The iPhone 5’s Most Exciting Features

The iPhone 5's Most Exciting Features

The wait for what Apple marketed as the “thinnest, lightest, fastest iPhone” ever was over on September 21. Undoubtedly, it is the best version to date and along with the Samsung Galaxy seems to be playing out the battle in a two-horse race style. A high price comes as standard but after the underwhelming iPhone 4S this lived up to excitement.

But, before you find your old mobile and cash in with Mobile Phone Recycling to make way for this new model, what are the most exciting features? Some users have noted scratches, being too light and leaking light as some of the issues. Only a few lemons in the millions doing the rounds, so what do people like?


Spec improvements have been given to both cameras on the iPhone 5. The use of sapphire crystal on the surface of the lens makes scratching far less likely – it is second only to diamond as a hard material. Not only that but quicker capture and better noise reduction make it even better than in previous models.

A big, big feature is the map element. Commonly believed that it will never surpass Google Maps, the latest update feeds in better zoom features along with the real-time traffic information and spoken directions that iPhone users have been waiting for.

Hold the frontage  we have new ear accessories! But, in all seriousness, three years in the making and easy to use controls make these redesigned ear-buds a welcome feature for the iPhone 5. A snug fit for your ears and with audio enhancements to boot, it is a better all-round audio machine.

While you can get iOS 6 on older versions of the phone, this is a feature that will turn heads for new customers. Maybe not quite up to Google Now just yet, the smarter system answers questions and queries while also launching apps, updating your Facebook status and making dinner reservations.

Apple has always been known for having the best battery and speed. This latest update has only gone to boast these facts. The dual-core processor is said to be twice as quick as the older option while battery life can last eight hours of talk time.

There may have been some noise of discontent as it struggled to settle but the rebuild of design and features combined with a fast processor and large screen have made this a success. Whether it is better than other smartphones is really a subjective question, but it’s fair to say that if you want a beautifully engineered and all-round phone, you won’t go far wrong with the iPhone 5 and its features.

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