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There are a lot of apps out there that have mainstream popularity, but you may be missing out on some less widely known apps. Whether you like trivia, ‘90s shows or television show updates, there’s something on this list of top 7 television related apps just for you.

SceneIt? 30 Rock ($1.99): “30 Rock” fans will love the SceneIt? 30 Rock app. The app has games related to the popular show, including themed puzzles, trivia questions, and hilarious clips. If you think you know everything about “30 Rock,” this app will surely test your skills.
TV Show Tracker ($1.99): If you need help tracking your favorite shows, TV Show Tracker can help. The app provides a simple way for television lovers to know when their must-watch shows air. Users can also find out what happened on previous episodes and, if you shake your phone, you can enact the “shake for genius” feature. This feature analyzes your listing of favorite shows and gives you a “genius” recommendation for another show you might like.
Numote (Free): Television enthusiasts might want to have their television-watching schedule and TV gossip all in one place and Numote provides that and more. The app gives users a personalized television experience, complete with show information, episode synopses, television gossip, and a platform to socialize with friends and more. 
WeDraw (Free): Drawing will not be the same thanks to WeDraw. The game, that requires two or more people to play, is a little like Pictionary because it involves a player drawing a picture to represent a secret word that everyone else has to guess. However, with WeDraw, the player draws the image on their portable device and that drawing is displayed on the television screen in real time.
EyeTV ($4.99): If you’re a Mac user, you probably are familiar with EyeTV, used to watch and record your favorite television shows. However, you can also use EyeTV on your iPhone or iPad.  The EyeTV app will allow you to do everything you already do on your Mac—look at television listings, schedule show recordings, watch live television and more. The app will also allow you to automatically launch EyeTV on your Mac.
Seinfeld Fan App ($.99): Fans of the classic show “Seinfeld” will love the Seinfeld Fan App. The app, designed with caricatures of the cast, has information on all nine seasons and over 1,300 trivia questions. With all of the quizzes, quotes and other features, this app is perfect for the fan who thinks they know everything about the show.
Ultimate TV Trivia ($.99): For television fans who love classic and current television shows, Ultimate TV Trivia is the app for you. The app provides trivia from today’s top television shows as well as from television classics. Don’t expect to breeze through the trivia game after you win; the app also filters out previously answered questions in order to keep you on your toes. Also, after you’ve correctly answered all of the questions correctly, the game will prompt you to reset the questions, meaning you’ll always be keeping up on your television knowledge with this app.
Which television app is your favorite?
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