What Not To Do When Marketing Your Facebook Page

When Marketing Your Facebook PageUsing an ineffective or illegal cover photo
The Facebook
timeline allows you to put a cover photo on your Facebook page. The
cover photo is the first thing that consumers will see so you need to
use something that captures your brand’s essence and promotes your
product. Remember to change or refresh it once in a while so as to
promote a new location, a new or different product, or an upcoming
event. In
addition, it should abide by the Facebook guidelines that state that a
cover photo should not have a call to action to comment, share or
download, any contact information such as email or web, and the purchase
or price information. The cover photo is similar to a billboard on your Facebook page so try to maximally use it to promote your products.

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Breaking the guidelines on contests
contests add more complexity since laws may differ but it is advisable
to make sure that any contest you run abides by the guidelines. Contests
that ask for votes or submission through Facebook UI functions such as
comments are not allowed.
The lawful operation of any promotion
you are offering is your responsibility as a brand. This includes the
eligibility requirements, terms and official rules. Giveaways or
contests must be administered on a Canvas Page or a Page App within Apps
on facebook.com.
Your Facebook page should also acknowledge that
the contest is not endorsed, associated, administered or sponsored by
Facebook. Winners of a contest cannot be notified via chat, wall pots or
message on Facebook.
Various third -party providers such as Buddy Media, Wildfire and Offer pop help brands to run promotions on Facebook legally.

Ignoring insights
insights give a lot of information that is useful so it is wise to take
advantage of them. Remember there is a prospective huge audience whose
attention can be captured by posting engaging content while also
enhancing it with Promoted Post or other Facebook ad tools.
It is
also important to watch these metrics as you learn how to buy Facebook
fans through the advertising platform.  This stats will show you if you
are targeting the right demographics or not.
In addition, some
consumers are likely to buy something when their friends buy so you
should take advantage of the group of your fans who have an interest in
learning about your brand.
Talking About This (PTAT) is also something that you should pay
attention to. Try reaching the metric in insights so as to monitor how
your message is doing on the Facebook ecosystem.  Come up with a
strategy for Facebook Marketing depending on what will actually work.
remember to check-out the real-time insights. These will help you see
the effects of highlighting, pinning as well as promoting posts.


Writing too much text
statistics indicate that posts with less than 250 characters get above
60% comments, shares and likes compared with those that have more than
250 characters. Keep your posts short and interesting. You can make sure
that your post is short but engaging by removing the link URL from the
text field in the post. A thumbnail, a blurb as well as a page tile will
populate once you paste the URL in the text field. You can streamline
your post and cut the clutter by deleting the URL.

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