The Top 5 Mobile Network Optimization Companies

The Top 5 Mobile Network Optimization Companies

With everyone wanting to be on the Internet these days, network optimization is vital to get right. Here are the top 5 mobile network optimization companies you can choose from in no particular order:


Razorsight offers its customers a cloud-based answer for network optimization for all communications service providers. They are providing services already for many top companies, including Verizon, AT&T and Comcast. They promise that their solutions will be able to integrate evenly with all systems.
They have a “software as a service” style of optimization model, so customers won’t have to purchase any additional software to use their programs. The fact that it is cloud based also helps to save their customers money. They also have a policy that allows potential customers to try out their services before they sign up for them. Plus, they have training sessions for their clients.



Actix is another company that works with optimizing a company’s mobile network performance. They promise to help companies get the most out of their mobile networks through the software analytics that help them to get quicker, better optimization services for their networks.
Their services allow clients to get their new products out faster by ensuring their cellular plans are optimized; they can increase the company’s efficiency through network optimization automation, as well as improving their client’s experiences by doing their job rapidly and well with support during any complicated issues with their services.
Actix will help clients by analyzing their mobile networks, automating their optimization procedures, and improving their customer experience. They have clients all over the world.


Bytemobile, another optimization service provider, uses its Smart Capacity line of products and services that help their clients to have more insight and control over their companies and to do their work more efficiently. Some of their more well-known clients include Verizon, Metro PCS, China Mobile and China Telecom. They are owned by Citrix Systems and were founded in 2000.
Bytemobile was the very first of their kind to market commercial video optimization solutions for the mobile video market with an initial 50 operators. Now, they have more than two billion clients all over the world.


In 2002, Cerion was created as Cerion Optimization Services in Dallas Texas. At the time, there wasn’t much specialization directed towards the fixed mobile networks and Cerion in response worked to help the companies solve their problems, which were costing them lots of money.
They did this through a series of methods that were later proven to give the companies better performance and that helped them to get better services for their money. These methods helped their clients stay ahead of their competition and to automate their engineering functions.

Tektronix Communications

With the outburst of 3G and 4G Data now being in affect all over the world, people are always on the lookout for better and more efficient network performance. Tektronix Communications makes sure that its clients are able to meet that need by helping them keep their mobile systems optimized.
This helps their clients to find out quickly the practices that are losing them money and to improve upon them, as well as to save money on operating expenses and find a proper balance between the quality, performance and cost of their activities.

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