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Gears of War 4 Cross-Platform Multiplayer Trial Coming to Xbox One, Windows 10 this Weekend

- 03 December 2016 No Comments
Gears of War 4 cross-platform multiplayer trial coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs this weekend, Microsoft announced on Friday and added that cross-platform multiplayer trial will “evaluate the potential of a more permanent Crossplay solution”.

“Crossplay is divisive in any Versus experience, and Gears of War 4 is no different,” The TC Octus wrote in the Gears of War forum. “From the beginning, we stated our intention to keep both platforms separate in non-cooperative game modes in order to preserve competitive balance. Conserving a fair, competitive environment remains a top priority for us.”

Gears of War 4 Cross-Platform Multiplayer Trial Coming to Xbox One, Windows 10

Microsoft said that there are no further plans for the future of Crossplay, by providing the trail this weekend the company just want to experiment with the 'Crossplay' to ensure a better and permanent crossplay solution in future for Xbox One and Windows 10 gamers.

You can find the settings for this test as listed below.

PC and Xbox players can crossplay together in this special Versus Playlist from Friday December 2nd, Monday, December 5th.

Playlist Type: Social Modes:
Team Deathmatch, Dodgeball, King of the Hill
Maps: All (including Checkout and Dry Dock)
Win XP: 1500 (up from 600)
Loss XP: 750 (up from 100)
Maximum Squad Size: 5

Would you like to play Gears of War 4 Crossplay? let us know what you think in the comments below.

Asus ZenFone 3 Deluxe, ZenFone 3 Ultra Finally Available in India

- 30 November 2016 No Comments
The Asus ZenFone 3 Deluxe and ZenFone 3 Ultraboth the smartphone were launched back in August, and there was no details about its availability in India then, but now both the Asus ZenFone 3 Deluxe and ZenFone 3 Ultra smartphones are finally available in India.

In India, both smartphones will be available at a starting price of  Rs. 49,999 and they will be available through offline and online retail stores across the country.

Asus ZenFone 3 Deluxe, ZenFone 3 Ultra Finally Available in India

Asus ZenFone 3 Ultra (ZU680KL)
The Asus ZenFone 3 Ultra (ZU680KL) features a 6.8-inch full-HD display, and is powered by octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 processor coupled with 4GB of RAM. It comes with 64GB of inbuilt storage and can be expanded via microSD card (up to 128GB).

The smartphone comes with a 23-megapixel primary camera on the rear and an 8-megapixel camera on the front. It houses a 4600mAh non-removable battery. Asus ZenFone 3 Ultra will be available in Glacier Silver and Titanium Grey colour options.

Asus ZenFone 3 Deluxe (ZS570KL)
The Asus ZenFone 3 Deluxe (ZS570KL), comes with a 5.7-inch 1080p Super AMOLED display and it's powered by a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor and coupled with 6GB of RAM. The smartphone comes with 64GB of internal storage and can be expanded via microSD card (up to 256GB).

The Asus ZenFone 3 Deluxe (ZS570KL) sports a 23-megapixel rear camera and an 8-megapixel camera at the front. The smartphone houses a 3000mAh battery.

The company has also launched a Special Edition ZenFone 3 with a Snapdragon 821 SoC and 256GB of inbuilt storage.

The Special Edition ZenFone 3 has been priced at Rs. 62,999, and all other specifications remain the same as the Snapdragon 820 variant. The ZenFone 3 Deluxe (ZS570KL) is available in Sand Gold and Glacier Silver colour variants.

Rizwan Ahmad 
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Rizwan, He is a passionate Blogger, Entrepreneur, Writer, and Thinker. He has been blogging from last couple of years and loves everything about it. He covers almost everything related to technology on his Blog

Pokemon Sun and Moon's Official Soundtrack is Now Available on iTunes

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The official soundtrack of Pokemon Sun and Moon's now available on iTunes--so you can enjoy humming along to the games' route music on your way to work.

The soundtrack is currently available in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and Italy; and soon it will be available in rest of the countries as well.

The Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon: Super Music Collection includes 169 tracks of music, sound effects, and mini jingles from GameFreak's latest title.

The sound tracks will cost you about US$10 / £8 / AU$17.

Sony Launches PlayStation Communities App for Android and iOS

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Sony on Tuesday launched a new PlayStation Communities app for Android and iOS, The new Communities app allows PS4 gamers to keep in touch with other gamers of “similar interests and preferences” when they are away from their console.

Sony Launches PlayStation Communities App for Android and iOS

“Within a Community, you can join parties and launch into games with other Community members, or talk about your shared interests,” Sony said in its announcement. “For instance, if you’re having trouble finding players to tackle Destiny’s newest raid, Wrath of the Machine, a Destiny community may help you fill out your fireteam.”

Sony added that you can also discover new communities in the app itself, which even “provides recommendations based on the games you’ve played and highlights which communities are trending”.

Gamers on the app can access community profiles, discover and join new communities, and post text or images to community walls. The app also sends push notification on your smartphone so you can get alerts whenever there's new activity.

Rizwan Ahmad 
About the Author:
Rizwan, He is a passionate Blogger, Entrepreneur, Writer, and Thinker. He has been blogging from last couple of years and loves everything about it. He covers almost everything related to technology on his Blog

Does "Growling Technology" Roar on Car Rental System?

- 24 November 2016 No Comments
Concatenating the cutting-edge technology with the unparalleled car rental industry can result into the tremendous transformations on the traveling landscape. Introducing the "rental facet" with the pioneering digital world can bring a smile on many faces. No doubt, these services are performing a solacing and great work. But, just interpret; if the "technology" is added to them, then it will be going to amaze the world.

Ready to rent a car and pamper yourself with Technological-oriented Services!
If we switch to our title, then its answer is a "Big Yes". The technology is encompassing the entire turf slowly and the car leasing services are one of its grand illustrations. The fact is that not a single entity can't pull it out of the fire of technology. It's good, isn't it?

Does "Growling Technology" Roar on Car Rental System?
Image Source
Probable Reasons for the Technology Upgrade in Car Rental
Well! Every coin has two surfaces. Although, hiring a car emerges as a feasible perk for every individual, but if we consider it from a company's point of view, then it includes some adversities. Like-

At some instances, the car's wear and tear is visualized as a paradigm of the occupational hazard.
The second experienced factor is the customer's end of patience. In some circumstances, it will lead to the customer's frustration.

These are the logical rationales that have been noticed. So, if the technological innovations change the course of the car hiring services to alleviate these downsides, no one can deny it.
Let us discuss in depth about what are the newer technological elements that are embraced with car hiring facet:-

Digital Units Hug the Car Rental System 

Smartphone Scenario (Mobile Apps)
Every entity is accessible at the fingertips 24*7, so why not the car rental unit? Yes, we are talking about the "Mobile Car Rental Apps". They are reining the entire sphere. These apps cater the unprecedented niche of information in the hands of every individual.

Either it is day or night, you can book a car at any time zone of a day. The car lease in Dubai allows you to access the services and the car will reach you in the least time as you expected.

To enjoy the ravishing experience of mobile apps, you have to download the specific car hire app, register by your name, book a cab, and the cab will reach your terminal. So, here is the software that provides you a myriad of rewards of traveling.

Touch Sensors (GPS) 
No more unfamiliarity about the car! Simply, use the enticing "touch screen keyboard" and monitor the exact direction and location of a car. What is it? It is the brilliant example of the technology. So, rent a car in Dubai, use this attribute, and ride to the airport on time.

Moreover, a propitious technological aspect- "virtual touch-screen keypads" was investigated in 2014 by Hertz. The "complete security" is attached to it. Actually, this virtual keypad is installed on the windshield.

The customer can come and enter the pre-given code, and then he is allowed to sit in the car.  Therefore, it is also a grand discovery in the world of car hiring sphere. An unexemplary aspect until now! Seems Remarkable!

Drive in Electric Vehicles
Let us incorporate the greener electric solution as compared to the combustion fuel. Yes, through EVs (electric vehicles)! This is certainly favorable to the car rental industry that can have the potential to bring several good upshots at present and in the future too. Presently, it can solve the issue of "range extension".

If you are on a long trip and unfortunately, your car stops due to the fuel scarcity, then it will be a big issue for you. The usage of the electric conveyances will solve your problem to a certain extent. In the whole, you can say that these are the reliable alternatives that can replace the rental cars that are powered by the oil.

Biometrics Encryption
Over the recent years, the rental car thefts have escalated and won't be captured or foreseen before. It is not only the personal cars that are being stolen but the hired cars also hold the place in the checklist of the crooks and highway robbers.

They make use of the false documents and identities to execute the forgery. Indirectly, we can say that it is the outcome of the negative utilization of the technology. We are not blaming the technology. But, there are various nuts, which use it adversely. No worries!

This technology is ready to surpass them through the- "Biometrics". The biometrics coupled with the cops' records help to trace the criminals and their exact locations so that they can be caught. Don't you think that it reduces pseudo activities?

Forecast about Cars 
All of the above technological innovations create good to the car rental services and make them more efficient. But, what more changes the digital technology is going to bring! Yet, it is unknown, but we can make a try to predict some rough estimate, right! Let's see...

Medical Cars
Sensors will be able to monitor a driver's heart rate, eyes movements, and brain activity. Even, the "digital grip pads" could be introduced. These will be on the steering wheel that can evaluate the heart rate or other vital signs. Hats off to the technology!

Smart watch Controls
Want to relish a "James Bond" type experience? Wait few years. The smart watches will allow opening automatically and to tell a car to park itself. Even, after shopping, you won't have to walk to your car. Just tell your car and it will reach your desired destination to pick you easily.

Self-parking Cars
 It will be going to give a blast in future. Your car will find the relevant space and park it appropriately. The data allows you to push a button and rest of the work will be done by a car.

How tech-savvy are you? Are you waiting for such over-whelming innovations in the car sphere? Everyone does. The technology is doing a commendable job in the car rental system. Making it more productive using biometrics and booking software can have the strength to facelift the entire car-hiring scenario.

About the Author:
Alice Methew writer at loves pursuing excellence through writing and has a passion for different sites. Her work has been published on various sites related to Travel, Technology, Business, Management and many more!

David And Goliath - How Small Businesses Win The Fight

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Starting your own business is your very own home can feel very much like a David and Goliath story. It’s easy to fear that your story might easily end with David getting squashed underfoot. But here we’ll teach you how to sling that metaphorical rock and sling it well. This is how you level the playing field and beat the big guys.

Presentation counts
You need to eradicate the negative bias of being a smaller company. For instance, if you’re meeting a potential lead, you don’t want to hand out a business card that says ‘CEO’. Nor do you want to be dressed in casual clothes. Be professional and create the illusion you’re part of a bigger professional outfit. You can even use sites like to make a proper office address part of that illusion.

How Small Businesses Win The Fight
Image Source
Make buzz
You don’t have the sheer marketing budget that a lot of bigger businesses have. So you need to put time into it, instead. You need to get in touch with influencers and get them to cover your product. Offer them a free trial or an affiliate's scheme for instance. Get active on social media and give your followers reasons to be loud. Whether it’s competitions or asking for their feedback. People want their opinions to be heard, so give them the stage for it.

Have a team
If you’re working from home or in a tiny office, you might imagine you don’t have the ability to deal with employees. But remote working is here to prove you wrong. Get your administrative, information and communication jobs done by someone else. Make sure you’re using proper communication and task-sharing programs to keep them productive, too. For some people, the ability to work from home is the kind of job flexibility they’ve been dreaming of. Don’t assume you have to be stuck on your own.

Business Team

Band together
Small businesses stick together. That’s the truth of the matter. They benefit from sharing information, referrals, and resources. They cross-promote and supply one another at great rates because it’s an easier way to deal with the hard times. You need to look at sites like to find your kindred spirits.

Stand apart
As we’ve said, you don’t have the budget of bigger businesses. You can’t offer the broad range of services that they can. So instead, you need to offer services that go deeper. Research your competitors. Find the services that they’re not as focused on in their marketing and delivery.

Win The Fight

Then make that your niche. Specialize in exactly the kind of thing that they can’t. Being unique is the best defence you can have against being small. It also makes for great marketing.

Beating your competitors is about turning your weaknesses into advantages. You don’t have an office so you can offer employees a more flexible workstyle. You don’t have the breadth of your bigger competitors, so you can go deeper into a niche. A smaller business’s perspective is the best weapon you have. Use it and beat the giant.

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Genres of PC Games You Should Try At Least Once

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There are so many great PC game genres out there. If you are new to the world of PC gaming, there are a few that you have to try once. These are the best genres to be aware of because they stand out on PC more so than with other consoles.

Genres of PC Games You Should Try At Least Once

Sandbox Games
Sandbox games are fun because of the freedom you get. There are fewer limits in place, meaning your character can explore the world of the game at will. This means you can create things, take on challenges or fight with other players.

Some of the most popular sandbox games include Minecraft and No Man’s Sky. They are very different games, but both can be incredibly engrossing for you as a player. You’ll find the best indie sandbox games on the PC rather than other consoles, so don’t be tempted by the PS4.

No Man’s Sky
Image Source
RPGs are role playing games. You become a character and work your way through a complex narrative. These are very common and popular among PC gamers. You should definitely give them a try if you never have before.

You can become fully immersed in the action and enjoy the challenges the game throws at you. There are all kinds of great RPG games available on the PC, so see which ones interest you most. The online capability of these games can make them even more enjoyable.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Strategy Games
Strategy games rely on managing a whole lot of variables and making sure that you achieve the best outcomes. War and battle strategy games tend to be the most popular. You have to find a way of breaking through and defeating the enemy.

If you don’t opt for the right strategy, you simply won’t find success. There are also plenty of sports strategy games for people who like to take on those kinds of challenges.

Starcraft 2

Card & Casino
Card games and casino games have been around forever, and they’re still appealing to players. Playing them on the PC is best because you can swiftly and easily get together with other players all over the world. You can visit sites that offer these kinds of games here.

You just need to be able to hold your nerve and deal with risking real money. You should also know when to cut your losses. But it can be a lot of fun if you take the right kind of approach to these games, so try it out.

Card & Casino
If you’ve never played a city simulator game before, now is the time to change all that. Games like Cities: Skylines are very impressive. You can create an entire city and make it function as a real city would.

Simulators games

You control the roads, the building projects, the taxes and everything else. It’s the kind of game you can get lost in. And there are plenty of other types of simulation game too. You can play transport simulators, prison simulators or farm simulators. And those are just a few examples, so give them a try.

Which type of PC games you like to play? let us know in the comments below.

Meizu X Appeared in Live Pictures with Ring Flash

- 23 November 2016 No Comments
Chinese smartphone manufacturer Meizu is just going to launch its new Meizu X smartphone on November 30 at a special event in China. A few days before its final launch the Meizu X now appears in new leak images with Ring Flash on it.

The newly leaked image shows the back side image of the smartphone which appears to have antenna-less metal back and the ring flash around the main camera.

Meizu X Appeared in Live Pictures with Ring Flash

The leaked image doesn't reveal much about the device like the screen size, display, and camera resolutions but as per the previous rumors, the Meizu X is expected to come equipped with a Mediatek's Helio P10 SoC with full HD display and 3GB of RAM, while internal memory is expected to be 32GB. In terms of camera, the phone features a 13MP rear unit and a 5MP front shooter. Meizu X will be running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of the box.

It is also expected that Meizu may unveil a new Meizu m5 note at the event on November 30.


Rizwan Ahmad 
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Rizwan, He is a passionate Blogger, Entrepreneur, Writer, and Thinker. He has been blogging from last couple of years and loves everything about it. He covers almost everything related to technology on his Blog

Blue Coral Galaxy S7 Edge is Up for Pre-Order with Rogers Open Reservation

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The Blue Coral Galaxy S7 Edge is Up for Pre-Order with Rogers open reservation. The device is now listed for pre-order on the Canadian Rogers communications website. But there is still no date have been mentioned when the device will be available for purchase but it will cost you about $1000 CAD for this particular model.

Blue Coral Galaxy S7 Edge is Up for Pre-Order

The handset can be purchased either from Samsung Experience Stores across the country or online via

To be able to use Rogers open reservation you will need to register on the Rogers website, just sign up for the new account if you don't have one. Also, let us know if you decide to pre-order the device and would you like the device at price of $1000?

Let us know in the comments below.

Rizwan Ahmad 
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Rizwan, He is a passionate Blogger, Entrepreneur, Writer, and Thinker. He has been blogging from last couple of years and loves everything about it. He covers almost everything related to technology on his Blog

Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017) Now Appeared on GFXBench

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The Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017) - which was spotted earlier on benchmarking website Geekbench, is now appeared on another benchmarking website GFXBench. The device which carries an FCC ID of A3LSMJ327P has already cleared the FCC in the US and TENAA in China, and has also been certified by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG).

Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017) Now Appeared on GFXBench

The listed details on the GFXBench benchmark show the model number. SM-J327. The details reveal that the device is powered by a Snapdragon SoC with quad-core 1.4GHz processor, with a 5-inch HD display.

The listing further reveals that the device would come with 1.5 or 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. The device features a 5MP rear camera and a 2MP front shooter. The handset runs Android 6.0.1 out of the box.

Galaxy J3 (2017) GFXBench Benchmark

Other features on the device includes, accelerometer, altimeter, barometer, bluetooth, camera (face), camera (rear), compass, gps, gyroscope, heart rate, lightsensor, nfc, pedometer, proximity, simcards, 1thermometer, wifi.


Rizwan Ahmad 
About the Author:
Rizwan, He is a passionate Blogger, Entrepreneur, Writer, and Thinker. He has been blogging from last couple of years and loves everything about it. He covers almost everything related to technology on his Blog

Best Home Entertainment Technology on the Market Today

- 22 November 2016 No Comments
A family trip to the movie theater can cost more than $100 if you’re not paying attention. You do not have to waste money on popcorn and movie tickets though, you can have the movie theater experience without paying for the expensive movie tickets.

In the past, a simple flat screen television could give you a great home theater experience, but technology is always changing. Here are five devices that can improve your home theater experience and bring you a real theater right at home.

Best Home Entertainment Technology on the Market Today
A decade ago, a DVD player was a simple and popular home entertainment device, but the technology has become outdated. Blu-ray players are a home entertainment system necessity. Blu-ray discs have a better picture quality and in addition, most Blu-ray discs have more storage space. They also are able to play DVDs so your existing collection won’t be so obsolete either.

Digital Video Recorder
VCRs are bulky and outdated. If you want to record TV shows, you need a digital video recorder. A DVR can record your favorite shows and you can skip the commercials. You can also replay your favorite scenes. Unlike a VCR, a DVR uses sophisticated recording technology and is perfect for a night in of your choice in shows.

Smart Televisions
A smart television can give you a crystal-clear picture. It can also give you instant access to streaming services. Most smart televisions come with hundreds of paid and free channels. You can purchase a premium channel subscription, or watch the free specialty channels.

Streaming Devices
If you do not want to purchase a smart television, you can purchase a streaming device. A streaming device can convert a regular television into a smart television. The device plugs into the television, and it has a separate remote control. Streaming devices have hundreds of free channels, and the devices can work with a wireless or Ethernet connection.

Most flat screen televisions have a quality internal sound system, but you still cannot hear everything. If you want to hear everything that happens in the movie, you should purchase a great surround sound system. You can purchase a single speaker, or you can purchase a collection of speakers and subwoofers.

These devices are available in a variety of prices, so you are likely to find a device that is within your budget. Your home entertainment system devices are important assets, and you should protect your assets with home security system basics. Make your home theater a one-of-a-kind experience with these devices.

Rizwan Ahmad 
About the Author:
Rizwan, He is a passionate Blogger, Entrepreneur, Writer, and Thinker. He has been blogging from last couple of years and loves everything about it. He covers almost everything related to technology on his Blog

Why Businesses Adopts SIP Trunking in Big Numbers

- 21 November 2016 No Comments
Before we enquire about the tendency of today’s businesses of adopting SIP trunking, let us at first know what actually SIP trunking is in the first place. SIP trunk is can be defined as a logical connection, which uses a Session Initialization Protocol or SIP for setting up a communication hierarchy over the internet between a customer or user location and the ITSP or Internet Telephony Service Provider.

SIP Trunk, technically speaking is designed to transfer the SIP calls to a PSTN or Public Switched Telephone Network.

Why Businesses Adopts SIP Trunking in Big Numbers

This technology is specially designed to help making of the regular local, STD, as well as international calls at no extra cost. Hence, the technology is a welcome relief for the small sale business houses or business houses, which run businesses with showstring budget and a shallow financial coffer. In short, SIP can be defined as a real time communication mechanism for the VoIP system.

Effective as well as uninterrupted communication is the most crucial aspect of any business at present. If business houses are not able to seamlessly interact with their customers and keep in constant touch with their associates, they are in no position to hold back their customers.

They will invariably lag behind in the cut throat competition in the cut throat competition that is prevailing in the market today. The latest SIP trunking technology communication in not only fast and efficient, but is extremely cheap, so much so that each an every business house, regardless of its financial coffer, can avail it.

This is particularly helpful for the companies that have their branches and business units scattered over various locations of the world. Even making unlimited international calls makes hardly any difference for they cost as little as the local calls.

After the introduction of the VoIP technology, businesses today are able to make and receive local as well as international call over a broadband connection. This allows them to make free or cheap calls even from remote areas, or from places that are nowhere near the centralized location of the business.

The hosted VoIP technology also comes up with a wide range of tailor made or customized value added features or benefits that perfectly suit the business needs of the businesses.

However, even though this technology comes up with a wide plethora of benefits, a number of business organizations still hold themselves back from replacing their traditional PBX communication system with the VoIP based system, largely due to the apprehension that the transformation will make them lose their control over the personal PBX system.

This is where the SIP trunking makes the difference, and this is why more and more companies today are adopting the SIP trunking system.  This technology provides the companies the option of preserving the traditional PBX communication system while they run the hosted VoIP based communication system effectively.

So it can well be said that the SIP trunking helps in a seamless marriage between the PBX based and VoIP based telecommunication system. Let us look into some of the benefits of SIP Trunking – or in other words, the reason why more and more companies are switching over the SIP Trunking.

SIP Trunking reduces the telecommunication costs on separate voice and data connections, thereby increasing the benefits for having in place a communication system that uses both data and voice together.

This technology comes up with a lot of potential of serving an entire business organization, regardless of its scale of operation. MNCs and multi-size organizations can use a solitary SIP trunking account instead of running multiple PRI connections, which would have significantly increased the cost quotient.

With the growth of the business, the communication can also expand with the need of investments for gateway or card.

Rizwan Ahmad 
About the Author:
Rizwan, He is a passionate Blogger, Entrepreneur, Writer, and Thinker. He has been blogging from last couple of years and loves everything about it. He covers almost everything related to technology on his Blog