A 3D Printer for Burritos?!

A 3D Printer for Burritos?!

While browsing the net for news stories or SEO services you may have come across references to 3D printers. Powerful pieces of technology, these machines take 3D computer models and make them into reality by printing thin layers of materials that can then be pieced together to build a 3D replica of the model.
While once limited to high tech research labs and businesses, increasing technological advancement has made them accessible for home use. Some people use them for artwork, others to create custom iPhone cases and other products, and others to prototype inventions.
However, Marko Manriquez, a student at NYU, decided these pedestrian uses were not realizing the full potential of 3D printers, and he decided to use the technology to make a burrito printer.

The BurritoB0t 
Manriquez realized both burritos and 3D printing had a lot in common. Both attempted to manufacture a product quickly – prototypes in the case of 3D printers, food in the case of burritos. Both built up the final product from layers of various materials, and both used a molten ingredient – polymers for conventional 3D printing and cheese for burritos.

So, the idea for the BurritoB0t was born. Building on the work of others in the 3D printing community, he began to create a working model that would assemble delicious burritos to the user’s specifications.


A burrito-creating gadget may be an end in itself for many, but not Manriquez. According to the website where Manriquez is chronicling his project, the BurritoB0t is about more than creating tasty burritos. Rather, it is a commentary on the increasing use of technology, chemicals and automation in the creation of the foods we eat every day.

He hoped the project would both serve as commentary and inspiration for discussion on our relationships with technology and food and how they overlap. Given the publicity that BurritoB0t has received in the press, he seems to be succeeding.

Manriquez has yet to release images of a completed burrito or a video of the BurritoB0t in action. However, he maintains the burritos it creates will be fully edible. Unfortunately, those who like their salsa chunky or their lettuce fresh will need to add those components separately, as the syringes that deposit the layers require liquid inputs.
Those who wish to have their very own BurritoB0t are also out of luck, as there are no current plans to sell completed machines, although as it is an open-source project, there is always the opportunity to make your own.

It will certainly be interesting to see the BurritoB0t in action once the final version is ready to get assembling!

Guest post contributed by Carl Glasmyre, a technology lover whose enthusiasm encompasses everything from 3D printers (especially those that print burritos!) to SEO services.

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