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Smartphones have literally revolutionized every aspect of society but especially driving. Now you can pull up maps, check traffic reports and search for local eateries all from your phone. Of course Android and Apple have their own apps. Here are some good ones for Apple.

Let’s face it, parking can be a total pain, especially in crowded places like Los Angeles or New York. Fortunately, many of these crowded places have struck a deal with Streetline to install electronic sensors in select neighborhoods that can detect open parking spaces. It then broadcast the info to a central location that can be accessed via the Parker app. It also uses color-coded display to show you the areas with the most open spaces available. It can also show you the prices of meters and garages and in some cases even lets you pay for parking via your phone.


Everybody has had it happen to them. You are driving down the road and suddenly those red and blue lights appear behind you. Yep, you fell into a speed trap. Those days are over with Trapster. With this cool app, you can scan for speed traps, police hangouts, cameras and even stop-light cameras. Users join the Trapster network and can upload and receive real-time reports of speed traps. You can also set a voice warning when you approach one. The network currently has over 333,000 users.

With gas prices soaring and most people are trying cut their carbon footprints the idea of ridesharing has become more and more popular. Enter Carticipate, an app that connects commuters to each other. The app searches for a ride near and in local cities of residence or business travel. Not only is it stateside but international with users in much of Western Europe.

This is a rather interesting little app that all mechanics should fear. You know that little yellow light that comes on when your car is breaking down? Well, mechanics have a special machine they plug into your cars On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) port to read what is wrong. Now you can do this with GoPoint.

Okay, you do need to buy the GoPoint cable but once you do your phone will read the Diagnostic Error Code from your car’s OBD. These are universal codes that GoPoint will translate for you. It may be something you can fix yourself or it may not be, but at least you will know what is wrong so the mechanic can’t bluff you about it.

There are other apps as well. Some are the map, some measure fuel consumption and some even find Cars for Sale. The list is almost endless. So go find those apps and have fun with better driving.

Jeff Jordan lives in Southern California. He writes about social media, apps, and SEO. Jazel Auto is a great way to promote your cars for sale.

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