4 Great Reasons to Start a Blog


There are over 150 million blogs on the Internet today. Some of them are professional blogs for businesses, and some of them are personal blogs that are only meant to be shared between family members. There are plenty of benefits to blogging, and even though there are already plenty of blogs on the Internet, blogs can be valuable to businesses large and small as well as individuals. If you’re teetering with the idea of blogging, here are four reasons why you should make the commitment.

1. You can establish your expertise.
This is perfect for both businesses and individuals. Blogging allows you to make a name for yourself and establishes your expertise in certain areas. For example, businesses can use blogging to share information on topics that interest their customers. Their customers will then start to realize that this business is an expert in this field, and they will start to turn to this business for answers. The same thing goes for individuals. There are plenty of mommy bloggers out there who share their tips for other moms. Blogging establishes a person’s expertise in an area, and this expertise is what drives readership and keeps people coming back for more.


2. You have a passion.
Most people have a passion, and if you want to share this passion with others, you should start a blog. For example, if your passion is politics, then start a political blog. If your passion is photography, start a photography blog. If your passion is entrepreneurship, then start an entrepreneur blog. There will be plenty of other people in the world who share the same passion as you, and when you start a blog about your passion you can reach out to and engage with others who share this passion.

3. You have something to sell.
If you have a product or service that you want to sell, blogging is a great way to reach an audience that is interested in your items. Not that you should ever use  a blog to try and hard sell your products or services, but it can generate interest in you or your company as well as your products and services. You can use this to let your audience know why they should turn to you, and building this audience will help you make more qualified leads and even generate more conversions.

4. You want to document something.
Blogs are a great way to document events or progresses. Businesses can use blogs to teach the world how they started and what their actions accomplished over a certain period of time. Individuals can use blogs to document other events. For example, a dieter could use a blog to document their progress. A pregnant mother can share her experiences with others and save a blog for her child when they’re older. A chef can use a blog to document cooking experiences. Travelers can document trips. The list simply goes on and on.

Blogging is a great tool for both businesses and individuals. Many people toy with the idea of blogging but don’t end up making the commitment due to one of many excuses. If you feel compelled to share your expertise, document information, share your passion or even sell a product or service, blogging can help you achieve those goals.

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