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Intex launches Aqua Power HD 4G smartphone in India at Rs 8,363: Full Features and Specification

- 29 July 2016 No Comments
Intex today launches it's new Aqua Power HD 4G smartphone in India priced at 8,363. The smartphone can be seen listed on the company’s website but the details about its availability it's not mentioned there. It looks like the Intex Aqua Power HD 4G serves the similar specs and features from Aqua Power 4G smartphone except its bigger battery and more RAM.

Intex launches Aqua Power HD 4G smartphone in India
Below we have listed all the specification and features of the newly launched Aqua Power HD 4G smartphone.

Intex Aqua Power HD 4G Features and Specification
The Intex Aqua Power HD 4G smartphone comes with a 5-inch HD (720p) IPS display. The smartphone features a 1.4GHz quad-core processor paired with 2GB of RAM. The Aqua Power HD 4G comes with an internal storage of 16GB which is expandable up to 32GB via microSD card.

The smartphone sports an 8-megapixel rear camera with dual LED flash. It comes with a 2-megapixel front facing camera. It is powered by a 3,900mAh battery, which according to the company provides up to 7 hours of talktime. It runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop. Connectivity options include 4G, dual-SIM, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

Other features in Aqua Power HD 4G smartphone
The Aqua Power HD 4G comes with a turbo download feature which helps in downloading large sized files quickly on 4G network. Moreover, the smartphone also comes with face detection, anti-shake, do not disturb and emergency rescue. Users will also get pre-loaded apps like Matrabhasha, Saavn, Clean Master and Opera Mini.

What you think about this phone? share with us in the comments below.

Business And Tech: What's Big In 2016

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One of the best ways to stay ahead of the curve in business is to keep your company up to date with all the latest tech trends. Sure, it may mean that you continually have to upgrade your devices and equipment, but you will find that it is very worth it. Not sure if you have all the latest tech in your office? Here’s our list of what’s hot in 2016 so that you know exactly what you should be investing in right now.

Business And Tech: What's Big In 2016
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Easier Online Payments
Everyone is savvy with PayPal these days. I bet even your Grandparents are! But 2016 is so far the year when new online payment methods are emerging. Not only is there more choice of the payment methods you can use on your online shop, but many of them are much easier for the customer.

So if you start using an alternative to PayPal, you might attract more custom from people who prefer other payment services.

Slick Printers
Every year, printers seem to be getting more advanced. It’s no different in 2016. Printers continue to get slicker, and there are a variety of tasks you can use them for.

Not just printing! These days you should easily be able to find a printer that can also scan and photocopy documents, like the ones from Ricoh Printers. You can even buy 3D printers now, so you don’t just have to print documents and contracts!

Latest Tech
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Wearables For Employees
You will have already heard of the Fitbit. It is like a watch that you wear while working out. It tracks the number of calories that you burn.

Well, now you can buy wearables for the office. They aren’t all in watch forms. Many people are expecting wearable tech such as Google Glass to be big in offices in a few years time. So why not get ahead of everyone else and start your employees off with wearing it now?

Cloud Technology
Ok, so cloud technology has been around for a while. But not every company has started using it. That might all change in the next few months as this form of tech is set to develop.

As this tech becomes much more secure, it is expected that more companies will start to adopt it. Before long, almost every business will be storing important data and information on the cloud.

Cloud Technology
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Online Security
As technology develops, the risks and threats that we face online also develop. But, thankfully, online security is continually getting better. Now is can effectively protect us from hackers and viruses. The only way you can be sure that all your online data is as safe as it can be is by installing the latest online security on your system.

Not only will your company’s important information be safe. But you will also reduce the risk of a virus of damaging your computer system and intranet. This can save you from having to pay a large sum of money to replace equipment.

So why wait? Upgrade to 2016’s top tech today!

The Six Things That Are Going to Make Your Business Stand Out

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Anonymity and invisibility are two killers of any business’s chance of success. You need to stand out, be bold and make a name for yourself. Otherwise, you won’t be attracting the customers you need any time soon.

Making an appearance
First, you need to have real, physical presence. People, whether it’s other businesses or customers, do a lot better if they have a physical frame of reference for a business.

Host a launch event, go to expos. Shake hands and talk face-to-face with people. If things are beginning to slip, relaunching can be a great way to refresh your business and build a better image.

Six Things To Make Your Business Stand Out

Defining your brand
If you’re having a launch or hosting events, you also need to know what your company is really about. Not just what you do but why you do it and how. In fact, this needs to shine through every kind of communication and marketing you have.

Identify what your value is to your consumers and use that the cornerstone to a great brand identity. This is the first step of any marketing strategy.

Digital marketing
After that step, it’s all about how you communicate that brand. A web design company can help you distil that message into not only visual but written forms. They can help you determine the message as well as how it reaches your customers.

It’s not just about how you use your site, either, but how you find the right channels to reach your customers in things like social media too.
Digital marketing

Value your customers
Having impact is being valued by the customers you need to survive. In business, to be valued, you have to value. You have to show your customers that you care and appreciate about them.

Retaining them by ensuring that they’re satisfied. Be hyper-aware of your customer services by keeping track of your employee’s performance. Establish a connection by adding a personal touch. For example, a thank you note with each delivery.

Once you have happy customers, you would hope that they would spread the word of their satisfaction. Sometimes, it’s not enough to just wait for that, either. There will be those who are happy to review of their own volition.

But you can use tactics to increase word-of-mouth. Tactics like asking them to send you referrals (in exchange for discounts). Incentivise people to share and they will be a lot happier to do so.

It’s not just your customers that need to be talking about you, as we have said. If other businesses do it, particularly successful ones, it lends a credibility to your own operation.

You can establish these kinds of relationships by taking the first step and helping them share their own campaigns. Or even getting directly in touch and asking them.

We hope the above points help you find the ways that you can stand out from your competitors and really make an impact. A strong appearance can help carry you to success, so don’t underestimate its importance

5 Types of Software That Will Make You A Better Manager

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A manager’s job is a tough one. You’re expected to manage your team in all areas of business, even if you’re not that clued-up yourself! It’s important that you get to grips with leadership and get the best out of your team at all times. Luckily, software is always available to help you with this task. There’s no better way of solving your issues if you’re struggling, especially with these few suggestions.

Instant Messaging
You might not instantly think of instant messaging as a business tool, but it certainly can be. Many managers are constantly on the go, drifting from place to place. This can lead to employees feeling left out and confused about their roles.
5 Types of Software's for managers

They need to be able to get in touch with you to ask questions and offer their best work. Instant messaging means you can always be in touch and get back to them quickly. Email is good, but real-time conversations are even better.

HR Management
As a manager, you probably have responsibility for a large number of employees. It can grow very frustrating for them if you aren’t on the ball. They’ll come to you with issues like pay and holiday requests, and if you don’t get back to them quickly, it’s annoying, to say the least.

An HR management tool will give you everything you need to make this process as easy as possible. You’ll have detailed information for every employee on there, eliminating the need for confusion.

There’s nothing worse than a manager that continually makes false promises. They’ll ask to see you for a meeting, only to fail to show up for thirty minutes. Then, they’ll arrive, and they won’t be ready to converse with you.

It’s a case of being disorganised and unprepared, and it’s why scheduling software is so important. Simply put, it gives you an easy overview of all the day’s activities. You shouldn’t forget or fail to attend any of them after installing this.

It isn’t easy for a manager to keep track of all their employees and their requests. That conversation you had with one employee months ago might still be in their head, but it isn’t in yours! They’ll want to talk about something in detail, and you’ll have simply forgotten about it.

This is why note-taking software can be very useful. It gives you a way of refreshing your memory about important conversations. It’s also very important for detailing crucial matters that might come back to haunt you.

Project Management
Finally, we come to project management software, which is seen as crucial by many. If you’re working on a big task with your employees, you need to keep a close track of it. Project management software can help the entire team to work together to carry out a project in the best way possible.

 There are many advanced possibilities depending on what you’re using the software for. The basics can include building timelines, sharing files and keeping everyone up to date.

Hopefully, with the help of this software, you’ll become an even better manager!

Top Tips For Working Effectively While You’re Out Of The Office

- 28 July 2016 No Comments
More and more of us are choosing to work away from the office. While it may save the company a fortune in overheads and maintenance, open plan offices simply aren’t right for everyone. And even if you have a little more privacy at work, chances are you won’t get to see the light of day from the moment you arrive until home time.

Offices are proving to be unhealthy working environments. This is one of the reasons more and more of us prefer to work from alternative spaces.

Of course, a lot of us find it’s necessary to get out on the road and meet clients in person. Tech has become very good for video conferencing and online collaboration.
Top Tips For Working Effectively While You’re Out Of The Office
But often personal meetings are still preferred. So how can you maximize your productivity when you’re not at your work desk? And how can you be certain you’ll still feel motivated to work while you’re out? Check out these top tips to help you be an inspired remote worker:

Pencil & Paper?
The humble pencil and notepad still have a place in our lives. For a quick doodle or sketch, or just to note a momentary thought, these can be ideal. If it’s worth saving, you can duplicate it digitally. Simply retype it or take a photo or scan with your phone.

There are no boot-up times and no time spent hunting for the right app when you use traditional technologies like this. Of course, if you have mind-map apps and a digital pen, you can doodle away on your device, saving it straight to the cloud. Then it’s up to you if you want to share it with the world or not.

Quiet Space
Working well does require a quiet space. Distractions can cause you to lose focus or concentration. Try to find an area where the sound isn’t going to bother you. Y

ou should also pick a space where people and objects aren’t moving about too much. Sensory overload doesn’t do any of us any good! You can block out irritating sounds by using some Bluetooth headphones and your favorite music tracks.

Working at a quiet space

Breaks & Refreshments
Even when you’re on the road doing nothing but gripping a steering wheel, you must take breaks. It’s important to maintain your healthy diet while you’re out and about too. The brain needs feeding and nourishing as much as any other part of your body.

Don’t forget to get plenty of fresh air, daylight and exercise during each working day. It helps to improve your clarity of thought as well as reducing your risk of illness.

Connection is everything. If you’re not connected, you could be missing out on urgent news or communication. You can stay online by utilizing nearby wifi signals. Make sure you have a good data allowance on your smartphone.

Most office tools and communication apps can be used on your phone. If nothing else you can at least see documents in the cloud. A Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard could be all you need to ensure speedy edits and changes. Make sure you’re up to speed with the best collaboration packages. Use services like the Training Connections excel resource to help you do what needs to be done.

Good Phone Signal
A good phone signal is essential when you’re working remotely. Staying in touch so you can continue to collaborate and make informed decisions is important. If you are stopping at a cafe or shopping center to sit and do some work, make sure you’re near a window to maximize your phone signal. You can use your wireless Bluetooth headphones to make and receive calls, keeping you hands-free to type or make notes.
Good Phone Signal
Online collaboration using the cloud means we can be more organized than ever. Appointments and meetings can be popped into your shared calendar at any time so you can always organize your days. Task lists and project timelines can also be used to make sure everyone is on track and knows what needs to be done. It can keep your workload organized as well as your daily calendar.

Timing Is Everything
When you’re working away from the boss’s eagle eye and all of your colleagues, it’s easy to become complacent. You can find your working pace starts to dwindle, and your productivity can start to drop. Use time blocks to help you stay on track.

Short one hour bursts for each task can offer you the commitment and drive you need to succeed. After that hour, take a break and do something else for a few minutes. You could even move to another area. Then it’s time to push another hour of focused attention through. Keep in touch with the office as often as you can to help remind you that you’re not alone!

The devices you choose to travel with are very important. If you need to travel light, then you need to consider swapping your laptop for a tablet with a Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard instead. However, tablets are considered to be mobile devices.

This means your access to certain features may be limited to a mobile version. Check with your favorite online software packages what your limitations may be. If you can’t do it, then it’s time to pack the laptop.
Everyone needs a great range of activities when they’re working on the road. Bluetooth is still the preferred connection for your peripherals and devices. Headphones, keyboards, digital pencils and other gadgets can help you perform all the tasks you would normally do in the office. A hard case is essential when you’re moving about a lot.

Don’t forget extra batteries and additional storage capacity while you’re working remotely too. Pack all your charging cables, and carry everything in a weatherproof bag. Some people prefer backpacks so they can continue to be hands-free as they travel.

Working away from the office can be just the change you need if you usually work in a busy office environment. Finding the motivation and self-discipline to stay productive can be a challenge.
And the loneliness of being in isolation from your work team can also be quite tough. Use technologies to stay in touch and maintain your work ethic. That way you can work anywhere you need to.

Features Wanted In Fallout 5 From Bethesda

- 27 July 2016 No Comments
Fallout is a video game series developed by Interplay Entertainment. It is a post-apocalyptic role play game. From its release date in 1997, till date total 4 games of Fallout have been released and all of them have gained good response from the gamers’ world. Bethesda Softworks owns its rights of production for this game.

Although the game has been with the gamers since 1997 till date (19 yrs) and all the 4 versions have been taken well by all. Still, for its fans there are many features which are still missing. With the news of soon to be releasing the 5th version of the game by Bethesda Softworks, the buzz over the desirable updated features has hit internet and the gamers’ alley.

People are trying to post and even the company is takin keen interest in such posts related to the features which are wanted badly by the fans of Fallout series. Till date, few features have been found common in most of the wish lists for Fallout 5.

Features Wanted In Fallout 5 From Bethesda
Here we have compiled those keenly desired Fallout 5 Features Wish list:

1. Co-operative Mode/Multiplayer Mode – Ever since, the inception of this game, it has been always about the single player fighting all the mutants and trying to loot the areas. It has become lonely somehow and gamers are demanding a multiplayer option where 2 or more players could co-operate each other in fighting mutants or looting the areas. Even finding other humans who are unaffected by mutation phenomenon would be great.

2. Clothing Customization – There is hardly any choice of clothing and other apparels in the game. The minimum of the customization would be helpful like that of changing the color of the dresses or even the hair color. It would help players to create and love their avatar in the game.

3. Using Animals to Tame – Many are demanding an exciting feature of mounting over the tamed beasts to explore the areas and find a better/hidden loot. Till now, the player can use vehicle only to reach the destination but cannot wander around in the Wasteland. Finding and conquering the beasts to be tamed after is a great exciting feature.

4. Better Game Graphics – The world in Fallouts is usually greyish which sometimes gets boring. A demand for better/colorful world along with great game graphics is indeed a need with the competition posed by other games with superb graphics. Fallout 4 graphics were hardly any better than Fallout 3 graphics. Gamers hope for better graphics this time.

5. Stringent Survival Mode – The choice of building a house to settle down in case of threats posed by enemies is great but better would be if the house built is of more practical approach where any infiltration should lead to a permanent failure. It would make the game more exciting.

6. World Outside America – Till now, all 4 versions have shown the areas of American backdrop only. To break this monotony, introduction of new areas other than America would be a great idea. Backdrops like China/Japan, Europe, Africa, and Indian Subcontinent would add more colors to the game.

Hopefully, Bethesda Softworks will take into account all the ongoing Fallout 5 Features Wish list buzzing over the internet and produce a game version which breaks all previous records. As per the game is expected to release in 2020.

3 Ways to Drive Massive Traffic to your Business Using Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go the latest mobile game which created huge sensation in around the world with its grand entry, nearly 21 million people have downloaded it just in a week, so the inexorable resurgence of the prevalent game was not only converging but turned into an instant success. Besides entertainment it’s now on its way to generate huge business and assist marketers to get benefited from this phenomenon.

You could surprise how just a mobile game application can assist a business to enhance sales, but as the game is built geographically, there are number of possible ways that assists marketers to fascinate local payers to you own location and optimistically renovate them into paying customers.

Drive Massive Traffic to your Business Using Pokemon Go

What is really behind the Pokemon Go Craze?
"Pokemon Go" has introduced augmented-reality (AR) mobile game into the public eye in an extraordinary manner, this technology has far more to offer business persons than the outlook of becoming a Pokemon master.

In general, AR offers business an exuberance of opportunities in order to boost day to day commercial operations. Even if it’s showcasing products or hosting’s meetings. This emerging technology clutches latent promises for titivating the exact way we think about business undertakings.

Pokemon Go Craze

What is Augmented reality?
AR is discrete from the virtual reality which offers operators graphical improvements to their physical, real environment, rather than generating a completely new environment. Specialists envisage a bang of creative users as the present technology grow turns to be global.

So this is one of the versatile technology which created huge buzz with launch the of “Pokémon Go", and surely it could advance ion future to drastically change the mode individuals think about doing business.

Here's a quick look at how this versatile technology is currently used, and how it could evolve in the future to radically change the way people think about doing business.

Augmented reality game

How businesses can use Pokemon GO! to generate sales and traffic? Incorporate with a PokeStop:
Pokestop is a particular place where one can clip their Pokémon which is similar to shooting fish in a but for the Pokemon Trainers. Some of the establishments such as restaurants, parks, churches, and museums are already well known as pokestops.

So in order to boost your potential captures and pokeman presence immediately, you can simply avail the option to trigger lure module at any of these pokestops. Lure module helps you to attract Pokémon to a particular spot for 25 to 30 minutes.

Purchase a lure module so that the digital monsters will wonder to the module where it is located. By activating Lure at the at the Pokestop which is near to your business place will certainly attract anyone in the city who are ready to catch these eye-catchy buggers, and trust me, many people are eagerly looking.

This module can be active for 30 minutes. Try to consider one at slower visitor time or perhaps a busier period for the nearby business. For instance, if you are the whole shop which is near to restaurants, then activating the lure module at dinner or lunch time may truly  drive traffic  at your doors. You should also join with other Pokémon trainers, and offer small prizes for those who are having Pikachu.

Pokemon GO

Gym battle tournaments
Maybe your business is much closer to Pokeman gym rather than a Pokestop. Here there is another alternative way that assists you to galvanize players to come visit your business.

Announce that you are about host tournament in advance, possibly even offering certain discounts to the gym battle winners. So on the game day, those players who become the gym leaders successfully will be authorized to that particular discount.

This is not only an ideal way to strap those powerful Pokémon Go competitions to your business but in order to hold gym teams need various members to shield it. So while providing discounts to the particular gym leaders, their team members will be along with them, probably as full paying consumers.

"Pokemon Go" Social Media Deals
You can also use Pokémon Go to enhance your visibility on the social media. Provide your customers few dollars off to have Pokémon screenshot in your restaurant or store and then simply post it in the social media tagged with your business.

They may simply lose few dollars but it blowouts your brand through online. It will also display other adjoining players the number of exotic and rare swarming in and around your establishment which may boost them to visit again and may spend some more dollars by their own.

Pokemon Go Social Media Deals

Some key Strategies for Retailers:
The below are the 4 significant steps that are to be followed by retailers

- Find the Pokestops which are near to your business place

- Buy lures.

- If you are not having Pokestop, search for regular pokemon that is near to your business place.

- Invite trainer and offer accommodations.

- What Not to Do with Pokemon Go

Whatever you do, don't trash clients. While nobody ought to diminish your clients' experience and the climate, don't ridicule your potential customers for taking an interest in something they cherish. Grasp it and figure out how to address it. Recall that: you draw in more flies with nectar, not vinegar.

Strategies for Retailers

Future of "Pokémon Go"
The gossip grinder is twirling about the future "Pokémon Go" upgrades that will permit coaches to exchange things and Pokémon. On the off chance that and when these upgrades come, these new and latest features will open new entryways for businesses to tackle the monstrous advance of this increased reality wonder.

What's more, if more AR based games end up being as mainstream as "Pokémon Go," organizations may have an altogether new promoting methodology available to them; fortunately, these methodologies cost essentially nothing to utilize.

Future of "Pokémon Go"

Final Word:
So, businesses can widely integrate their business ideas with the AR games alike Pokémon Go. In general, games based on treasure hunting are not new to the market but the thing is uptake and execution of app. So it time for you to take advantage of crazy games like Pokémon go to advance your business.

About Author:
Hello mates!! I am Sumit Ghosh, a huge social media fan, a nerd, a geeky programmer and owns a digital marketing firm, successfully running for over 9 years. I also started the SocioBoard Blog to provide knowledge to new startups and entrepreneurs whose social marketing campaigns failed to generate ROI.

OnePlus new OxygenOS 3.2.2 OTA Update Rolling Out Today for OnePlus 3

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If you're one of those OnePlus 3 users who have reported vexing issues on your OnePlus 3 devices then here is a good news for you. Today OnePlus is started rolling out the new OxygenOS 3.2.2 OTA update for OnePlus 3 devices. The update might not be available globally very soon but you can expect it to be available in next coming days.
OnePlus new OxygenOS 3.2.2 OTA Update

Below we have the full change-log posted by OnePlus forum for the OxygenOS 3.2.2 update.

- Improved notification management in doze.
- Addressed alert slider/silent mode issue.
- Disabled fingerprint sensor while in pocket.
- Added NFC toggle in quick settings.
- Improved noise cancellation in video recording.
- Updated 4K video recording codec.
- Added latest security patches and various optimizations.

It seems that OnePlus users are really happy with this new announced OTA update by the company and they shouldn't be, when it's listing to its customers and fixing the problem quickly.

The update will start rolling out today and will be available globally in next coming days.
What you think with this update, are you happy with this?? Share with us in the comments below.

4 Ways To Refresh Your Business Today

- 26 July 2016 No Comments
Running any business can get a little stale sometimes. This is partly just due to the nature of the business world today. No matter how big or successful your company is, one day it might just not seem to work.

Even if everything seems to be going smoothly, sometimes you just need a change. With that in mind, it is helpful to know that there are several ways you can change your business in no time at all. If you feel that your business is in need of a bit of a refresh, then this post might be of some help.

Here, we will be looking at four key ways you can refresh your business. These don’t have to be huge undertakings in themselves. However, they can all make a huge difference. Let’s take a look.
4 Ways To Refresh Your Business Today
The Product
No matter what product you are offering, there is always the possibility of changing it. This could either mean changing the product itself, or switching it out entirely. The latter is likely to be more of a last-ditch attempt to save a company.

However, that is not necessarily the case. You might have just decided that it is time for your business to face a new direction. If that is the case, then there is nothing wrong with that. Just be sure to have confidence in your new idea, whatever it might turn out to be.

The Office
It might not be immediately obvious, but the office where you work is hugely important to how the business operates. You need it to function as well as possible if your business is to do the same.
Business Ofices
That’s why refreshing the office can make a surprising difference to how your business is performing in the market. If you do decide to go this route, then it is actually quite a simple matter. It could just be a case of getting hold of some industrial paint and decorating the walls. This alone can make a huge difference to morale.

The Customer
You might not think to change the customer, but it is a tactic which you need to bear in mind, just in case. After all, the day might come when your current demographic no longer needs your product or service.

In that case, you would then have to switch tracks onto a different demographic altogether. Many businesses have done this in the past, often with great success. This is definitely one to remember for the future.
Businesses Marketing
Image Source
The Marketing
In order for your business to do as well as possible, you obviously need a decent marketing campaign. But no campaign lasts forever. At some point, it will stop being effective. When that happens, it is essential that you change things around a little.

This could either be a simple new way of advertising, or a complete rebrand. Either way, it can do great things for a struggling business. If you refresh your marketing today, you will likely notice a dramatic and sudden increase in sales. It might be worth trying, either way.

Amazon Launches 'Amazon Prime' in India, Amazon Video 'Is Coming'

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Amazon Prime is finally launched in India. The service provides guaranteed one-day or two-day delivery to its premium members. Users in India can now opt-in for Amazon Prime service by signing up for the Amazon Prime. If you become a prime member then you can avail the unlimited free one-day and two-day delivery, which also includes early access to some other deals on Amazon.

Users can start with a 60-day free trial and after that the Amazon Prime service will cost about Rs. 499 which is a special introductory price and it would be only for the first year for users who will sign up now, after that the usual price for Amazon Prime in India will be Rs. 999 per year.
Amazon Launches 'Amazon Prime' in India
"We are very excited to bring Prime to our customers in India. With Prime, guaranteed one-day delivery becomes an everyday experience instead of an occasional indulgence, and with no minimum purchases, it provides unlimited convenience all year long," said Amit Agarwal, Vice-President & Country Head, Amazon India.

The Amazon Prime service launched in India doesn't includes 'Prime Video' as of now, but we could expect it to be available soon as well. Amazon's 'Prime Video' offers exclusive access to Amazon Original Series and Movies, as well as premium movies and TV shows from Indian and global content providers.

5 Best Free Partition Management Software for Windows

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Partition is very important as it helps you to keep your user file in a separate location from the operating system. Partition helps you to keep your machine organized and clean. So here I am going to describe 5 free partition manager as follows.

1- EaseUS Partition Master Free software
It makes full use of your hard disk capacity. It helps you to Create, delete, resize/move, merge, wipe or format partitions for different storage devices. One of the most fascinating features of this software is that it helps you to clone entire hard disk to another without the re-installation of the windows.
EaseUS Partition Master Free software

Some of the features of this software are

Free partition manager to resize,
Disk/partition conversion - change primary partition to logical, logical to primary, MBR disk to GPT, GPT disk to MBR or FAT partition to NTFS when necessary.
Support all hardware RAID, removable storage device, hard disk and FAT/NTFS/EXT2/EXT3 file system.
It supports up to 4 TB of Hard Disk.

I use and have no problems recommending EaseUS Partition Master Home Edition - it is free partition software for home/non-commercial use. I have used it many times successfully with XP, W7, W8, and W10 on hard drives and SSDs. And while I have never had a problem, I still always backup first. An untimely power outage, for example, would be very unfortunate.

2- Mini Tool Partition Wizard
This software has a very user friendly interface. It is a very good platform for a new user to handle. Mini tool Partition software helps you to resize your partition disk or change your dynamic volume disk size. This free partition manager helps you to even convert disk between basic or dynamic or even GPT or MBR.
Mini Tool Partition Wizard

It helps you with the align partitions so you can optimize SSF I/O performance. The most important thing in this software is that it allows you to have access to your previously created partition. Another option in this software is that it protect your data if you have selected the Data Protection Mode i.e. (data loss due to sudden electric failure or other electrical disturbances.

3- GParted Disk Partition
It is a very good partition free manager for managing your disk partition. With Gparted you can resize, move, explore, unhide partition within a data loss enabling you to:

Grow or shrink your C: drive
Create space for new operating systems
Attempt data rescue from lost partitions
GParted Disk Partition

Additional features of this software are:

NTFS file system used on Windows
FAT file system used on different computer systems
ext2, ext3, and ext4 file systems used on Linux
portable devices or disks
allows recovery of data from lost partitions
Perform actions with partitions such as:
create or delete
resize or move
set new UUID
copy and paste
Manipulate file systems such as:
ext2 / ext3 / ext4
fat16 / fat32
hfs / hfs+
lvm2 pv

4- Paragon Partition Manager
This free partition manager also makes full use of your hard disk capacity. It offers you an extensive range of function for flexible partitioning, optimization and managing your computer.

No matter whether you are restructuring your hard drive and dividing it up in partitions, redistributing free memory storage space, using several operating systems on the PC at once or want to work with virtual hard disks. It helps you with the following things.
Paragon Partition Manager

Very simple and quick partition without the data loss
It takes maximum advantage of your hard disk capacity
It shows array of data
It format the partition to NTFS system

5- AOMEI Partition Assistant
It is a free disk partition manager software that has earn some good name in the market. It is  powerful software that comes with so many powerful features that you can completely control your hard disk and partition.
AOMEI Partition Assistant

For example, "Extend Partition Wizard" enables you to increase partition size to completely solve low disk space problem, or you can flexibly manage disk space with "Resize Partition", "Merge Partitions", "Spilt Partition" and "Copy Partition".

Whatever partition software you use , just select the product that is appropriate for your needs.

7 Tricky Ways Japanese are Using to Leveling Up Quickly In Pokémon Go

- 22 July 2016 No Comments
People around the world are busy these days in catching different Pokemon Go characters by using the Pokemon Go app on their smartphone. People in different countries are also trying different ways to catch as mush Pokemons as possible. Japan has just got the game and its people are using some of the best and tricky ways to leveling up quickly in Pokémon Go that we haven't heard or seen from any where else yet, except U.S and Australia.

7 Tricky Ways Japanese are Using to Leveling Up Quickly In Pokémon Go
Image Credit: Forbes
Below we have the 7 of the best Tricky Ways Japanese are Using to Leveling Up Quickly In Pokémon Go.

1- Toy Trains


3- Vacuum Cleaner Bots:

4- An Electric fan

5- Swinging the Phone from the Ceiling:

6- Toy Train Running 70 Meters Over the Course of Ten Minutes

7- Walking Up and Down on Escalators
Have you also tried any of these tricks to catch the Pokemons in your town? share with us in the comments below.