Google announced that it now offers 700,000 applications that users can upload to their Android OS tablets and smartphones.  This positions Google to make a run at Apple and challenge the Cupertino company’s dominance in mobile devices. Recently, Apple announced that users can find 700,000 applications for Apple devices at its App Store.

Analysts say that Google is clearly trying to challenge Apple’s claims of superiority due to its large selection of apps. This selling point is part of Apple’s marketing strategy to entice customers to buy its tablets and smartphones. Apple released new data that the company paid $6.5 billion to app developers since 2008. The two companies are jockeying for better positions in the growing $219 billion smartphone market. In addition, Google will release a $399 10-inch tablet to take on Apple’s iPad.

Google's attempt to Dominate the App market

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Here are the top 10 Android apps:
1. Black Google
This app offers extended battery life. The reviews have been more positive than negative, but the developers haven’t updated this app since spring. Still it’s a great way to conserve battery life and very popular as smartphone battery life is notoriously low.

2. Bamboo Paper
This app is targeted toward Galaxy Note, Note II and Galaxy SIII. It’s designed to write notes on digital paper. It works much like usual sticky notes on your desktop and gives you a flexible way to take notes on the go.

3. Dragon Mobile Assistant
This Star Trek-like device gives users the option of using voice commands on their device bt calling out “Hi, Dragon” and then giving commands. It uses the Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software and is incredibly good (i.e. better than Siri).

4. Crackle
This app is for users who want more movies and TV programming from Crackle. It has additional support for more devices and a new user interface that means you can have access to thousands of TV episodes and films from anywhere in the world.

5. Skyriders
This is the most popular Google game that features racing and is one of the most addicitive and fun games currently on the smartphone platform.

6. Park Me Right
This is for people who lose their car in large parking lots. Let’s face it it does happen. The App lets you save your gps signal and then redirects you to your car – which is actually surprisingly handy sometimes.

7. Keymonk Keyboard
This is an upgraded keyboard that is at the centre of two finger typing. It’s much more user friendly and intuitive than many of its counterparts.

8. Zombie Swipeout
Zynga mixes up fruity ninjas and zombies to practice targeting for the imminent zombie apocalypse. Zombie games are always popular but this is undoubtedly one of the very best with addictive gameplay and plenty of levels.

9. Funky Smugglers
This is one of the most original games out at the moment which combines arcade style action with MMO elements. It’s very competitive and lets you compete to protect an airport from waves of smugglers bringing in the most bizarre items you can imagine.

10. Royal Revolt
Tower defense games are incredibly popular but this one is even better as a tower offense game. You deploy legions of swordsmen, mages and use spells and devious tactics to destroy towers. Truly addictive and fun gameplay makes this a real treat.

Apple now has a fight on its hands to retain its dominant position in the smartphone and tablet markets. This initial battle will be over which company offers more appealing apps to users.

Tom Jackson has recently been looking to compare mobiles in an effort to find the best technology and the platform with the best apps.

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