Why is ETFE a Staple of Modern Architecture?

Why is ETFE a Staple of Modern Architecture?

This article explores the use of ETFE foil in modern architecture and discusses why it has become so popular in recent years.

Why ETFE Is Used
Whether we like it or not, a lot of what we do and the way we live our lives now have to be done with the environment in mind. At least, that is what the Government and other authorities around the world would like us to believe.


One of the industries that have been impacted upon the most due to the shift in environmental attitudes in recent years has been the construction industry. The design industry, closely linked to construction, has also had to undergo a great change in attitudes and outlook in order to remain successful.

If the paragraph above didn’t make it clear, ETFE is now such a staple of architecture due to its environmental properties. Originally designed for space travel it is now one of the most popular construction materials used around the world and is almost an inevitable inclusion in a building that is built on sustainability and the environment in mind.

ETFE is perhaps most popular in commercial buildings due to the fact that businesses are under a greater level of pressure than ever before to be socially responsible. As well as facilitating education and health benefits in poorer countries, global corporations are now charged with helping to sort out the environment, too. Who would be a Chief Executive with all of that to deal with?!

Benefits of ETFE
The benefits from designing and constructing a building from ETFE foil go far beyond the environment, although undoubtedly the reduction in the use of heating and light energy one can achieve using this transparent compound is the primary reason.

As well as being good for the environment, ETFE is also a lot cheaper to produce en masses than other traditional construction materials and is a lot easier to put into place whether as the roof or main structure of a building. It also owes to many new innovative designs and extraordinary concepts being dream up by designers, who were previously hamstrung by the rigidity of using bricks and metal to construct new builds.

ETFE: The Future
There is no question that ETFE and other similar products will prove to be staples in the design and construction industry for many years to come. There will certainly be more advancements made in the environmental design field, however, as ETFE has already been criticized for making “all buildings look like an office block.” We will not be headed back to the days of environmentally harmful building, but the continuing evolution of sustainable and eco-friendly products is a certainty.

ETFE roof is about modern architecture. Vector Foiltec has been the developer of some of the world’s most impressive buildings and structures.

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