27 July 2014

How to Choose Best VoIP Service Provider for Your Business?

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VoIP service providers in the market are jostling to get a greater share of the pie and this is why they are doling out new offers every day to lure the customers.  If you are looking to switch to the latest VoIP communication service then it is very important that you choose your service provider carefully.

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind before going for a VoIP service provider. Given below is a list of tips that would help you to make the best choice:
Best VoIP Service Provider for Your Business
Image Crredit: mirus-it.co.uk
Know your needs: This is the most crucial factor. Before you go hunting for the suitable service provider for your business, you should be aware of your requirements. There is always a requirement for every business and without knowing what you need; it is going to be very difficult. There are different service providers out there who have many offerings, but not everything. So, go to the only ones who offer you what you need.

Study the market:  Anytime you go to shop for anything, it is mandatory to survey the market at first. VoIP is no exception in this matter. The market survey is pretty simple and you do not need to go t each and office-doors of service providers. You can do the research from the classified pages of local newspapers or search in the directory or the simplest way is to surf the internet. There is another way and that is to ask for preferences from social circle like friends, acquaintances or colleagues. Once you have a list of service providers, it will be easier to choose from them.

Compare the services provided: Now that you have a whole list full of service providers, then this is the time for comparison. There are many service providers who give services of different kind and at different price. You should compare each and every one of them with the services they provide with the cost they demand and then go for the one who fits your budget and requirement. Also there are other facts to be considered about and they are service quality, technical expertise, customer feedback etc.

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Customer feedback: Customer feedback is also a considerable fact. At first shortlist the ones who fits your budget and requirements. Then the task comes to compare the customer feed backs of those service providers. There may be two or three service providers who you think is appropriate for you business and they provide what you need in affordable cost. But the catch is are they also a good one in the business and keep their word of good service? This kind of questions can only be answered by the previous clients of the company and for that, you need to visit them for their customer feedback.

Negotiation: The part of negotiation comes with any kind of deal you make. So, in this matter, there should be negotiation as well. There are many companies which go to the very extent to grab a new VoIP client. So, when you see that the prices are beyond your affordability and you cannot match up to the cost, just start negotiating with the service provider. There you can lessen some unnecessary features that the service provider is providing and this way the price can get reduced and you can get a good deal.

So, now as the principles of choosing a good and suitable service provider are discussed above, there will be no difficulty to choose one from the cluster of service providers. You can also look into coupons and things like that for a better deal.

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Michelle Patterson is an avid technology blogger and writes extensively about IP/VoIP and Unified Communication. She works with some leading companies to understand the trends of these modern communication technologies.

20 July 2014

Time for Tech: What to Include in Any Company

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In today’s fast-paced tech-driven world, businesses who want to stay relevant need to make sure they have the technology to do so. That said, there are a lot of different technology options out there, so it can be difficult trying to determine what is best for your company. Keep in mind that every industry is going to have certain technological products that are must-have items. However, here are a few tech products that every company should have, no matter the industry.
Image Credit: tipsoninterview.in
Cloud Services
Cloud services will help your entire company run more effectively. If you have the budget, you may even want to buy your employees their own electronic devices, such as computer, tablets or smartphones. By giving your employees these resources, they’ll be able to effectively do their job, while updating information and saving their content to the cloud. Cloud services will also help your company store important information, to ensure that things aren't lost through the chain of command. Make sure your cloud systems can’t be breached and that it is thoroughly protected with antivirus and firewalls.

Employee Monitoring
Managing and monitoring employees can be incredibly difficult, and if employees are being dishonest to the company, this can cause a headache for everyone involved. However, there are tech products out there that make it easier to monitor and watch over employees and their actions. For example, some tech products help keep track of employee payroll and the time that they actually work, while other tech products will ensure employees are doing what they are supposed to do while at the office, rather than surfing the web, or being unproductive. Getting the most from your employees is important and technology will help make sure that happens.

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Data Storage Services
If your business stores a lot of information, then you’ll want to ensure that you have a reliable data storage service to help you keep everything organized. Companies like MapADataCenter.com work diligently to secure your information, while also making your company data centers readily available whenever you need it. These type of services also come with a variety of different options, so you can pick and choose the amount of space you need, the type of security you want and much more.

If you want to make the most of your business, it needs to utilize the best tech advances available. The three mentioned here will help you function more effectively, manage employees more efficiently, and also protect your information more diligently. Be sure to include them in your business if you want to be the best you can be.

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16 July 2014

Using Social Media to Assist With Your Events - Facebook's Events for You Feature

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For those planning an event, the use of social media is a must. Through the use of social channels you can reach out to those potentially interested in your event, connect with those definitely interested in your event and update those who have attended an event of yours in the past.
Facebook's Events for You Feature
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A platform to share content and engage attendees
In addition to this, social media allows you to share event content, provide followers with previews of what your event will consist of and keep attendees updated. For anyone organising an event today, social media is an indispensable tool that can broaden the reach of your event. With the latest Facebook update, this reach is broadened even further.

Automated event suggestions
On the 3rd of July, Facebook’s events feature received a visual overhaul which saw the addition of a new “Events For You” tab. As event organisers, this new functionality will bring a whole raft of possibilities to us. Rather than just being a calendar of invites and a few suggestions based on what a user’s friends are doing, “Events For You” will now recommend gatherings it thinks a user will enjoy, even if no one invited them, their friends aren’t going or they have never been to the venue. Excellent news for event organisers.

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Utilising the data Facebook holds on its users
This new event discovery functionality, which can be found on the right sidebar of the web version of Facebook, is based on much more data than the previous Events incarnation. It has been confirmed that these recommendations are based on the information a user has shared with Facebook, e.g. the pages that they have liked, the groups and communities they are a part of, the events their friends are attending, plus other relevant contextual information such as the day of the week and location.

Broadening your audience scope with minimal effort
Because of the changes to Facebook’s events functionality, now is definitely the time to ensure any events you are planning are listed on Facebook. The social network can now look at an event, assess what is about and who is going and utilise the demographic and interest data it holds to match your event to more potential attendees. This is great as it can almost instantly broaden your audience scope with minimal effort on your part.

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This article is contributed by Dean Ronnie and posted by Rizwan Ahmad Author and founder of cyberockk.com, He is a tech blogger from India and he loves to share his thoughts by writing articles on this site to the different topics related to technology world.

11 July 2014

15 Great Email Alerts Services You Should Be Using

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Email alert services are really great when we really don't want to miss anything happening from the web. there are many great email alerts services like Google Alert which makes anything to track very easy and lets you know about anything what's happening on the web.

But this is not only one in this category, there are lot more great email alert services which will keep you alert from anything happens new on the web. Here i have listed 15 Email Alerts Services that i think you should check.
15 Great Email Alerts Services
Image Credit: recordedfuture.com
1- Follow your World: This is a free Google email alert services. If you really want to keep track any of your locations imagery, this service will help you to do so. By using this service you can keep track of any new imagery get updated on Google map and Google earth. Just mark the point and submit you location and when Google will update its satellite and aerial imagery in your area, it will notify you by email.

2- Brook: This is a tweet related service. If you really don't want to miss any tweets from any of your favorite tweeters then this service can help you by keeping you alert by sending emails new tweets into your inbox. Just go to the site and sign in with your twitter account and it will start sending five of the best tweets from the people you would select, so you will never miss any of your tweets from your favorite tweeters.

3- Newsle: This service help you track and send you and alert every time when any of your Facebook and LinkedIn friend makes any news on any news websites. The service uses and analyzes your Facebook and LinkedIn profile to track when any of your social site friend appears on a news website.

4- Visual Ping: Use it if you want to keep track of any websites visual and area changes. The service help you to know when a web page and website area changes. Simply mark a web page on a website and it will send you an alerts when the web page and website area will change.

5- Earthquake Alerts: You can simply mark your area on Google map and Earthquake Alerts will send you a free email alert when a Earthquake would be reported in your area.

6- Domain Tools: By using this service you can easily keep track of any web domains. The service helps you monitor any new domain activities like when the domains are going to expire, when it will be renewed and any other crucial changes in the domains.

7- Book Alerts: This is an amazon service which you can use search for favorite upcoming books from your favorite authors. Just fill out a short form and you are done.

8- Follow-Up: Sometime you really need to Follow-up some of your very important emails in Gmail but when you didn't get the time to read such email you simply mark the 'Star' so you can easily Follow-up that email later. There is a solution for that created by 'Amit Agarwal' a well known and very popular web geek from India. He has created a Google script which can be used to created follow-up email emails alert system into your Gmail.

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9- Talkwalker: This service send free alerts every time when you any of your website and brand name gets listed in a news stories, websites and forums.

10- Wikipedia Watch- You can add some Wikipedia pages into Wikipedia Watchlist and when there would be any edits and changes it send you and email alerts for this change.

 11- Mention: with this you can keep track of anything being said on the web and and social media sites. You can easily get alerts from any social media and any commenting platform like Disqus.

12-Timehop: This is great service which let remind your lifes favorite moments by sending you photos and updates everyday, that you may have shared years ago from your social media profiles like Facebook, Instamatic, twitter etc.

13- IFTTT: This site has lot more thing to send you as an alert. IFTTT offers a big number of alert services like your iPhone photos to your phone, weather alerts, sound cloud email alerts from users you follow.

14- Amazon Price Tracker: With this email alert service you can get alert of about the price ups and downs of your favorite products on amazon website.

15- MouseLock: This is a great service which sends an email alert with the photo of the person who uses your computer when you are away from your computer.

Hope you would like this post. Just share your views with me which one you like the most?
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07 July 2014

Seven Apps to Track Your Spending and Manage Your Money

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Financial ruin is a lot easier to achieve than you'd think, but it can be avoided with the help of any one of the many financial management apps available. With these tools, users can track spending and account balances, stay updated on what bills are due and create a budget based on recurring expenses. With so many to choose from, however, a little help in finding the cream of the crop can go a long way. Below are the top seven.
Apps to Track Your Spending and Manage Your Money
Image Credit: braveish.com
The Mint financial app syncs your financial accounts and makes the information viewable in one place. In terms of budgeting, the app tracks and breaks down spending into categories so users see a snapshot of what they're spending and where and the app allows them to create a budget based on spending habits.

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Toshl Finance 
Toshl is a simpler app that's designed for users who just want to track their expenses. With Toshl, you can enter expenses to get a snapshot of what percentage of your budget goes toward different types of purchases and you can create a family and household budget. Toshl also has a currency converter feature with up-to-date exchange rates, which is perfect for sticking to a budget when traveling.

Tricount is a must-have secondary app if you regularly split expenses with friends. The app does all the math for you, breaking down what each person owes whether you're splitting the cost evenly or by a percentage. Each friend can then log in a check what they owe.

If you have a habit of paying bills after they're due, Check is the answer. Instead of remembering different passwords and due dates, this app syncs information from all accounts, reminds users of upcoming payments and allows them to pay directly through the app. You'll never miss a due date again.

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HomeBudget works on both desktop and mobile platforms and helps homeowners to stay on course financially. The app tracks income, the many expenses that come with home ownership and it allows users to create budgets and sub-budgets (such as a snack budget within the grocery budget).

You Need a Budget 
You Need a Budget is an app that’s designed to help people take control of their financial life with a four-rule method. The secret behind this app is it breaks available income into spending categories, which prevents you from overspending on anything. It creates a budget for the future based on the money you have today, not the money you'll be getting in two weeks.

Manilla is a free app that syncs all of your financial accounts in one place and makes them accessible with one password. You can view statements, pay bills, track spending, create budgets and check balances all with just a few clicks.

Gone are the days of balancing your checkbook with pen and paper. New technologies and the interconnected world we live in has made it easier to assume financial responsibility. Hiring a trusted firm such as Abakhan & Associates Inc. for guidance on major financial investments is important, but incorporating the use of one of these apps into your daily routine will help you keep track of the little things so that you can afford the big ones.

Which one you like most? share with us in the comments below.
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05 July 2014

Google Added New Campaign Option in Blogger to Help Grow Your Blog

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Google has just added a new tool or option into blogger called 'Campaign' which you will be able to find on your blogger dashboard on the left below your earning tab. The idea is just to make AdWords campaign more flexible and easy for blogger to help grow their blogger blog online.

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Now if you are interested in advertising on Google, then it will be much easier for you to create your first AdWords campaign on Google. To start your first AdWords campaign just go to your blogger dashboard and then just click on the campaign option on the left below your earning tab now just click on the start now button to create your first campaign on AdWords.
New Campaign Option in Blogger to Help Grow Your Blog
I think it's pretty easy now to create our first AdWords campaign right from our blogger dashboard. AdWords can help your blog grow on the internet and can drive lot more traffic and audience to your blog. If you are interested and want to grow your blog and your audience online then don't think just go and create your first AdWords campaign.

Let me know what you think about this blogger update in the comments below.
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