The True Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

Hosting is one of the most important parts of any website or blog. If your hosting doesn’t provide a quality foundation, you may experience large amounts of downtime, slow load times or just poor service in general. Bad hosting is like a mosquito; you just want to slap it. There are many different types of hosting, and the newest of the bunch is cloud hosting.

This type of hosting allows a company to harness the power of multiple servers instead of just one. Dedicated, VPS and shared hosting all use a one-server system with a second server used for data backup. With cloud hosting, this is no longer necessary because the hosting company employs an off-site cluster of servers for their customers while maintaining the backup on their own servers.


Three Benefits of Cloud Hosting
1.  Speed
Those switching from a single server system, such as shared website hosting, will notice a change in load times almost instantly. Cloud hosting is much faster because it pulls from a larger pool of resources to handle website traffic. With more resources, the load times improve, which can actually help with search engine optimization.

2.  Security
Public cloud hosting may not be as secure as single server hosting systems, but private cloud hosting is one of the most secure types of hosting you can get.

3.  Price
Compared to more expensive VPS and dedicated server hosting, cloud hosting is cheap. It’s not quite as cheap as some shared web hosting packages, but it’s very comparable to the best shared hosting packages out there. If you know your company cannot afford a dedicated server, cloud hosting offers a very fast and reliable alternative.

Since more accounts can be spread across the network of servers, the cost for power and maintenance is drastically reduced for the hosting company. Subsequently, they can pass this savings onto you. This allows hosting companies to offers cloud hosting for a far cheaper price than dedicated and VPS options.

4. Reliability
Compared to a single server system with a backup on another server, the cloud system can provide greater reliability. With the data stored in multiple locations, if one server fails, it won’t keep the data from being accessible. This isn’t always the case with single server systems. If the server goes down, your site may go down as well.

Choosing the Right Hosting
You have many choices when it comes to hosting, and you need to consider which type will benefit your project the most. Taking the time to compare the different types of hosting can lead you to the decision that not only fits your budget but also provides the maximum benefits for your web project.

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