Bypassing Flash Restriction on iPhones

Bypassing Flash Restriction on iPhones

Browsing on the iPhone can be described in two easy words: smooth and fast. You can visit any webpage, view any information, download any media, and scroll through entries very easily. However iPhone has one fatal web-based flaw; and that is its incapability to open or access Flash-based content. The restriction has made many iPhone users upset for some time, until the world just accepted that Flash and Apple just can’t meet.

But what if it can? If you want your iPhone to bypass its Flash limitation, there are many methods. Take a look at some of these notable methods that we have found. Take note that exact details are not found on this article, as this is meant only to share general information about these methods.


Jailbreak Your iPhone Negate the Restriction
This method of course involves the breaking the actual limitations of smartphone, by enabling a complete and unrestricted access to the device. The first step is of course to jailbreak the phone, and you’ll find lots of websites out there that would be more than willing to guide you through the technical process.

The second step is to install an app that would specifically used to exploit this unrestricted access privilege. For most people, Cydia seems to be working great. To start using Cydia, launch the app and tap the “Manage” button. Afterwards, follow the button sequence as follows: Sources > Edit > Add
In the pop-up box, type “http:///”, then tap on “Add Source” and then “Done”. Go back to Cydia’s main menu and look for the “Search” section, and then type “Frash” (yes Frash) in it. Install the app that would appear. If done correctly, or if there are no incompatibility errors, your iPhone will now be able to access Flash-content on webpages.
Install a Flash-enabled browser

This is perhaps a simpler method, but since we are not bypassing restrictions, there might be a few limitations depending how the app was designed. For example, Skyfire Web Browser is an iPhone web browser that can be used to play Flash-based VIDEO content. In other words, it is only capable of letting you browse efficiently websites that have streaming media in them (that has a different player than the one used by other website-based apps).

Another flash-enabled browser is the Puffin browser. Unlike the Skyfire, it is capable of fully accessing any Flash-content on the web, be it a small advertisement, streaming media or a flash-based game. There is one major drawback again however. The free version of the app apparently does not allow the user to access the Flash-based content for more than 5-minutes. You’ll have to pay for the app to remove the (secondary) restriction. Is there still hope that we’ll get unrestricted access to Flash in future iPhones? That is highly doubtful, especially with HTML5 on its way to dominate Adobe Flash media.

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