2012's Awesome Holiday Tablet Apps

Christmas is coming up and it is time to start thinking about presents and dinner. It is also time to take a look at the best holiday applications for your tablet. The actual apps that you choose will depend on whether they are for you, your children, or friends and what you want the app to do. There are quite a few new apps to choose from this year.

Snowman Math is a new application that gives children simple math problems and the correct answer helps them to build a snowman. Traditional snowman accessories such as coal eyes and mittens are added with each correct answer. Numbers become fun with the sound effects, graphics and classical guitar sounds.

Children’s mother skills, concentration and memory are challenged with Reindeer Match ‘Em Up. Children have to find matches for Santa’s reindeer, and can earn bonuses by matching specific reindeer in a certain amount of time. This game application can be done as a single player or with more than one player.

Grinchmas is an app with a grumpy hermit attempting to re-steal Christmas. Children get to play either the Merry Grinch or the Mean Grinch on Mount Crumpit while throwing snowballs and presents down to the village of Who-ville. The players are up against a clock meaning that accuracy and speed are vital.

Shadowgun is a third person shooter game offering more than eight hours of game play. There are impressive graphics on the gam which can be obtained for the Tegra two and three tablets. The Android gives the option to have a third party keyboard such as the SwiftKey X Tablet. The application comes with the ability to customize it and put themes on it.
Cut the Rope Holiday Gift is another tablet application with a Christmas theme. Kids are challenged to cut the lights which will free goodies for the holidays that a little, hungry monster Om Nom will eat. There are twenty-five puzzle levels all with educational benefits to children while playing lively music and showing cute graphics.

There are dozens of holiday applications for tablets that allow children to have fun while they learn. The seasonal games make learning fun and even allow children to count down to Christmas day. The A-Story-A-Day Advent Calendar Christmas is interactive and allows children to use a calendar that can be customized in order to count the days until Christmas morning. There is a different book to read and image of Christmas on each day.

All of these fun and educational games are available at your favorite app store located on your tablet’s browser. Many of these apps, as well as other non-seasonal apps, have rich media and should be downloaded when you have a strong Connection to the internet. Be sure to monitor your child’s activity when using fun holiday apps, as many will solicit in-game upgrades to purchase – but are otherwise safe and family friendly.

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