Office Gadgets That Will Make You Look Twice

From time to time, one of your colleagues may come to work with an office gadget that will make you look twice. The kind of gadget which grab your attention, even when you’re hard at work.  In case this has never happened in your office before or you just feel like checking out a few awesome gadgets, here are some of the best out there:

Nappak Portable Sleeping Cube
If you work in an office environment where each member of staff has their own cubical, then look out for this portable sleeping cube as some of our colleagues may just be having a quick sleep.
This gadget is particularly useful if you are working for a start-up, you’re the founder or you have landed yourself in an important job role so you may have to spend days at the office. What’s better than this?

USB Paper Shedder
Probably not the most exciting gadget you will ever come across but I still think it’s one to look twice at. A shredder is a vital piece to protect yourself from fraud. So what better than to have a portable, USB shredder/

Toilet Paper Make
I didn’t quite believe this was true until I read the article. This would certainly raise a few eyebrows if your managing director invested in one of these. I don’t think this has practical use in the office, however, there are places that use this!

Carpet Skates
As you can see from the link, you would most certainly turn your head if you saw this. Purchase a couple of these for the office and you’ll be on your way to bringing the Google culture into the office.  You will need a lot of space though.

Designer Wall Clock
This next gadget is probably the most sophisticated on the list as it puts a modern twist to the clock. A bit of a hefty price tag but very slick! If it was within my budget, I would purchase it.

Giant Post-it topped table
If you see one of your colleagues writing on the table, you will no doubt look twice. This is a great tool for creative professionals for it allows you to jot down your ideas as soon as they come to mind so you won’t forget them.

USB Mail Notifier
The USB mail notifier will catch your colleague’s eye every time you receive an email. Although not practical, cool in every sense!

Like / Dislike Stamp Set
With the popularity of Facebook, your colleagues will recognise the like/dislike icons and may just look twice when their browser some stamped documents – Your manager might not be happy though!

Mobile Desk
Not many people will notice you wheeling about the office while doing your work, will they? Not practical but I can think of a few situations where this will be useful. Can you?

USB Chainsaw
If you see your colleague with one of these, you will want a go, never mind look twice 🙂

Paper Plane Door Stop
How many people will attempt to pick this up and throw it? You also may get people looking twice because of the fact that a ‘paper aeroplane’ is being used as a doorstop.

Daniel is a keen reader of technology and loves to collect gadgets for himself and his computer. He works for, a major supplier of Canon toner cartridges in the UK.

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