that shows a couple of alternatives to determine the issues. Be that as it may, SMA is less expensive than a professional advisor.

(IV)- Market Innovations
Some SMA tool gives profound semantic examination of social media. These tools can be arranged to find capacity crevices in a business sector all in all. For instance, the moderate development in the running show business sector was in part filled by client input coveting lighter, cooler (not hot) running shoes.
Market Innovations

Presently we have a pack of shoeless followers attempting to proselytize the advantages of yanking the decent comfortable stun retaining cushioning. Whatever! Associations that could mine that client input by means of online networking destinations were the trailblazers in the business sector, instead of the lagers.

Final Words-
Social media is flooded with brilliant pieces of data around an association's portfolio. Executing SMA can help an association mine those shrouded treasures, which improves existing products and services and also bolster client base, better target showcasing endeavors, advance new markets, and, all in all, pick up an upper hand. In Charlie Sheen vernacular, it's a "bi-winning" circumstance.

Author Bio: 
Hello mates!! I am Sumit Ghosh, a huge social media fan, a nerd, a geeky programmer and owns a digital marketing firm, successfully running for over 9 years. I also started the SocioBoard Blog to provide knowledge to new startups and entrepreneurs whose social marketing campaigns failed to generate ROI. You can Follow Sumit on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  

Bulletproofing Your Data Backup Regimen

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Despite everyone’s best intentions, data backup initiatives have the potential to fail. This failure occurs because something broke down along the way or a setting wasn’t activated. 

The key to having a successful data backup regimen comes down to having multiple places in which your data backups are stored. It’s not responsible for anyone to store their data backups on the device that contains the data that's being backed up. 

A lot of people also make the mistake of having a data backup option without a data recovery solution behind it.

Secure Data Recovery is one of those services that's worth its weight in gold just because of what they bring to the table, not to mention the loyalty they show to their customers on a regular basis. 

The company offers Toronto data recovery services for people who have experienced a catastrophic event but didn’t have thorough enough data backup protocols to protect them. 

These tools are on par with what law enforcement has at their disposal. Not every user would likely know how to use these features unless they received prior training.

An ideal method for backing up one’s data is cloud computing, which takes information that might be stored on a physical device and diverts it to an external location. 

This article showcases why you should consider cloud backup as a means to protect your data. You might think that you will be able to set up your cloud backup service and forget about it. On the contrary, you should pay attention to what’s going on and adjust accordingly if necessary. 

You never know if the servers attached to the cloud backup service you chose will become compromised.

Your data is a terrible thing to waste. You should not take it for granted. System crashes might seem like they’re few and far between. You might also think that your security programs will take care of whatever infections might come its way. 

All of these ideas are misconceptions that you need to abandon sooner rather than later. The sooner you abandon ideas, the sooner you will start working on truly protecting your data. 

While you might think that you will avoid getting into trouble, you have to consider that the next person who’s left exposed is you.

There’s no such thing as being too cautious when it comes to data protection. You have to always have the worst case scenario in mind when you’re dealing with your data. 

You never know what might happen. The last thing you will want to do is come out of a catastrophe empty handed. With a professional service on speed dial, you should find some solace in knowing that you’re going to get all or most of your data back. 

You should not put all your eggs one basket, though. Do as much as you can to protect your data as possible without having to ever call on one of these services.

How To Start And Run A Business Without The Tears

- 22 June 2016 No Comments
If you have a job that you just don’t like, it can be very tempting to quit and go it alone running your own business. The trouble is, it can take a long time to earn enough money from your own enterprise to pay the rent! And running your own business may take up far more of your time than your regular nine-to-five.

Think about the long list of big brands that have folded over the last few years. It can make you feel like you’d have no chance surviving the ruthless economy and market shifts.

But if you have a good plan, a great idea, and the tenacity to see it through, you might just make it. Sure, running a business is always going to be a lot of hard work through a lot of long hours.

How To Start And Run A Business Without The Tears
If you want to avoid the pain, the tears, and the financial ruin of failing, take a look at this guide on how to start and run your own business:

Need Or Want?
Do you need to run your own business, or just fancy having a go? Perhaps you want to enjoy a lifestyle change that gets you out of that two-hour commute every day.

Are you in it for the riches and the power you think you can achieve from being head of your own empire? Or are you keen to turn all that passion for your favorite hobby into a money spinner?

The more you want it, the better because something needs to keep you going through the really tough times. But you can’t succeed in business if you’re just doing it for yourself. You need customers, remember?

You need to be providing your clients with a service or product that they need or want. You also need to give your staff the financial reward and other benefits they need and desire from their dream job. Don’t forget the taxman will want his cut too!

There are lots of reasons for going into business for yourself. There will be plenty of reasons for giving up too. Set yourself some realistic goals and make a plan for achieving them. If you can get what you need by working for someone else, this could be the better choice.

So you’re still keen to start up your own business? You’re going to need an extraordinary idea. You may even need more than one! Are you an inventor, a creative, or a facilitator? Where do your strengths lie? Keep your ideas list to things you know you can excel at.

It is always best to have a proven ability in whatever it is you want to do in business. Any early clients are going to ask who you’ve done work for before. Start putting your portfolios together.

Sometimes you will see a product or service already proving to be a success. But if you see a new angle on it that customers will want, this could be your big idea. Presenting products in a different way or for a different use could be one way of finding something new in something old.

Of course, if you do come up with something completely different, you may have to push to create interest, desire or need for that.
Working Online

Start Small
Don’t quit your day job just yet. It’s always best to invest a little and start small rather than giving up everything and losing everything. Sure, you won’t be an overnight millionaire. But you won’t have the bailiffs knocking on your door either.

Finding your first client may be as simple as selling your product to your best mate. If it’s good and he likes it, ask him to tell someone. Social media is a great platform to quickly spread the word about a new product.

As the clients or customers come in one by one, you’ll soon have plenty of work to manage. If you have several products or services to offer, be sure to cross-sell, upsell and resell on each transaction. You should work to increase the lifetime value of each customer.

Keeping in touch with the customers you already have so they come back time and again is cheaper than finding new ones.

Keep your premises as small, streamlined, and cheap as possible. When the money you’re making is small, you are small.

Don’t get ahead of yourself and pretend you’re something you’re not. You’ll spend far more money than you’ll make. And you’ll be wasting valuable time that could be spent taking care of your valuable clients.

Get The Kit You Need
As a new business, there won’t be much that you need. As orders increase, you may need to increase the staff, equipment, the size of premises, and marketing efforts. But at that point, the money will be coming in to pay for it! Of course, every business needs investment to grow.

The startup phase is no different. You will need to invest a little of your hard earned cash to get the kit you need to set up your business.

As well as registering your business, there will be other expenses that are essential. You may think that starting up as a sole trader or self-employed one-man-band will save you even more money. You’re right. However, be wary if your business sells to corporate clients.

You may struggle to get paid without a registered business and business address. Even with this extra level of formality, some corporations will credit check you, find out you’re a startup, and refuse to work with you.

If you mostly sell to private clients, a sole trader arrangement is more than adequate. You may need to set up a special bank account, though, if you trade as a business name.

Make sure you have a computer with internet access that you can set up your website and check social media accounts on. None of this should cost you anything right now. However, if you travel with your devices, make sure your insurance covers you!

Decide Who Wants You
And why! Can you describe your typical customer? Do they live in a particular town? Do they earn a lot or a little? Are your customers mostly male or female?

What’s the average age of your customers? And why do they come to you for their goods or services instead of your competitors? It’s important you understand who your customer base is so you can appeal to them with your brand and other marketing efforts.

If managing money isn’t your forte, you might want to rethink going into business for yourself. Budgeting and cashflow are the most important things you need to learn fast when running a company. Keep your overheads low all the time.

Make sure you have a percentage put away for savings. What about your salary, pension and benefits? To make it easier to manage your business finances, use a good bookkeeping service.

You’ll be able to see where your money is going and use it to make more informed judgments about purchases and investments. Your bank and other investors will want to see impeccable books if you’re asking for a cash injection.

Marketing is simpler than you think. It is all about bringing people to your business and converting them into customers.

You need to understand the marketplace your business is in. For example, if you’re setting up as a freelance writer online, you'll need to promote your services to businesses using direct mail.

Buying an expensive advertising slot on national TV would be wasteful. Know where your customers are and approach them where they are most open to your offer!
Working on Laptop in the garden
Image Source: Flicker
Customers and Customer Service
It is so important to provide excellent customer service. Not only will your customers be happy to share a good experience, but they’re more likely to remember you. That’s where you can profit twice as they’ll come back to you time and again.

Make a mistake, and they will share that negative experience with even more people, making you even more memorable. They’ll never come back, and you’ll struggle to acquire customers after a bad review.

Eventually, you’ll find your orders start to exceed your capacity to fulfil them. It’s time to hire staff or outsource. Temp agencies can often provide the employees you need.

You'll have none of the expense and commitment of hiring. There are also companies that specialize in areas like customer service, logistics, or sales you can use. It’s always a good idea to hire someone to do the jobs that are taking you away from doing what you’re best at.

Look To The Future
Starting small, growing steadily, and don't get ahead of yourself. These three things could be the best ways to stay successful in business. Sure, you might have big ambitions, huge goals, and incredible dreams.

Everyone thinks about getting rich and retiring early. But the reality you’re likely to face is hard work, long hours, and challenging circumstances. It’s hard to succeed, but these tips should help you get through it without the tears. What’s your big dream for business?

Huawei Launches Honor 5C and Honor T1 Budget Smartphone and Tablet in India: Should You Buy?

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Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei on Wednesday launches Honor 5C and Honor T1 tablet in India at a price tag of Rs. 10,999 and Rs 6,999. The Honor 5C will exclusively be available in India via Flipkart and starting June 30, registration opens on Wednesday 22 June 2016.
Huawei Launches Honor 5C and Honor T1 Budget Smartphone and Tablet

Specs and Features
The Huawei Honor 5C features a 5.2-inch Full HD display with a 1080 x 1920 pixels resolution. The smartphone is powered Huawei’s in-house HiSilicon Kirin 650 2GHz octa-core processor coupled with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory which can be expanded later via a microSD card up to 256GB.

To recall, Huawei HiSilicon Kirin is a company’s self-made 64-bit, 16nm in-house chip based (4 Cortex-A53 cores clocked at 1.7GHz + 4 Cortex-A53 cores clocked at 2GHz processor).

The smartphone runs on Android latest 6.0 Marshmallow-based Emotion UI 4.1 out-of-the-box supporting dual micro sim card and both the sim card also comes with the support for 4 LTE connectivity. Running on the latest version of EUI the smartphone also features time-lapse video to the phone and an option to selectively hide specific apps.

The Camera
The camera on the Honor 5C seems pretty much impressive at this price point. The Honor 5C sports a 13-megapixel rear camera with an f/2.0 aperture with LED flash. The smartphone also sports an 8-megapixel front shooter with f/2.0 aperture lens.

Fingerprint scanner
The smartphone also adds a fingerprint scanner on the rear panel of the Honor 5C which can unlock your phone in just 0.5 sec according to the company.

The Honor 5C comes with a 3,000 mAh non-removable battery which also comes with Huawei's in-house Smart Power 3.0 power saving technology.

Along with the Honor 5C, Huawei also launches its new Honor T1 budget tablet in India at a price tag of Rs 6,999. The Honor T1 tablet will also be available exclusively via Flipkart online mega store in India starting June 22, 2PM IST.

The Huawei Honor T1 tablet features a bigger 7-inch display and houses a 4,1000mAh battery on the back.

Should you buy This?
Now let’s come to main point which is, should you really consider buying Huawei Honor 5C? If I would ask, probably I would say yes.

I mean what else we could expect in a smartphone at this price point? Please don’t take me wrong, I mean there are many other smartphones in the market right now with their own set of features and hardware built and at the similar price point, so why go with Honor 5C?

The answer could be its larger full HD 1080 x 1920 pixels resolution display size, I know that there are so many people who might not be interested in this screen size but according to me 5.2 display size is quite a good choice that provides a better viewing experience.

Other things are, a fingerprint scanner on the rear panel that lets you unlock your phone in just 0.5 a bigger battery life with 3,000 mAh battery and support for up to 256GB expandable memory.

So finally, Honor 5C could be a better choice at this price point with not all but many premium features. Let us know in the comments how would you consider this phone?

NetherRealm Studios confirmed Injustice 2 Will Have Plenty of New DLC Characters

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Injustice 2 will have plenty of new DLC characters for the game, NetherRealm studio’s creative director Ed Boon confirmed about the new DLS characters while talking with the IGN.

Ed Boon told IGN that the studio is taking a "more aggressive" approach than they’ve been in the past when it comes to DLC.
Injustice 2 Will Have Plenty of New DLC Characters
Image Gamerant
"One of the things we’ve been doing, trying to do more and more with every game… is to support it for a longer period of time," Boon told IGN. "With DLC characters, we’ve had four with Mortal Kombat, six with Injustice, eight with Mortal Kombat X, and with Injustice 2 we plan on continuing that pattern," he added, noting "it will certainly be more aggressive than we’ve been in the past."
Boon didn’t talked much about how many DLC characters Injustice 2 will actually feature.

Talking further with IGN Boon also told about the game's new gear system - which will allow players to customize their character - it will also include a pay-to-unlock model in the game which will allow gamers to directly purchase the rewards point if they don't really want to earn the rewards just by playing the game and spending their time.

"We have ideas in our head of the things we’d like to consider but certainly haven’t like nailed down this is going to be the way to do it," he explained. "Ideally to me the whole purpose of this feature is customization, longevity and ongoing molding of your character so to speak."

Taking into account the fact that some players likely "won't want to invest months and months of their time" in order to gain the rewards, Boon said they're looking for a way to "cast the biggest net possible to get as many players into it as possible."

Injustice 2 is scheduled to launch next year 2017 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

What you think about pay-to-unlock model in the game, will you consider this option in Injustice 2? Let us know in the comments below.

Activision Blizzard’s First TV show “Skylanders Academy” will Arrive on Netflix This Year

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Activision Blizzard’s first TV show Skylanders Academy will go live this year 2016 on Netflix. Activision confirmed this that the TV show which has the $3 billion franchise will air exclusively on Netflix for the first time in 2016 this year.

To recall, Activision Blizzard is a world’s leading and largest interactive gaming company, the company behind World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, and Overwatch.
Activision Blizzard’s First TV show “Skylanders Academy”

Bobby Kotick, CEO at Activision Blizzard said: “Over the last five years, millions of families around the world have welcomed Skylanders characters into their homes. Now, they’ll be able to watch their favourite characters come to life on Netflix. We couldn’t have found a better home for ‘Skylanders Academy’ and look forward to sharing our extraordinary characters with Netflix audiences around the world.”

Skylanders Academy, produced by Activision Blizzard Studios, the team includes Nick van Dyk, a former Disney executive, the show Starring Justin Long as Spyro, Ashley Tisdale as Stealth Elf, Breaking bad's Jonathan Banks as Eruptor and Norm MacDonald as Glumshanks.

Susan Sarandon, Parker Posey and James Hetfield will be providing their voice to the Skylanders TV series. The Skylanders Academy will debut at least two series of the show on Netflix.

Skylanders Academy would be the first gaming animated series that will debut on Netflix, but this is not the only one,

Activision Blizzard Studios also has plans to bring the second TV show series, which was announced back in November 2015. The series will feature “a robust cinematic universe” based on the Call of Duty franchise, that will include “a series of Call of Duty films as well as the possibility of television adaptations.”

“‘Skylanders Academy’ gives us the opportunity to approach narrative storytelling with the same level of quality and excellence that millions of Skylanders fans have come to expect from the game. We’re inspired by our fans’ excitement for these characters and have worked hard to bring these characters to life with stories our fans will love.” Stacey Sher, Co-President at Activision Blizzard Studios, said.

Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy a New Remaster of the Game Will Hit PS4 on July 18, 2016

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Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy launches on PS4 next month. Sony on Thursday announced that a remastered version of Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy will be launch for PS4 on July 18, 2016.

Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy launches on PS4 next month

Fahrenheit is a PS2 game which was first launched on PS2 back in 2005 and now Sony has decided to bring its new remaster version which will include 1080p graphics, Quantic Dream the developer of the game said on Twitter.

Gamers around the world will be able to buy new remaster version of the game starting July 18, 2016 for $15.

The new remaster of the Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy has been developed in parts by SIEA International Software Development team.

Indigo Prophecy, developed by Quantic Dream, was originally released for PlayStation 2 and Xbox in September 2005.

This week during Sony's press conference at E3 2016, the French developer Quantic Dream also showcased its upcoming PS4 exclusive Detroit: Become Human, asks players a question. Could you care about an android?

It’s a question that’s been posed to audiences throughout sci-fi movie history in various ways - think Westworld and Spielberg’s A.I. especially - and the influences of these films are felt keenly in the demo I saw today. writer/director David Cage explained via IGN.

To know more about the game you can watch out the Detroit: Become Human game trailer above.

Top 5 Must Have Shopping Apps for Android Smartphone

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Top 5 Must Have Shopping Apps for Android Smartphone
The 21st century has been revolutionary in lots of way and one of the best example is the online shopping craze that took over the world by storm. Once eBay set the ball rolling, there was no looking back for e-commerce boom.

Today we have 100s of online retailers selling similar catalog at different prices and as such, the competition is in its peak.

However, like every industry, online sector too has its top players and these are the ones which are usually trusted by the one and all. Here is a list of top 5 shopping apps in India that have earned a name for themselves and are preferred by the most.

Flipkart (

Being the top player in the e-commerce segment and harbinger of latest technology in the industry, Flipkart was one of the first to come up with an Android app of its own. Its application is free to download and allows users to shop right from their smartphone without the need for accessing a computer.
Flipkart app

The app itself is a complete extension to their website and uses features like swipe gesture to display next or previous product. One of the most useful features is that even if you are not connected to the Internet, it lets you see your recently viewed products.

Placing orders, making payments and checking out on the app is a breeze just like on the website. Flipkart also boasts of social media integration to allow its users to share interesting product with their friends.

Amazon (

It is not a secret that Amazon is Flipkart's top rival  in India as well as across the globe with features and offers to match that of its rival. When the e-commerce website is going toe to toe with Flipkart, how could it not have an independent app of its own.
Amazon app

The Amazon app on Google Play Store is free to download and replicates the website completely. In fact, browsing products on the app is more easier than on the website owing to swipe browsing. It also features the highlight of the website like Today's deal, recently viewed items and recommendations from Amazon based on user searches.

Placing order on the website is as easy as it is on the website and all notifications regarding your order is sent directly to the phone using notifications.

Snapdeal (

Snapdeal is one of the newer player in the e-commerce domain and has been quickly climbing the ladders of the market. While designing the app, the e-commerce website opted for a material design palette, which looks good on an Android device.
Snapdeal app

Taking the competition to the big league player, it also offers identical features and mirrors the website. Users can also use the application to place an order for their favorite products and keep track of the order after it has been placed.

Snapdeal also offers reward to its users for recommending products on their social media accounts. Snapdeal also lets users pay their online bills, recharge smartphones and other things with ease, which is an added bonus for its users.

eBay (

When it comes to online shopping websites, not naming eBay would be a crime as it is the oldest and most used online website on the Internet. Like all other e-commerce websites in the industry, eBay too has its own free to download app and it brings all the features of the website to the smartphone.
eBay app

This app does not only allows users to buy product but also sell and take part in auctions. Any regular user can start selling their products on eBay without much complications as faced while registering on Amazon or Flipkart.

Myntra (

One of the best apps when it comes to shopping for fashion and apparel is Myntra, which went on an app only route for a while. Such was the popularity of the brand that on popular demand, the website went back up.

However, since for a while the brand was on app only platform, the whole focus was on app, which made it one of the best around.
Myntra app

The shopping experience on the app is as breezy as it is on the app and unparalleled when it comes to whole user experience. A must have app for anyone who has a penchant of shopping online for their wardrobe.

Even with just 5 apps, the end user is bound to get confused in the end as to which website is selling the desired product at the lower price. To be able to address this, is a one stop solution with a comprehensive website providing price comparison between all major e-commerce apps. It also has a free to download app that offers same features and comparing upto 4 products at the same time.

It also has a separate section just for covering all deals and offers being posted on these e-commerce apps and choose for yourself.