Generating Kaching: How to earn money via blogging

How to earn money via blogging It is no secret that a lot of people are earning money online. There are many ways to do so. Some engage in “click and get paid” schemes, while others take on freelancing via outsourcing networks. For those who do not have the luxury of time, blogging is a good way to earn income.

Paid blogs in a glance

Part-time and full-time bloggers are usually paid for the posts that they write. These paid blogs materialize when brands and companies contact a blogger in exchange for an entry or a series of posts on their site. Paid blogs are sometimes difficult to spot in a blog because they are written in such a way that it does not seem like a sponsored post. This is exactly why advertisers and companies like the concept of paid blogs. Bloggers are now considered as more truthful and accurate than traditional advertising, making them excellent choices when it comes to targeting a specific market. A well-written paid blog will give them the positive exposure that they need for their product without making it seem that they are pushing it too much to the consumer.

Product reviews on paid blogs

Some companies are agreeable to having truthful reviews when they have paid blogs in order to maintain the integrity of the blogger. This means that the blogger will not write just praises for the item, in the event that there is indeed a flaw to the product or service. They will remain transparent and real for the sake of their readers. Others prefer to stay away from doing reviews for paid blogs because they do not want to compromise their integrity, as this may affect their readership. Instead, they dedicate a space or several paid blogs for a product or service and casually mention that they are using the product or have availed the service. Some also prefer copy-pasting the press release of the product on their blogs, however, this form of entry is rarely a hit with readers due to the lack of effort on the part of the blogger.


Giveaways as one form of paid blogs

The best way to integrate paid blogs is to squeeze them in between entries without any form of advertisement. Having too much advertising activity going on in your blog can make your readers unsubscribe in the near future. Hosting giveaways for brands can also be a means to create paid blogs without being too pushy. With giveaways, you can post the logo of the brand alongside the blog’s brand name. This option is a win-win solution for bloggers and advertisers alike.
With the changing online landscape, paid blogs are just one of the many effective ways to make your brand known to a larger public without having to go the traditional route of placing online ads in blogs, or the even more antiquated traditional media. Blogging will always be ever-evolving, but the income-generating factor lies in the blogger’s consistency and efforts. Remember that paid blogs should have great content, an easy to navigate web design and a wide readership.

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