Useless Kitchen Gadgets

When you are watching the infomercial channel, shopping online or visiting a kitchen supply store, it can be very tempting to stock up on all of the cute and creative little kitchen gadgets for sale.

These days it seems like there is a gadget for everything that you could possibly do in the kitchen. Those little nifty tools promise to make your life easier, but in reality, they do little more than clutter up your kitchen cabinets. The truth is that single-purpose clever kitchen gadgets are not always that useful and most of the time they are not necessary for most cooking purposes.

Here are a few of the kitchen gadgets that you should not waste your money on:

Deep Fat Fryer

If you are cooking at home for your family it should be healthy and not deeply fried, as there is more than enough cheap deep fried food available outside of the home. Deep fat fryers can be expensive and an order of chips from a local fast food place is so much cheaper than it is just not worth it. Besides, you will have a large vat of greasy oil on your countertop at all times and your house will smell like a fast food restaurant.

Electric Tin Opener

Unless you have arthritis or some serious reason why opening a tin is difficult for you, an electric tin opener is just not necessary. They simply take up counter space and waste electricity. Simply use a regular tin opener; it only takes about five seconds longer.

Cupcake Maker

You don’t need a fancy device to help you make cupcakes and do you really bake them often enough to justify buying one anyway? They can be made simply and easily by using a cupcake tray lined with some paper cupcake shells. Simply spoon the batter in and place it in the open.

Pickle Picker

Believe it or not, there is actually a tool which is designed specifically for picking pickles out of the brine in their jar. I want to know who thought of this tool and why they never considered simply using a fork for the purpose.

Rice Cooker

The problem with a rice cooker, or a popcorn popper or any other one-task-wonder is that it is big, heavy and expensive and only serves one purpose. Unless you run an Asian restaurant you will never really need a rice cooker. You can cook rice absolutely fine in a saucepan on the stove.

These are just a few of the unnecessary gadgets that you don’t need to have in your kitchen so that you won’t waste your money on something that will simply take up space.

Many people have a lot of useless appliances in their kitchen Cabinets that they never use. Here are a few great examples of these pointless gadgets. But a smart trash can is a useful gadget to keep your kitchen cleaner and smarter.