14 February 2015

5 Ways to Prevent Your Merchant Account from Getting Hacked

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Keeping your company safe from outside threats is important. It is especially important to ensure the protection not only of your merchant account, but also the accounts of your customers. Losing your customers’ sensitive data to hackers is a quick way to lose customer trust and ultimately the very business you've spent your hard work building.
5 Ways to Prevent Your Merchant Account
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There are a number of precautions you can take as a vendor that will help aid you in this never ending process. To start with here are five ways to prevent your account from getting hacked:

Physical Inspection
This first tip may seem simple on the surface, but it’s the first step you should take to make sure your merchant account hasn’t been compromised.  It is important to check it every day to make sure no one has been fiddling around with it or trying to place bits or pieces that don’t belong. A skimmer is easy to install, and they can be small, unobtrusive and easily overlooked.

Ensure Your Protection Protocols are Up to Date
Each type of credit card machine is programmed with a variety of protocols to prevent things like phishing or skimming, and it is important that you keep these up to date as often as you can. Wherever you purchased or leased the machine from, make sure that the protections are all up to date.

Take Care When Handling Your Information
One of the easiest ways to have your account hacked is for someone to see important information about it. This can include any number of numeral codes or account numbers.

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Do not leave these things lying around as someone could easily steal them and use them to access the account and all of your funds. It’s worth investing in a paper shredder to dispose of all your sensitive information safely.

Ensure Your Internet/Mobile Connection is Secure
The whole processing concept takes place over internet protocols, and these are protected by your internal network or internet connection. If you lose control of this security, everything else, including your accounts, your customers and all files you have on record, are at risk.

Protect your passwords and don’t let anyone use your network that you aren't secure with using it. It’s advisable to update your passwords on a regular basis.

A Check 21 Processor
A check 21 processor is a third party company that works similarly to a gateway between you and your merchant bank for your credit card processing machine.

They provide additional layers of security to help prevent fraudulent process from slipping through the system. They offer services separate from your bank, however, and as such, cost an additional fee.

These are only a few of the many ways that you can prevent hacking when it comes to your credit processing account. It’s imperative to implement all of these strategies to ensure your merchant account is fully guarded against hackers.

Talk to your payment processor for even more ways you can prevent abuse.
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12 February 2015

How Gaming is Becoming More and More Infused With Multiplayer

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Are today’s video games becoming too centered on multiplayer? A couple of years back, the mere term “multiplayer” manifested in a totally different way. Traditional single-player games included the multiplayer feature as a bonus.

Game series such as “Assassin’s Creed”, “Mass Effect”, “Tomb Raider” and “Uncharted” began having separate multiplayer modes; however, the changes were so abrupt that the “extra feature” stopped being “extra” and became a solo experience.
Multiplayer Gaming
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Right now, after 10 years of unparalleled gaming on “World of Warcraft”, the industry is introducing a new concept called “shared world”. The games are no longer single-player because they’re fully immersed into multiplayer. This brand new form of gaming makes the whole experience a lot more dramatic and hasty, particularly since players are permitted to make personal decisions and choose what to do in a game.

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The evolution of multiplayer gaming 
The gaming industry has gone through a lot of changes over the past few years. Games are not just bolder now, but also incredibly realistic. The single-player mode is on the verge of extinction because companies are trying to make video games more social. This means open-world features and multi-player modes go hand in hand with social media exposure on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Bioware made its debut in the multiplayer sector with “Star Wars: The Old Republic”, in 2011. An adored sequel followed – “Knights of the Old Republic” – which was an RPG greatly appreciated by fans of the genre.

When “Titanfall” was announced in 2013, avid gamers were thrilled to see that the game was based entirely on multiplayer. “The Elder Scrolls Online” and the newly released “Destiny” are also infused with these capabilities.

Can you see that there’s a clear pattern shaping up? “Uncharted” and “Mass Effect” are not the only games out there tacking multiplayer modes. Massive companies like Blizzard, Infinity Ward, BioWare and Bungie are ditching single-players modes because they don’t provide interactive in-game experience like multiplayer.

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Online gameplay matters more that actual storylines 
Video games are becoming incredibly social. Ten years ago, most players enjoyed a game for the quest it provided, and for the storyline it featured. Right now, the games are more centered on social media. Gamers like to play them in teams; they want to have fun not just complete missions, and for this they need multiplayer.

Famous titles such as the ‘World of Warcraft’ will always move forward because the game offers a revenue stream like no other platform in the industry.

A lot of companies have tried to copy its model and failed. ‘League of Legends’ has proven that a video game can be incredibly profitable even if it’s free to play. In-game purchases are a matter of choice, and when the player base is engaged, spending a few dollars on extra perks is not such a big deal.

To put it simply, for game developers it’s often cheaper to build a multiplayer game. Because of today’s advanced technology, games are capable of expressing the most compelling stories.

MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) and MMO (multiplayer online) games have started to swallow up the industry, and it’s amazing that “Evolve” and “Titanfall” provide open-world capabilities. Players can choose what places to explore and what decisions to make, so it’s interesting and puzzling to play until the end to see what happens.

Future video games will go overboard with their multiplayer capabilities sometime in the future. Because it’s impossible to stop technology from advancing, it’s safe to say that single-player modes will slowly but surely fade into nothingness.

They might not disappear completely, but they’re losing ground because of a gamer’s wish to interact in a game, collaborate and socialize.

This is the guest post by Jason Phillips and www.makeupgames365.com
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11 February 2015

Easeus To-do Exchange Backup and Restore Software Review

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If you store important data on your PC, it is savvy to utilize back up programming. Back-up programming stores data you have on your computer. It is similar to having an alternate duplicate of everything that you continue your computer. Having back-up software empowers you to save time. There is even a programmed back-up programming that instantly performs back-up at whatever point new data is saved on the hard drive or at whatever point you have set a back-up plan.
Easeus To-do Exchange Backup and Restore Software Review
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The back-up programming is useful with diverse media and gadgets. In any case, on the off chance that you pick an implicit programming, the ability of doing back-up is restricted. Outer programming permits you to advantageously do back-up on your information to any gadget, optical media. Practically all back-up programming is equipped for encryption.

Huge numbers of the best back-up programming accessible in the business can consequently scramble your information amid exchange and back-up operations. For more data about the back-up programming that best suits your need, check out the web for assets.

You can likewise read surveys on items, gathering examinations and articles. Protecting your computer's information doesn't need to be a baffling and overpowering undertaking. Easeus To-do Exchange Backup and restore software has tools that backs-up and restore the documents that mean the most to you. This dependable information back-up software gives an array of essential and propelled back-up and restores options, alongside numerous decent features that upgrade this back-up process.

Regarding sparing your computer's information, Easeus To-do Exchange Backup and restore has you secured. You can perform full, incremental or differential back-ups. There are additionally occasion based back-ups, where certain occasions, for example, putting in new programming, beginning up or closing down the computer, will trigger a programmed back-up.

You can perform an essential back-up with simply a couple of clicks when you save to the "My Backup" organizer; however in the event that you need to go down to an alternate hard drive or system, you'll need to search accessible folders and drives.

This exchange server backup programming gives you a chance to clamp back-ups to help ration circle space. Likewise, you can part and check back-ups. There are circle imaging abilities additionally accessible on this application, which permit you to make an accurate picture of particular documents or the whole hard commute.

Despite the fact that Easeus To-do Exchange Backup and restore has numerous back-up instruments, it doesn't live up to our full desires to qualify as one of the absolute best. This information back-up programming needs backup system capacities, an option that permits you to code uncommon conditions into the back-up. Likewise, it needs infection filtering.

This back-up process has some incredible reclamation characteristics. You can utilize the drive imaging option to restore your OS rapidly. With this, you can recuperate your whole OS, particular documents, allotments and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

You can even pick particular documents and envelopes without restoring the whole plate picture. Sadly, went down records are not generally obvious, and you need to utilize the product to open these documents.

Easeus To-do Exchange Backup and restore has extraordinary booking abilities. You can set particular times to run a back-up, and you can see past back-ups. You can even remotely plan back-ups.
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He is a passionate Blogger, Entrepreneur, Writer and Thinker. He has been blogging from last couple of years and love every thing about it. He covers almost every thing related to technology on his Blog.

09 February 2015

What New SIMS 5 Features We Expect In The Game

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It has become public that SIMS 4 does not have a long career option when compared to the previous SIMS. So in the next SIMS which is SIMS 5, we wish that more career options are added especially for the medical profession and business career. They are missing in SIMS 4. At least there should be about 20 to 30 career options. Here we are sharing expected features in the next version of SIMS.
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SIMS 5 Features (Expected):

Babies Should Look Real:
Most of the fans are disappointed the babies are made to appear in SIMS. Right now they look like a doll and don’t appear to be real babies. This is the area of improvement. We expect that this problem will be addressed in SIMS 5. Hopefully babies will look more real.

Open World In SIMS 5:
It is often expected that the best features of the previous games will be carried to the next version. Open World was the best part of SIMS 3 which we did not find in SIMS 4. It would be great if Open World returns to SIMS 5. In addition, we also want that basic life stages to also make a comeback in SIMS 5.

Different Heights:
The SIMS fans are often interested in doing things differently. If the freedom to adjust the heights of people and objects is added in the next version, the game will be far more interesting. The height of people can vary in every life stage. Fans should be able to shorten and enlarge the size of objects in the game.

Best Of the previous SIMS versions:
There were really cool features in the previous versions of SIMS. Fans often wish that they would be glad to see if SIMS 5 includes all the features of the SIMS 2, SIMS 3 and SIMS4. Fans are missing the options such as writing stories and funny animations of SIMS 2. The fans would be happy to see the return of features such as the swimming pools, endless customization, toddlers, & open world of SIMS 3.

Editing World and Graphic Improvements:
A host of fans want that one word in every line “EDITING” is also included in the SIMS 5. We want to be able to edit and customize everything in the next SIMS. The ability to customize roads, rivers and roofs, etc is going to make the game interesting. In addition, fans expect new graphics in SIMS 5. Graphics of the levels such as GTA 5 game would add fun to the game.

Features of GTA Game:
GTA Game is an interesting game which has amazing features, animations and graphics. SIMS fans often fell prey to GTA. This is the reason that the wishlist includes the features of GTA Game. GTA has amazing features such as stock market, graphics and large expansive worlds. SIMS 5 should include all the amazing features from this game and give fans a surprise with whole new look.

Other SIMS 5 Desired:
It would be a value-add if features such as big family trees, knitting, sports, pets, story progression and swimming pools also become parts of the next SIMS. In short, fans are looking for cool new features in the coming SIMS. We wish if SIMS 5 does bridge all the missing ends of the previous SIMS, there would be enhanced fan-following of the game.

Meanwhile, a sims5game.com website was put up to list down what the fans want to see in the upcoming SIMS game. As per the same source SIMS 5 is also expected to release around year 2019.

What you think about this game? leave it in the comments below.
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04 February 2015

Secure Business: Best Lockdown Technology Today

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As technology evolves, so does the need for security become greater for businesses. More ideas, funds, and other priceless pieces of information are stored in digital format, which makes it a target for digital thieves.

The good news is that technology has evolved to keep pace with these new threats. Businesses now have more than simple locks and keys to keep their most valuable assets safe from unsavoury hands.
Let's explore some of the recent technological developments that affect security.
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The Achilles heel of locks has always the key they use. A simple clay mold, or a more complicated magnetic device can be enough to break most sophisticated locks, which in turn allows unauthorized access.

Biometrics are one technological innovation that use a complicated key that is nearly impossible to duplicate: the biological details of an individual like fingerprints.

These new types of locks allow for a greater degree of security on everything from the perimeters of a business to the file cabinets and computers that contain sensitive information.

Wireless Security Cameras
Another recent advancement comes in the field of camera surveillance. Wireless cameras are significantly easier to install than wired cameras, and they can be the size of no more than a dime.
This makes it possible to not only catch a thief, but also to stop them while they are committing illegal activities.

These wireless cameras can be monitored from inside of the building that has them installed, or they can be monitored over a wireless connection from a business owner's home, making this one of the most secure ways of looking at your business.

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High-Risk Merchant Accounts
Certain industries have a larger amount of risk associated with them. Airplane travel, electronic cigarette accessories, electronics, and telecommunications are just a few of the industries where customers may commit fraudulent charges or ask for refunds where something as simple as opening a product makes it a complete loss.

High-risk merchants are promoting ways of reducing risk in some of these industries. For example, they're reducing the amount of refunds digital downloads face by introducing download-specific codes that make a product stop working or prevent a song from playing when a customer commits fraud.

While this does not reduce fraudulent activities directly, it dissuades them in the future. A credit card processor can also help you scope out which customers or employees aren't being entirely truthful about financial deals.

As new technologies become available for businesses to use, so do the number of security options. Everything from biometrics to digital data protection, are effective security precautions that have resulted from advancements in computing and technology.

More methods of keeping businesses safe from fraudulent purchases, physical burglary, and digital thieves are constantly being pioneered.

Investing in these types of technologies will keep businesses safer, which in turn allows them to focus more on their business rather than trying to keep themselves secure from unsavoury individuals and groups.
About the Author:

Brooke Chaplan is a freelance writer and blogger. She lives and works out of her home in Los Lunas, New Mexico. She loves the outdoors and spends most her time hiking, biking and gardening. For more information about how to deal with high risk merchant accounts or your high risk credit card processor, it’s best to look for a company like Menexis.”

26 January 2015

Xiaomi Mi4 Could Be Available in India on January 28 Report Says

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A few days back Xiaomi has launched its flagship smartphones, the Mi Note and Mi Note Pro, in Beijing. According to some report if we believe, the new Xiaomi Mi 4 could be available in India at the end of this on January 28. The Xiaomi Mi4 was launched back in July last year in many countries but not in India, and now its finally entering into Indian market.
Image: Xiaomi
According to the Manu Jain, head of India operations said that, the Mi 4 will be available by the end of this month January and would go for sale in February 2015. It has been expected that the Xiaomi will launch the 16 GB variants of the Mi4 in India.

The Mi4 will come with a metal body and removable plastic back cover which will be more compact and light in weight. The phone has a 5-inch (1920 x 1080 pixels) IPS display with 441 ppi resolution and the Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for protection.

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The hardware includes 2.5Ghz quad core Snapdragon 801 processor, Sony IMX214 BSI sensor and 4K video recording. 3GB RAM and a 3,000mAh battery. The phone runs on the latest MIUI 6 version having installed Android 4.4.3 KitKat on it, the phone features 8MP front facing camera with Sony Exmor R sensor and a 13MP rear camera on the back.

Just like other earlier Xiaomi phones, Mi4 will also be available for sale exclusively on Flipkart in India. The actual price of the phone has not yet been reviled, but it is expected that the price would be around Rs 17,000- Rs 20,000.

You can visit the Xiaomi website for more info here.
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