American video game developer Valve has launched its official Steam app for Windows phone. The Steam app for Windows phone is now officially listed on the Windows store.

Valve’s official steam app was already there for Android and iOS quite a bit long and now the app has been made available for Windows phone users.

Now, what’s Valve’s new steam app has to offer or what you can do by using the app on your Windows phone? There are many features included in the app.

Valve Official Steam App for Windows Phone Available Now, What it has to offer?

The steam app for Windows includes not all but many of the features provided in the Android and iOS version. 

1- With the app, you can browse the steam store to buy or look for any new games,

2- Most importantly the app uses Steam Guard multifactor authentication while logging into your Steam account which allows you to use two-factor authentication when logging into your Steam account.

3- With the app, you will be able to send and confirm the trades with your friends.

4- You will able to sell your in-game item in the Steam Community Market right from the app.

5- The app gives you the control to download and installing the game remotely on your PC.

6- View your profile on the app and keep it updated while on the go.

7- You will also able to check your games liberary.

Accodring to the steam listing on the Windows app store, the app is compatible with Windows phone 10 and 8.1 operating systems. The listing also notes that the app version is a Initial, limited functionality, release.

If you want you can download the Valve official steam app for Windows phone from the Windows store. Also let us know in the comments if you able to donwload the app because some Windows phone users have reported being able to download the app and some others are not.