Top iPhone Apps for Recruiters

More and more cell phone users from all over the world are still turning to the iPhone, and this is true even for the ones who are not big fans of Apple. Yes, even hardcore Android users will often tell you that they often wish they owned an iPhone – if not because it is fiercely cool and fun to own an iPhone, then because it is extremely functional and there are literally thousands of practical apps you can use on it. Owing to the fact that there is an iPhone app for anything you need to do, it is no wonder that recruiters have found it very useful to use iPhone apps that help them do their job more easily.

The Best iPhone Apps for Recruiters

As it was mentioned above, the unbelievably rich myriad of iPhone apps available today helps iPhone users do whatever they want to do more easily and with the help of this super phone. Here, we will be talking about the best apps for recruiters you should definitely get for your iPhone:

  • Google Power Search – If you are interested in searching Google and finding out everything you can about your job candidates, the Google Power Search app is just perfect for you. Before this app saw the light of day, recruiters had to use complex search strings in order to accomplish this task, but this app offers an easy-to-use interface, as well as very relevant results.

  • Jobscience – This very practical iPhone app will give you a chance to track all of the job candidates with just one application. The candidates will be asked to provide their digital resumes, and you will be able to search through them, or even send them via SMS or email.

  • Tungle – If you are having trouble with time management and organizing your schedules, this app is just the thing for you. Namely, Tungle will help you schedule meetings with your candidates, send out invites for these meetings, and even create entries in both yours and the calendars of the candidates.

  • LinkedIn for the iPhone – This fantastic and free app is the best iPhone app when it comes to using LinkedIn. You can take advantage of your LinkedIn contacts on the go, as well as communicate with them in real time and without any delays.

  • AgileMobile – Would you like to have all major IM’s in the palm of your hand? Well, AgileMobile will give you exactly this. You will have easy access to Google Talk, Yahoo!, MSN, ICQ, and AIM. This is great for recruiters, as it allows you to communicate with candidates regardless of their preferred instant messenger service.

These have been only five of the many, many more excellent iPhone apps for recruiters. If you are a recruiter, make sure you get all of the recruitment iPhone apps that can help you do your job more easily and more effectively. After all, your iPhone is a very powerful device, and it would be a shame not to use it to assist you in doing your job.

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