How to Know When You Need a New Cell Phone Battery

How to Know When You Need a New Cell Phone Battery

If you are like many of the people who are addicted to their mobile devices, you are devastated when the battery life fails and you are left without your trusty device to be there for incoming calls, text messages and access to e-mail or the Internet. This disruption can be stressful and may cause you to wonder if it is time to invest in a new device or if you simply need to get a new battery that can hold life for longer. Cell phone batteries are much easier to switch out and can be less expensive and burdensome than purchasing a brand new phone altogether. But how do you know if a purchase of a new one is the simple switch you need?

Here are a few ways to tell if your battery needs to be replaced instead of your cell phone.

Charge time takes too long.
If you have plugged in your mobile device for hours only to have it charge just a few extra percentage points, it may be a sign that it is not working correctly. Charge time should not be excessively slow. If the charge time is over a few hours longer than when you first plugged in your device, you will know that your battery may have an issue and need to be replaced.

It feels very warm to the touch after use.
When batteries are overheating, they can often time become very warm to the touch. This is especially true after significant usage. If your phone feels hot in your hands, it may be a sign that it is having difficulty cooling itself off and is overheating. This will only get worse over time, so you should consider purchasing some backup batteries.

It only works properly when the device is plugged in.
On some occasions, after significant use especially, batteries can have a harder time staying well attached to the connectors. In this case, the battery life can change significantly and leave the phone open to appearing to be at a low charge and not performing correctly. This is the most common misconception of a mobile device needing to be replaced. Try replacing the battery instead and see if that corrects any performance issues before replacing your entire cell phone.


In these situations, make the switch to purchasing a new battery before an entirely new phone. This will save you money and make the changeover easier.

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