24 November 2014

Upcoming PlayStation 4 Video Game Releases

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2014 is coming to an end, and it’s safe to say that PlayStation 4 has wowed us with incredible exclusives along the year. Because we love video games, we cannot wait to see PS4’s upcoming releases. The console doesn't just offer an exceptional gaming experience; it takes the whole meaning of playing a game to a different level. Leaving aside the flawless graphics and crystal-clear visuals, PlayStation 4 is a groundbreaking device. Here are some approaching games you’ll want to get your hands on as soon as they hit the market.

Far Cry 4 (November 18, 2014)

This 4th version of the Far Cry franchise looks incredibly promising. Players step into the unknown land of Kyrat in the Himalayas, and they will find themselves trapped under a despotic regime ruled by a self-appointed king. Thanks to the open-world nature of the game, you get to write your own story using vehicles, animals and personalized weapons. According to some critics, it looks like Far Cry 4 is all set to deliver the most immersive and expansive experience you’ve ever seen in a massive open-world video game. Gear up and get ready to conquer fortresses; admire the wildlife and do whatever you can to stay alive. Watch out as the animals can either be your friends or your most feared enemies!
Image Courtesy: news.softpedia-static.com

The Crew (December 2, 2014)

Published by Ubisoft, The Crew comes this December to the PS4. Do you have what it takes to take over the 510s, Detroit’s most notorious street racers? Players will have to infiltrate in the underground racing scene in order to mess up the gang’s plans. Race the bustling streets of Los Angeles and New York, and then move on to sunny Miami Beach. The Crew doesn’t just offer amazing racing locations as it comes with lots of surprises for avid players, too. There will be many driving challenges you’ll have to pass, so be ready to meet others on the road – some are rivals, others will prove to be worthy companions.

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The Crew
Image Courtesy: static9.cdn.ubi.com

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris (December 9, 2014)

Square Enix brings us Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris this December. The game’s action will take place in Egypt, and in this new adventure, Lara is compelled to team up with Carter Bell, a rival treasure hunter. At a first glimpse, the PS4 exclusive seems quite appealing. Together with her companions, Lara must battle with legendary deities and mystical creatures in order to fulfill her mission. As a sequel to Guardian of Light, Temple of Osiris features the most unbelievable visuals; there’s also a cool new story behind the action and a heroine we just love to see solve puzzles and surpass deadly traps.
Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris
Image Courtesy: gry-online.pl

Dreamfall Chapters (this November)

Chapters is the extension of Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. It continues the saga between the world of magic and the world of science, and it features various episodes. Avid players will engage in a mysterious journey and along the way they’ll meet different characters and uncover beautiful locations. Can you handle the ending? At the end of your journey you’ll stumble upon the eventual mystery – the publishers have not revealed much, but they promised the saga will reach a stunning and surprising conclusion.

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Dreamfall Chapters
Image Courtesy: cinemablend.com

The Elder Scrolls Online (this December)

At last, one of the most awaited games of the year is coming to PS4 this December. The Elder Scrolls Online brings the mythical experience of the acclaimed RPG franchise online for the very first time. Concentrate on the strategies, play alone or with your friends and enjoy the game’s unique combat system. There are three alliances looking to take over the world and gain supremacy, so you should be ready for battle. Customize your in-game abilities, choose your weapons and uncover the great mysteries of Tamriel.

The Elder Scrolls Online
Image Courtesy: i.ytimg.com
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19 November 2014

5 Sure-Fire Ways to Boost Your Internet Bandwidth Speed

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Are web pages taking too long to load? Perhaps your gaming is interrupted by lag? Don't put your internet service provider on speed dial and make an irate call just yet. There are simple ways you can boost internet speeds without additional costs.
oost Your Internet Bandwidth Speed
Image Courtesy: techpistol.com
Check Connectivity
Run a free speed test online. You can find one just by entering the words "speed test" in your web browser. Keep in mind that different tests will produce different results. Even the same test may produce different results when you run multiple tests. This is because of the location of test servers and the number of people sharing the bandwidth. To get an accurate result, take multiple tests and average the speeds you get.

Compare Results With Your Service Plan 
Check if you are getting the internet speeds you are paying for. Keep in mind that speeds promoted by your service provider are estimated speeds based on optimal conditions. You may not actually get the speed on a regular basis. If you've had your internet plan for years now, it may be time to upgrade. Check with your service provider for better deals.

Reset Your Router
Reset your router and modem if internet connectivity is slower than usual. If you cannot locate the power switches on your router or modem, you can just unplug it from the power supply. Wait for at least 30 seconds before plugging it back in. You can also try switching on/off your computer's WiFi connection. Make sure you know the login details for reconnecting to the network.

Check Signal Reliability
If you are connected via WiFi, make sure the signal is not being weakened by other nearby devices, such as cordless phones or wireless cameras. Wireless routers come in variations. If you are using two devices with the same frequency, your internet speeds may slow down if the other device is being used.

See If Your Network Is Secure
Sometimes, unauthorized users can access networks that do not require login details hence slowing down the download and upload speeds. In other cases, your other family members or friends might be hogging a chunk of the bandwidth by downloading large files or media or streaming movies 24/7.

If you perform all solutions listed above but still fail to get decent internet speeds, it may be time to upgrade to a new service plan or service provider like USA Communications.

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17 November 2014

Special Apps for Visually Impaired People and What Are Their Benefits

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Thanks to the smartphones, the visually impaired people can virtually see the world without any discrepancy. You can always visit our site www.project-ray.com to learn more about all the magical technologies that has been invented for this section of people.

Here is a list of the apps that can be used by visually challenged people.

Look Tell Money Reader:

The coins have distinct shapes and edges but the paper notes are difficult to recognize by touch. This application, namely the Look Tell Money Reader can easily identify the denomination of the currency by its camera and then can announce it loudly. The developer is working on improving this technology to upgrade the identifying levels with zero error.
Special Apps for Visually Impaired People
Image Courtesy: cdn.imore.com

Light Detector:

This particular application can identify the source of light and emits a sound as a signal that light has been detected. This will help in the road where a car is approaching and the headlights are on. It can prevent road accidents and can be a special boon to the visually challenged individuals.

Hey Tell:

The HeyTell concept comes from the traditional walkie-talkies. It helps in communicating people from your contact list with just a button. You can talk or communicate via voice message to anyone you wish to.


If you wish to get 24*7 support from some expert may be for some web or technology related questions, then Vizwiz can be the right choice for you. You can get benefit from the human expert when you send a query and can expect to get the answer within 30 seconds. For example, if you are buying a packet of instant food and want to know the ingredients typed in the pack, you can take the help of the web worker, a human volunteer who will answer you quicker than you expect.

Dragon Dictation:

It is a free application where you can add the punctuation verbally. It will help to copy your dictation and then paste it on your clipboard easily.


oMoby is nothing but an useful image identifier application. If you ask to identify by clicking an image, it will easily recognize by the feature of code scanning the product.
Voice Brief : With a press of a button, Voice Brief can easily read your twitter and Facebook feeds , read your mails with a very clear and audible voice.

Taxi Magic:

You can book taxi service easily with Taxi Magic, which is a very useful application and also available without any cost. Just a few taps on your phone and your taxi will be at your doorstep. You can also pay in advance through your credit card before boarding the taxi.

Color ID free:

Color ID Free can answer all your answers regarding color. Starting from which color of shirt is present in front of you or what color of lip gloss you have just put on your lips. Whether the price of dollar dropped or the sky is cloudy, you can always know the answer within seconds.

Adriadne GPS:

This application is a talking map that will help you navigate throughout the world without any difficulty. They are available in different languages and is a must-have application to all the visually challenged individuals. It has got a special feature where it can locate the bus or train stops very smoothly.

Video Motion Detector:

Video Motion Detector can make you feel that you are not at all alone. Whenever it senses any motion around you, it can provide you with a warning. So that, you can know that someone is around you.

There are also other applications beside all these in the android market. You just need to rely on the modern up gradation of the technology for the visually challenged individuals.
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07 November 2014

Adopt Progressive Enhancement Strategy for Greater Accessibility and Easy Maintenance of Web Page

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Progressive enhancement is an important web design strategy which is used to create websites which are accessible to all devices. There are several benefits of progressive enhancement. It offers improved accessibility. Some readers who cannot read from the screen can read text from screen readers and text readers. Progressive enhancement boosts performance of a website. The layered approach in progressive enhancement ensures that content on the page is loaded first after which the styles and behaviour. Progressive enhancement is an approach which can be adopted to reach out to a large audience.
Progressive Enhancement Strategy for web design
Image Courtesy: bluehost.com
Principles of an important web design strategy
Some core principles of progressive web design is that the basic content should be accessible to most of the web browsers. The basic functionality should be accessible to all web browsers. When you design a site with progressive enhancement you will have to create a design which works for the lowest common denominator. The content which you design for your site should be available to all web browsers. The HTML which you use should be valid and semantically correct so that a wide number of users can view the page. Progressive enhancement is different from graceful degradation in many ways. Graceful degradation is the journey from complex web design to simple web design while progressive enhancement is the journey from simple web design to complex web design.

Advantages of using progressive enhancement
Most web designers consider progressive enhancement as a better alternative to graceful degradation as PE covers a wider range of potential issues. With PE you can plan your project beforehand and make use of basic web technologies. It indicates that you will have a strong base on which you can fall back upon. With a strong base you can release the projects which work and later work on add-ons. Progressive enhancement projects are very easy to maintain and gives users the security that they can access your website using any of the user-agents.

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Different strata of PE
Progressive enhancement can be easily divided into different layers. The first stratum is a clean and semantic HTML which allows speech based and text based users to browse through the content in your website. The second stratum in PE is CSS. It allows users to display visual representation of the website’s information. The third stratum of progressive enhancement is JavaScript. User agents who are proficient of using it provide users with improved usability.

Several benefits
Sites which are built with progressive enhancement are easier to maintain. When you make changes the functioning of the site and the content which it includes is not affected. This is because the content and functionality is kept completely separate from the visual elements on the page. You can re-theme your page easily. By simply changing the CSS files. Someone using an outdated browser will be capable of viewing the page. You should not overlook this great benefit of making use of progressive enhancement. Some other benefits of progressive enhancement are greater accessibility and search engine optimization.

Implementing progressive enhancement
When implementing PE the first step is to ascertain the information architecture of your site. Take a look at the content which is available and figure out how it should be organized. You can create wireframes on how you want to show the content. Prioritize the elements which you want to display and the start coding. It is important that you set up the HTML code in the correct order. You will not face problems when you implement progressive enhancement. It is important that you explain the benefits of progressive enhancement to your clients. Explain to them that it is faster and less expensive.

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05 November 2014

Top Games That Landed on PS4 This October

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The month of October has been great for PS4 as many new games were finally released to the fans. The console celebrates this November one year from its initial launch, and we must admit that it has come a very long way. PlayStation 4 conquered the hearts of 13.5 million gamers with its sleek design and insane technical features. This can only mean that the gaming experiences are mind-blowing. Here’s a list with the best games launched for PS4 in October.

The Evil within (October 14)
During the investigation of a horrific massacre, Detective Sebastian Castellanos comes across a powerful and incredibly mysterious force. After he witnessed the slaughter of his fellow officers, Castellanos finds himself trapped in an ambush. After waking up from an unconscious state, he realizes that the world he knew is now a deranged humanity with hideous creatures drifting among the dead. His mission is to fight for survival and deal with unimaginable terror. “The Evil Within” looks extremely promising, and general scores on high-end gaming websites are above 8.0.
The Evil within
Image Courtesy: wikimedia.org
Driveclub (October 7)
Driveclub was exclusively developed for PlayStation 4. The game is all about teamwork; gamers will have to work in teams and fight for one another. They must earn awards together and enjoy to the maximum the thrills of the each and every race. Feel the excitement of top-speed solo racing or get to know more about Driveclub by joining a racing club. Crafted with the next-gen type of gamer in mind, the game leverages the social capabilities and networking power of the PlayStation 4 system to connect players with their friends, by allowing them to share experiences, receive and send challenges and stay updated with the speed performances of their team.
Image Courtesy: twinfinite.net
Costume Quest 2 (October 28)
Costume Quest is an RPG published by developer Double Fine, and in this sequel players get to return to Auburn Pines to protect Halloween from grown-ups and untold horrors. Reynold and Wren are the two candy-crazed crusaders that must fight against the devilish monsters. Armed with incredible superpowers, Costume Quest 2 will surely exceed all expectations.
Costume Quest 2
Image Courtesy: gamingjudgement.com
Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor (October 8)
Set in the famous “Lord of the Rings” universe, Shadow of Mordor is a role-playing video game just launched for PS4 this October. The game’s story takes place in between happenings from “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit”, so it goes without saying that the gameplay will rock your world. Gamers are in charge of Talion, a ranger with wrath-like abilities, and apart from a main quest, players get to wander around a mysterious world and pursue side journeys. Customize Talion after your own preferences and use the “Nemesis System” to create your own set of rules.
Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor
Image Courtesy: gamerfuzion.com
Skylanders: Trap Team (October 2)
Developer Toys for Bob has launched in October the 4th installment of the Skylanders video game franchise. “Trap Team” is a direct sequel to “Swap Force” and it uses Traptanium, which is a near-field communication platform that reads NFC chips positioned at the bottom of the figurines. These are used in the game as playable characters. The developers have also announced that a brand new set of figurines will be available; they will be called “Trap Masters” and will have to work with Portal Master to capture the criminals.
Skylanders: Trap Team
Image Courtesy: mykidsguide.com

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The PS4 has really managed to amaze avid gamers this October. The games are absolutely insane. Whether you’re the RPG type of gamer or you’d rather venture yourself into the wild in Shadow of Mordor, we can only expect these new releases to exceed our expectations. Which one’s your favourite out of the bunch?
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04 November 2014

What Is The Reason Behind Accentuating Demand of iPhone App Developers

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The advent of mobile applications has revolutionized the Smartphones realm. Not only the app owners, but app developers and users are also reaping the benefits of mobile apps. The giant application stores like Google Play Store and Apple App Store offer an incredible access to huge audience base in vast geographic regions.

As per the current trends, it can be said that the market demands are surging for iOS applications, thus, companies are looking forward to well-versed iPhone app developers. And since, the stats have proven that iOS applications are capable of driving higher revenue, the developers also consider the iPhone app development the most sought IT services.
iPhone App Development
Image Courtesy: howtobeaspeaker.com
Moreover, it can be observed that Apple has consistently improved the features of the iPhone with its each iteration, which leads to a consistently growing number of iPhone users. This is why, despite of the fact that the development cost for an iOS application is quite high as compared to the other platforms available out there, its demand is rapidly increasing.

There are numerous reasons that have contributed to the rise in demand for the efficient iPhone application developers in the market. Let's ponder into some of the reasons.

Dearth of accustomed Mac Professionals – Developing an iOS application could be a daunting task for a newbie, but by learning the basics thoroughly, getting accustomed with all the requisite tools and making efforts in the right directions can help them make strive for a successful career ahead. The Mac devices are highly important for an iOS development project, thus it is a must for any developer who wants to build their career in the iPhone app development.

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However, it has been observed that there is a few number of developers who are well-versed with the Mac devices, which has greatly influenced the iOS app development companies to look out for some highly skilled iPhone developers who can efficiently toil with JavaScript and Mac to deliver brilliant results.

Need to create an out of the box application – There are over 1.2 million applications in the Apple App store, and this number is expected to increase exponentially in the coming future. So, realizing the fierce competition between the app development companies across the world. It is necessary for them to create an out of the box application, so that they can stay ahead of their competitors. This is why, companies are striving for hiring iPhone developers who can offer them a feature rich, unique and impressive application that can engage potential customers with ease.
Image Courtesy: timeinc.net
Steep Learning Curve – It is not an easy meat to develop an iPhone application, but the granular plans and experienced iPhone developers can help you accomplish the task with utmost precision. Learning the environment and the basics of the iPhone app development though is not impossible but, could be a cumbersome task to accomplish. Its steep learning curve makes the process more elongated and complex, so most of the businesses prefer hiring iPhone app developers who are skilled in the field and are updated with the latest development tools that are in the trend.

Desire for a multi-dimensional application – The key features of advanced iPhone devices have enabled developers to create more enhanced and utile applications. Thus, to reap the benefits of these updated features, several businesses are striving to develop an appropriate application that can cater to their diverse needs. Hiring some technical professionals for fulfilling their desires could be an expensive bet, thus they rather prefer outsourcing the job to some reliable iPhone developers. Moreover, the developers not just help them deliver a quality application, but also helps getting the app approved in the Apple App store.

All these benefits add to the growth of the iPhone Application development outsourcing businesses that demands proficient iPhone app developers. What's more: the iOS developers will help them maintain the stability of their application in the market, by ensuring its modification with every update in the platform.

The current scenario dictates that iOS app development is the most rapidly flourishing IT industry. With the advancement in technology and increasing opportunities, it's apparent that the demand of the iPhone app developers will increase eventually.
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