Biggest Selling Apple Apps of 2012

Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices have enjoyed a huge amount of popularity ever since their conception. Today’s consumer demands to have the world at their fingertips, and this technology allows that to occur. The introduction of apps to the marketplace has provided even more options as the user can customize their device to their own specifications quickly, easily and affordably. Although there are thousands of apps that are helpful or useful the biggest sellers are still games. People love to play, and having the opportunity to play games anytime, anywhere has proved to be a big draw. Apple are still the market leaders when it comes to the range of apps available and have produced some of the most popular apps of all time.

Biggest Selling Apple Apps of 2012

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Angry Birds

Since its inaugural release back in 2010 the Angry Birds concept has continued to prove one of the most popular games around. The affordable pricing, addictive game-play and comical style has attracted over a billion users to date. This month saw the combining of two massive global entertainment brand forces with the release of Angry Birds: Star Wars. The latest in a long line of Angry Birds games, this new version combines the simplistic yet compelling game-playing of slinging birds at pigs with the background animation of familiar Star Wars worlds. The initial version gives you the chance to fight on Tatooine or the Death Star. A £1.49 upgrade adds a third world, Dagobah, and there are rumors of a further free upgrade featuring world number four, Hoth.
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This app does everything Photoshop does and then some. With different versions for the iPad and iPhone it can be used on almost any Apple device. The biggest draw is that it uses cloud technology to store your images, so you can then access them from anywhere without being restricted to the device you first upload them to. Critics say that the popularity of this app must stem from the iPhone not having a good enough camera to begin with, but the sales figures show that the general public do not care about that.
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Helpful Apps

While those apps which are useful rather than entertaining are way behind games and entertainment in terms of sales they are still highly popular. You can now download QuickOfficePro HD, a full Office suite for the iPhone. You can get an app which reminds you when to go to the dentist, or one which records all your most important events. A recent iPad app has been developed which can aid you in relating & communicating with your child, while a phonics app can give young children a head start on reading. Whatever you can possibly imagine needing, the chances are there is already an app out there that can help you. Keeping up to date with new releases and embracing what is already out there can make your life easier to live.

This content was provided on behalf of IAskU, developers of an iPad Autism app designed by a team of psychologists, speech & language therapists to support children with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) communicate more purposefully.
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