What Use Is A Phone Without A Charger?

What Use Is A Phone Without A Charger?

An article exploring the various recharging options available to mobile phone users.

Do you know anyone without a phone? Everyone from the age of around 8 to 70 has a phone nowadays. They’re the perfect way to be able to contact anyone anywhere, so why is it that just when we need it most the battery dies? Luckily phone companies are coming up with chargers for all battery death situations, so not only can we talk on the move but also charge.
In-car charger


This charger will plug into your cigarette lighter in your car. You can charge your phone on the go as long as your engine is switched on.
Solar charger

With a Solar panel that straps onto your rucksack you can attach your phone and as long as you have the weather on your side you have power. It costs nothing, there’s no need for a car, it’s perfect for children, cyclists and festival goers just to name a few and can be used to charge almost any mobile phone, PDA, MP3, MP4 and iPod.

Wireless Mobile Chargers
These chargers enable you to charge three devices at a time just by placing the item on the top of the charger. To use this charger you just need a protective case to be put on your phone, although most phones already have a case nowadays due to their delicate nature. Doing this will enable it to charge, alternatively, you could charge other devices by plugging them into the multiple attachments.
Emergency Portable

This phone sized charger can be put in charge then carried about wirelessly so that it’s available to plug into your phone whenever you need it.

USB Charger
You can charge from the comfort of your desk using the USB point on your monitor or laptop, this means that you don’t have to find a free plug at the other side of the room or unplug something that is already plugged in.

Green Chargers
Companies are even making green chargers. These are crank chargers that allow you to charge your mobile by turning a crank handle – like an old car – these chargers typically produce small amounts of power, enough to make an emergency call.

Emergency Chargers
This form of charger usually requires AAA batteries. They do not give enough power to charge your mobile phone battery completely, but you can get at least half an hour of talk time in the event of an emergency.

So which is the right device for you to charge your mobile equipment, hopefully, one day we will have an all in one charger that we can plug in, use wirelessly or use in the car.

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