8 Ways To Liquidate Your Computer

8 Ways To Liquidate Your Computer

When individuals and businesses upgrade or replace their computers, it is time to get rid of old models and parts. Out with the old and in with the new is the old saying. Using online resources, talking to local groups, and publicizing the computer up for grabs are all key ways get rid of such technology. The following are eight ways to safely liquidate a computer and possibly make a small profit in the process.

1. Sell the Computer on eBay
Selling a computer online is quickly becoming easier and more effective. All a person has to do is take some high-quality photographs of the computer or parts up for grabs by listing it on eBay. It is important, to be honest about the condition of the equipment and to explain where it is coming from, shipping options, etc. A seller can start a bid price for people, or one can list a selling price. Some auctions take as little as a day whereas others can be set up for seven days.


2. Post about the Computer on Craigslist
Craigslist is another way to unload a computer. A seller can post images and a description of local and nearby Craigslist pages. One could post a specific buying price or could keep the request more general by saying “best offer accepted.” Users need to make sure that they are honest about the age and condition of the computer.

3. Contact Local Non-Profits and Charities
Folks looking to unload a computer should talk to local non-profits and schools. Such organizations may willingly take an old computer off a person’s hands to either repair or use for parts. In exchange, individuals and businesses can ask for important tax deductions, which can pay off.

4. Look for Trade-In Options
Many businesses today allow people to trade in old equipment and accessories for credit, cash, or for similar products. There are local groups that do this, and there are groups like the online EZtradein. While here, users fill out a form that estimates the value of the computer. From here, an offer is given and users can accept or decline it.

5. Recycle the Computer
Local groups often accept old computers for recycling. It is important to check since computers have to be disposed of in a careful manner. Some companies dispose of the equipment whereas other sell it for parts.

6. Reuse It
A small business could revamp a computer into a server or data entry machine. Looking online and talking to area professionals will help people figure out how to use old computers for different purposes. Thus, a small business can get more bang for its buck.

7. Sell the Computer for Parts
Another great way to unload a computer is to sell its parts. Some people want monitors whereas others are looking for specific parts of the computer. Individuals and small businesses can post information about computers online and in the local newspaper. When listing information, it is important to be clear about the age, make, and model of the computer.

8. Use Local Publications
Posting information in local newspapers, brochures, magazines, and other classifieds sections is a great way to liquidate a computer. Local groups may have a use for this computer. The best part is that interested individuals and businesses are local and can come and pick up or even inspect the model up for sale.

One man’s trash is certainly another’s treasure. Liquidating a computer is easier than one might think. People often need older models for parts, and newer computers are always in demand, even those with small issues or outdated software. This is a chance to unload unneeded computers and to possibly make some money in the process. Spreading the word about computers up for grabs is easy if people use the Internet, local publications, and local businesses and groups.

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